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Star Citizen Leaks

Star Citizen | RSI Galaxy

Brand new large ship from RSI: the Galaxy. Manufacturer: RSIFocus: ModularFeaturing a fully modular design and an onboard hangar capable of deploying small ships, the cutting-edge Galaxy has versatility built into its DNA with a highly configurable main cabin that can be outfitted with comprehensive… Read More »Star Citizen | RSI Galaxy

Star Citizen Alpha 3.18 Leaks

In this post we summarize all the leaks, photos, videos and patch notes of Star Citizen Patch 3.18. Last Update: 01/12/2022 Ore 21:00 UTC Index: Locations Daymar Crash Site New Rivers in Stanton Sand Cave Archetype Greycat PTV Race Track Race Track Gameplay Cargo System Refactor Arena Commander: Classic Race Mode Overhaul Sandbox Prison… Read More »Star Citizen Alpha 3.18 Leaks

Star Citizen | The Railen

Gatac’s first foray into the human market, the Railen is an elegant interspecies vessel perfect for any Human or Xi’an pilot looking for a safe, reliable solution for commercial-grade medium cargo hauling. Utilizing patented grav-lev technology, and time-tested designs updated for 2951 and beyond, the… Read More »Star Citizen | The Railen

3.18.0 Free Fly | December 2022