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Star Citizen | Jump Point Issue 11-04 August 2023


Welcome to August’s Jump Point! This issue, we’re looking backwards and forwards as we say goodbye to one of the oldest locations in the ‘verse. While researching the article, it became clear how many people hold fond memories of the place; from penning the original concept art to building its replacement, most long-serving devs have touched Port Olisar in some capacity. Even those of us not working in-engine have a core Olisar memory. For me, it was well over five years ago and my first day at the old Wilmslow studio. After onboarding, file filling, and Foundry 42 t-shirt receiving, I woke the hefty green workstation noisily cooling itself beneath my desk. I signed into the launcher using my new corporate email address, excitedly skipped the various menus and character creator, and studied my destination on the loading screen. I’d never set foot in the ‘verse before, so spent my first hours running from the EZ Hab to the ASOP terminals and landing pads, crashing all manner of warships and specialized career vehicles into the station’s spindles, hangar doors, and unsuspecting backers who clearly expected better from a staff account. Like many of you, I’ve since woken up at Olisar hundreds if not thousands of times before heading out to explore new features, take on missions, or simply skim the tree lines to relax. Though while it’s sad to see it go, its retirement marks the end of this era in Star Citizen’s development and ushers in the new, and there’s a lot to look forward to in the future. Away from Olisar, we’re looking into the development of our latest little fighter, the Mirai Fury. This one had a very clear brief but led to some very cool concepts. We’re also giving Subscribers the first proper look at the wildly focused racing variant we previewed last issue! As usual, the Narrative team is back, this time with a Portfolio on Wildstar Racing, the company behind competitive ship racing across the ‘verse.

Thank you for your continued support of Star Citizen and Jump Point.

We’ll see you in the ‘verse!


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