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Star Citizen | Alpha 3.19 8467657 Data Mining

In this post we indicate all the information retrieved from the Star Citizen files of Patch 3.19.0. 8458571 to 8467657


Invictus_Dates_2023=May 19th – May 26th
Invictus_Expo=Bevic Center, Area18, ArcCorp
Invictus_Expo_Location=Bevic Center, Area18, ArcCorp


Tut02_Hint06_Helmet=To survive in the vacuum of space and other harsh environments, be sure to equip your undersuit with a helmet.
Tut03_Part03_Hint02b_ExitQT2=After exiting Quantum Travel, check your speed as you approach your destination. If Cruise Control is still active, press [~action(spaceship_movement|v_ifcs_toggle_cruise_control)] to regain manual control over your ship’s speed.
Tut03_Part03_Hint02b_ExitQT2_Title=Ship Flight – Quantum Travel

Mining Items

item_Mining_MiningSack_ARGO_Desc=Capacity: 12 SCU Featuring a simple yet sturdy construction that ensures the easy flow of materials into and out of the container, the Argo Ore Pod is an industry standard designed to work with any compatible mining ship.\n
item_Mining_MiningSack_ARGO_Name=Argo Ore Pod
item_Mining_MiningSack_MISC_Desc=Capacity: 8 SCU Made to work with any compatible mining ship, the MISC Ore Pod boasts several unique features, including anti-abrasion paint inside the pod that ensures it can withstand hefty payloads for years to come.
item_Mining_MiningSack_MISC_Name=MISC Ore Pod

Control UI Hint

ui_controlhint_tractorbeam_detach_mode=Detach Mode
ui_controlhint_tractorbeam_traversal_mode=Traversal Mode

Patch News

Patch Watch


New ship & vehicle

Patch List


Wave 1

Wave 2



3.19.1 OPEN PTU


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