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Star Citizen | Alpha 3.20 8671107 Data Mining

In this post we indicate all the information retrieved from the Star Citizen files of Patch 3.20.0. 8671107


@hud_mining_modifier_cluster_factor=Cluster Factor (~ItemModifierMethod(value)%)

Destroy Evidence Mission

DestroyEvidence_MissionFail_LostEvidence=The evidence was not destroyed.
DestroyEvidence_MissionSuccess=The evidence was destroyed.
DestroyEvidence_obj_long_01=Destroy evidence that is currently stored at ~mission(location|address).
DestroyEvidence_obj_marker_01=Destroy Evidence
DestroyEvidence_obj_short_01=Destroy Evidence




Item_Desc_987_shirt_04,P=PH – 987_shirt_04
item_Desc_alb_mask_02=The Katla mask provides full face coverage from the elements or prying eyes. Oversized eyes provide a wide field of vision and a built-in air filter helps you breathe easy. Please note that this mask is not space-rated and should only be worn in naturally breathable environs.
item_Desc_alb_pants_03,P=PH – alb_pants_03
item_Desc_cbd_hat_03_iae2023_10,P=PH – cbd_hat_03_iae2023_10
item_Desc_cbd_hat_03_iae2023_19,P=PH – cbd_hat_03_iae2023_19
item_Desc_cbd_pants_05,P=PH – cbd_pants_05
item_Desc_clda_gloves_01,P=PH – clda_gloves_01
item_Desc_clda_helmet_01,P=PH – clda_helmet_01
item_Desc_clda_undersuit_02_02_01=Item Type: Undersuit\nDamage Reduction: 10%\nTemp. Rating: -30 / 60 °C\n\nBuilt for adventure but comfortable enough for everyday, the Markanda undersuit has become beloved by explorers. A unique patchwork design creates a flexible yet resilient undersuit, while an odor resistant SureSoft inner lining will keep you from wanting to take it off. This edition features the colors and logo of the now defunct Pyrotechnic Amalgamated.
item_Desc_clda_utility_heavy_helmet_03=Item Type: Heavy Armor\nDamage Reduction: 40%\nTemp. Rating: -80 / 245 °C\n\nDurability and a classic aesthetic combine with the Siebe helmet; designed by Caldera to thrive amidst extreme conditions found both in space and atmosphere. Resilient yet lightweight plating and an impact resistant visor provide premium protection, while an integrated monitoring system helps protect the wearer from environmental fluctuations.
item_Desc_dmc_shirt_01,P=PH – dmc_shirt_01
item_Desc_eld_shirt_04_iae2023_10,P=PH – eld_shirt_04_iae2023_10
item_Desc_eld_shirt_04_iae2023_19,P=PH – eld_shirt_04_iae2023_19
item_Desc_grin_toxic_jumpsuit_01,P=PH – grin_toxic_jumpsuit_01
item_Desc_grin_toxic_mask_01,P=PH – grin_toxic_mask_01
item_Desc_grin_toxic_jumpsuit_01,P=PH – grin_toxic_jumpsuit_01
item_Desc_grin_toxic_mask_01,P=PH – grin_toxic_mask_01
item_Desc_gsb_boots_08_01_13,P=PH – gsb_boots_08_01_13
item_Desc_gsb_boots_08_01_15,P=PH – gsb_boots_08_01_15
item_Desc_gsb_boots_08_01_17,P=PH – gsb_boots_08_01_17
item_Desc_gsb_boots_08_01_20,P=PH – gsb_boots_08_01_20
item_Desc_gsb_boots_10,P=PH – gsb_boots_10
item_Desc_gys_helmet_02_02_01=Item Type: Flight Helmet\nDamage Reduction: 10%\nTemp. Rating: -25 / 65 °C\n\nGyson delivers another unique softshell helmet with the J-5. Large optic sensors and an oversized breathing apparatus deliver a striking visage. The distinct design is space-rated and provides a modicum of protection, while keeping the helmet lightweight and affordable. This edition features the colors and logo of the now defunct Pyrotechnic Amalgamated.
item_Desc_hdh_hat_03_01_15,P=PH – hdh_hat_03_01_15
item_Desc_hdh_hat_03_01_17,P=PH – hdh_hat_03_01_17
item_Desc_hdh_hat_03_01_20,P=PH – hdh_hat_03_01_20
item_Desc_hdh_hat_04_01_01=Blowing winds and blazing sun won’t be an issue when wearing the Keldur hat and goggles. Insulated flaps keep the sun and elements off your neck, while a lightweight metal brim and scratch resistant, industrial-grade goggles protect your eyes.
item_Desc_hdh_hat_04_01_04,P=PH – hdh_hat_04_01_04
item_Desc_hdh_jacket_11=Carrying Capacity: 1K µSCU\n\nThe Sharud is an ideal top for staying cool in hot weather. Advanced production techniques allow Habidash to make a light yet absorbent shawl that looks and feels like handspun natural cotton but at a fraction of the cost. The three arm band pieces provide stylish accents and come embedded with microchips that tracks body temperature and other vitals.
item_Desc_hdh_pants_06=Carrying Capacity: 0.4K µSCU\n\nBlending Habidash style and ingenuity, the Kavir pants feature fashionable flourishes alongside practical perks ideal for managing extreme environments. Several fabric pieces are sewn directly into a thick, integrated belt that divides the pants between a large elastic waistband and looser, breathable cotton blend fabric through the legs. There are also two bands of fabric that ring the shins to keep dirt and other elements out.
item_Desc_r6p_shoes_04=Slip into comfort with the Campo shoes, which have a supportive midsole, cushioned footbed, and a molded, slip-resistant outsole. These ankle high slip-ons deliver an ideal fit thanks to two adjustable straps with metal clasps.
item_Desc_srvl_jacket_01_01_01,P=PH – srvl_jacket_01_01_01
item_Desc_srvl_jacket_02,P=PH – srvl_jacket_02
item_Desc_srvl_pants_01_01_01,P=PH – srvl_pants_01_01_01
item_Desc_srvl_shirt_01_01_01,P=PH – srvl_shirt_01_01_01
item_Name_987_shirt_04_01_01,P=PH – 987_shirt_04_01_01
item_Name_987_shirt_04_01_13,P=PH – 987_shirt_04_01_13
item_Name_987_shirt_04_01_15,P=PH – 987_shirt_04_01_15
item_Name_987_shirt_04_01_16,P=PH – 987_shirt_04_01_16
item_Name_987_shirt_04_01_17,P=PH – 987_shirt_04_01_17
item_Name_alb_gloves_02_01_01=Parway Gloves
item_Name_alb_jumpsuit_01_01_04,P=PH – alb_jumpsuit_01_01_04
item_Name_alb_mask_01_01_01=Taos Balaclava and Goggles
item_Name_alb_mask_01_01_12=Taos Balaclava and Goggles Tactical
item_Name_alb_mask_01_01_13=Taos Balaclava and Goggles Crimson
item_Name_alb_mask_02_01_01=Katla Mask
item_Name_alb_mask_02_01_04=Katla Mask Yellow
item_Name_alb_mask_02_01_13=Katla Mask Crimson
item_Name_alb_mask_02_01_17=Katla Mask Green
item_Name_alb_mask_02_01_19=Katla Mask Blue
item_Name_alb_pants_01_01_11=Tekaw Pants Ash
item_Name_alb_pants_01_01_13=Tekaw Pants Crimson
item_Name_alb_pants_03_01_01,P=PH – alb_pants_03_01_01
item_Name_cbd_hat_03_iae2023_10,P=PH – cbd_hat_03_iae2023_10
item_Name_cbd_hat_03_iae2023_19,P=PH – cbd_hat_03_iae2023_19
item_Name_cbd_pants_05_01_01,P=PH – cbd_pants_05_01_01
item_Name_cbd_pants_05_01_12,P=PH – cbd_pants_05_01_12
item_Name_cbd_pants_05_01_13,P=PH – cbd_pants_05_01_13
item_Name_cbd_pants_05_01_16,P=PH – cbd_pants_05_01_16
item_Name_cbd_pants_05_01_17,P=PH – cbd_pants_05_01_17
item_Name_clda_gloves_01_01_01,P=PH – clda_gloves_01_01_01
item_Name_clda_gloves_01_02_01,P=PH – clda_gloves_01_02_01
item_Name_clda_gloves_01_03_01,P=PH – clda_gloves_01_03_01
item_Name_clda_helmet_01_01_01,P=PH – clda_helmet_01_01_01
item_Name_clda_helmet_01_02_01,P=PH – clda_helmet_01_02_01
item_Name_clda_helmet_01_03_01,P=PH – clda_helmet_01_03_01
item_Name_clda_undersuit_02_01_11=Markanda Undersuit Basalt (Refurbished)
item_Name_clda_undersuit_02_01_13=Markanda Undersuit Jasper (Refurbished)
item_Name_clda_undersuit_02_01_15=Markanda Undersuit Silt (Refurbished)
item_Name_clda_undersuit_02_01_20=Markanda Undersuit Deadwood (Refurbished)
item_Name_clda_undersuit_02_02_01=Markanda Undersuit Pyrotechnic
item_Name_dmc_frontier_gloves_01_01_15,P=PH – dmc_frontier_jacket_01_01_15
item_Name_dmc_frontier_gloves_01_01_16,P=PH – dmc_frontier_gloves_01_01_16
item_Name_dmc_frontier_gloves_01_01_17,P=PH – dmc_frontier_gloves_01_01_17
item_Name_dmc_frontier_gloves_01_01_20,P=PH – dmc_frontier_gloves_01_01_20
item_Name_dmc_frontier_jacket_01_01_15,P=PH – dmc_frontier_jacket_01_01_15
item_Name_dmc_frontier_jacket_01_01_16,P=PH – dmc_frontier_jacket_01_01_16
item_Name_dmc_frontier_jacket_01_01_17,P=PH – dmc_frontier_jacket_01_01_17
item_Name_dmc_frontier_jacket_01_01_20,P=PH – dmc_frontier_jacket_01_01_20
item_Name_dmc_frontier_pants_01_01_15,P=PH – dmc_frontier_pants_01_01_15
item_Name_dmc_frontier_pants_01_01_16,P=PH – dmc_frontier_pants_01_01_16
item_Name_dmc_frontier_pants_01_01_17,P=PH – dmc_frontier_pants_01_01_17
item_Name_dmc_frontier_pants_01_01_20,P=PH – dmc_frontier_pants_01_01_20
item_Name_dmc_jacket_05_01_07,P=PH – dmc_jacket_05_01_07
item_Name_dmc_jacket_05_01_10,P=PH – dmc_jacket_05_01_10
item_Name_dmc_jacket_05_01_11,P=PH – dmc_jacket_05_01_11
item_Name_dmc_jacket_05_01_15,P=PH – dmc_jacket_05_01_15
item_Name_dmc_jacket_06_01_12,P=PH – dmc_jacket_06_01_12
item_Name_dmc_jacket_06_01_13,P=PH – dmc_jacket_06_01_13
item_Name_dmc_jacket_06_01_14,P=PH – dmc_jacket_06_01_14
item_Name_dmc_jacket_06_01_18,P=PH – dmc_jacket_06_01_18
item_Name_dmc_jacket_10_01_12,P=PH – dmc_jacket_10_01_12
item_Name_dmc_jacket_10_01_13,P=PH – dmc_jacket_10_01_13
item_Name_dmc_jacket_10_01_14,P=PH – dmc_jacket_10_01_14
item_Name_dmc_jacket_10_01_15,P=PH – dmc_jacket_10_01_15
item_Name_dmc_pants_07_01_13,P=PH – dmc_pants_07_01_13
item_Name_dmc_pants_07_01_16,P=PH – dmc_pants_07_01_16
item_Name_dmc_pants_07_01_18,P=PH – dmc_pants_07_01_18
item_Name_dmc_pants_08_01_01=Chamar Pants
item_Name_dmc_shirt_01_01_01,P=PH – dmc_shirt_01_01_01
item_Name_dmc_shirt_01_02_01,P=PH – dmc_shirt_01_02_01
item_Name_dmc_shirt_01_03_01,P=PH – dmc_shirt_01_03_01
item_Name_eld_shirt_04_iae2023_10,P=PH – eld_shirt_04_iae2023_10
item_Name_eld_shirt_04_iae2023_19,P=PH – eld_shirt_04_iae2023_19
item_Name_grin_toxic_jumpsuit_01_01_01,P=PH – grin_toxic_jumpsuit_01_01_01
item_Name_grin_toxic_jumpsuit_01_01_02,P=PH – grin_toxic_jumpsuit_01_01_02
item_Name_grin_toxic_jumpsuit_01_01_04,P=PH – grin_toxic_jumpsuit_01_01_04
item_Name_grin_toxic_jumpsuit_01_01_07,P=PH – grin_toxic_jumpsuit_01_01_07
item_Name_grin_toxic_jumpsuit_01_01_11,P=PH – grin_toxic_jumpsuit_01_01_11
item_Name_grin_toxic_mask_01_01_01,P=PH – grin_toxic_mask_01_01_01
item_Name_grin_toxic_mask_01_01_02,P=PH – grin_toxic_mask_01_01_02
item_Name_grin_toxic_mask_01_01_04,P=PH – grin_toxic_mask_01_01_04
item_Name_grin_toxic_mask_01_01_07,P=PH – grin_toxic_mask_01_01_07
item_Name_grin_toxic_mask_01_01_11,P=PH – grin_toxic_mask_01_01_11
item_Name_gsb_boots_08_01_13,P=PH – gsb_boots_08_01_13
item_Name_gsb_boots_08_01_15,P=PH – gsb_boots_08_01_15
item_Name_gsb_boots_08_01_17,P=PH – gsb_boots_08_01_17
item_Name_gsb_boots_08_01_20,P=PH – gsb_boots_08_01_20
item_Name_gsb_boots_10_01_01,P=PH – gsb_boots_10_01_01
item_Name_gys_helmet_02_01_14=J-5 Helmet Rust
item_Name_gys_helmet_02_01_18=J-5 Helmet Teal
item_Name_hdh_boots_01_01_01=Paradan Boots
item_Name_hdh_boots_01_01_13,P=PH – hdh_boots_01_01_13
item_Name_hdh_boots_01_01_18,P=PH – hdh_boots_01_01_18
item_Name_hdh_hat_03_01_15,P=PH – hdh_hat_03_01_15
item_Name_hdh_hat_03_01_17,P=PH – hdh_hat_03_01_17
item_Name_hdh_hat_03_01_20,P=PH – hdh_hat_03_01_20
item_Name_hdh_hat_04_01_01=Keldur Hat and Goggles
item_Name_hdh_hat_04_01_04,P=PH – hdh_hat_04_01_04
item_Name_hdh_jacket_05_01_02,P=PH – hdh_jacket_05_01_02
item_Name_hdh_jacket_05_01_03,P=PH – hdh_jacket_05_01_03
item_Name_hdh_jacket_05_01_07,P=PH – hdh_jacket_05_01_07
item_Name_hdh_jacket_05_01_11,P=PH – hdh_jacket_05_01_11
item_Name_hdh_jacket_06_01_01=Vacha Jacket
item_Name_hdh_jacket_06_01_13,P=PH – hdh_jacket_06_01_13
item_Name_hdh_jacket_06_01_16,P=PH – hdh_jacket_06_01_16
item_Name_hdh_jacket_06_01_18,P=PH – hdh_jacket_06_01_18
item_Name_hdh_jacket_11_01_01=Sharud Wrap and Arm Bands
item_Name_hdh_jacket_11_01_04=Sharud Wrap and Arm Bands Olive
item_Name_hdh_jacket_11_01_13=Sharud Wrap and Arm Bands Redwood
item_Name_hdh_jacket_11_01_17=Sharud Wrap and Arm Bands Conifer
item_Name_hdh_jacket_11_01_19=Sharud Wrap and Arm Bands Spruce
item_Name_hdh_pants_01_01_02,P=PH – hdh_pants_01_01_02
item_Name_hdh_pants_01_01_07,P=PH – hdh_pants_01_01_07
item_Name_hdh_pants_01_01_11,P=PH – hdh_pants_01_01_11
item_Name_hdh_pants_06_01_01=Kavir Pants
item_Name_hdh_pants_06_01_04=Kavir Pants Olive
item_Name_hdh_pants_06_01_13=Kavir Pants Redwood
item_Name_hdh_pants_06_01_17=Kavir Pants Conifer
item_Name_hdh_pants_06_01_19=Kavir Pants Spruce
item_Name_r6p_boots_04_01_04,P=PH – r6p_boots_04_01_04
item_Name_r6p_boots_04_01_16,P=PH – r6p_boots_04_01_16
item_Name_r6p_boots_04_01_19,P=PH – r6p_boots_04_01_19
item_Name_r6p_boots_05_01_01,P=PH – r6p_boots_05_01_01
item_Name_r6p_boots_05_01_12,P=PH – r6p_boots_05_01_12
item_Name_r6p_boots_05_01_13,P=PH – r6p_boots_05_01_13
item_Name_r6p_boots_05_01_16,P=PH – r6p_boots_05_01_16
item_Name_r6p_boots_05_01_17,P=PH – r6p_boots_05_01_17
item_Name_r6p_gloves_01_01_01=Baru Gloves (Left Only)
item_Name_r6p_gloves_01_01_04=Baru Gloves Moss (Left Only)
item_Name_r6p_gloves_01_01_17=Baru Gloves Viridian (Left Only)
item_Name_r6p_gloves_01_01_19=Baru Gloves Slate (Left Only)
item_Name_r6p_gloves_02_01_01,P=PH – r6p_gloves_02_01_01
item_Name_r6p_gloves_02_01_04,P=PH – r6p_gloves_02_01_04
item_Name_r6p_gloves_02_01_18,P=PH – r6p_gloves_02_01_18
item_Name_r6p_gloves_02_01_19,P=PH – r6p_gloves_02_01_19
item_Name_r6p_shoes_04_01_19=Campo Shoes Slate
item_Name_scu_pants_04_01_07,P=PH – scu_pants_04_01_07
item_Name_scu_pants_04_01_10,P=PH – scu_pants_04_01_10
item_Name_scu_pants_04_01_11,P=PH – scu_pants_04_01_11
item_Name_scu_pants_04_01_15,P=PH – scu_pants_04_01_15
item_Name_srvl_jacket_01_01_01,P=PH – srvl_jacket_01_01_01
item_Name_srvl_jacket_01_01_04,P=PH – srvl_jacket_01_01_04
item_Name_srvl_jacket_01_01_16,P=PH – srvl_jacket_01_01_16
item_Name_srvl_jacket_01_01_18,P=PH – srvl_jacket_01_01_18
item_Name_srvl_jacket_01_01_19,P=PH – srvl_jacket_01_01_19
item_Name_srvl_jacket_02_01_01,P=PH – srvl_jacket_02_01_01
item_Name_srvl_jacket_02_02_01,P=PH – srvl_jacket_02_02_01
item_Name_srvl_jacket_02_03_01,P=PH – srvl_jacket_02_03_01
item_Name_srvl_pants_01_01_01,P=PH – srvl_pants_01_01_01
item_Name_srvl_pants_01_01_04,P=PH – srvl_pants_01_01_04
item_Name_srvl_pants_01_01_16,P=PH – srvl_pants_01_01_16
item_Name_srvl_pants_01_01_18,P=PH – srvl_pants_01_01_18
item_Name_srvl_pants_01_01_19,P=PH – srvl_pants_01_01_19
item_Name_srvl_shirt_01_01_01,P=PH – srvl_shirt_01_01_01
item_Name_srvl_shirt_01_01_04,P=PH – srvl_shirt_01_01_04
item_Name_srvl_shirt_01_01_16,P=PH – srvl_shirt_01_01_16
item_Name_srvl_shirt_01_01_18,P=PH – srvl_shirt_01_01_18
item_Name_srvl_shirt_01_01_19,P=PH – srvl_shirt_01_01_19

Retrieve Consignment

RetrieveConsignment_Datapad_01_ConsignmentNumber=Delivery Confirmation: Consignment #
RetrieveConsignment_Datapad_01_Manifest=Items Remaining:\n
RetrieveConsignment_Datapad_01_Message=This consignment contains confidential materials. Access is restricted to authorized individuals only.
RetrieveConsignment_Datapad_01_Warning=The information contained in the message is strictly confidential and reserved for authorized individuals only. Disclosing, copying, distributing or taking any action in reliance on the contents of this information is strictly prohibited. Any individual caught doing so will be dismissed and/or prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
RetrieveConsignment_Journal_Body_01=Access Code:\n\nManifest:
RetrieveConsignment_Journal_Title_01=Consignment Code and Contents
RetrieveConsignment_Terminal_CancelledGenerating=Consignment Retrieval Cancelled
RetrieveConsignment_Terminal_FinishedGenerating=Consignment Retrieval Complete
RetrieveConsignment_Terminal_GeneratingItems=Consignment Retrieval in Progress…
RetrieveConsignment_Terminal_ItemLoading=Please Retrieve Consignment From the Dispenser
RetrieveConsignment_Terminal_RetrieveItems=Retrieve Consignment
RetrieveConsignment_Terminal_Title=Consignment Retrieval System
RetrieveConsignment_obj_04_Long=Locate facility employees carrying datapads that contain the consignment codes needed to retrieve the confidential materials.
RetrieveConsignment_obj_04_Short=Locate Consignment Codes %ls

Derelict Settlement

Stanton1_DerelictSettlement_FinnsFolly=Finn’s Folly
Stanton1_DerelictSettlement_MakersPoint=Maker’s Point
Stanton1_DerelictSettlement_PickersField=Picker’s Field
Stanton1_DerelictSettlement_Rappel_desc=The fastest way to hit rock bottom.
Stanton1_DerelictSettlement_WeepingCove_desc=Here’s hoping that tomorrow’s a little better than today.
Stanton1_DerelictSettlement_Zephyr_desc=A little town where the winds of change are blowing.
Stanton4_DerelictSettlement_AstorsClearing_desc=It ain’t safe to go into the woods at night.
Stanton4_DerelictSettlement_HarpersPoint=Harper’s Point
Stanton4_DerelictSettlement_HarpersPoint_desc=Just a quiet place by the lake.
Stanton4_DerelictSettlement_RazorsEdge=Razor’s Edge
Stanton4_DerelictSettlement_RazorsEdge_desc=Only the best make the cut.

Seraphim Station

Stanton2_Transfer_Seraphim=Seraphim Station
Stanton2_Transfer_Seraphim_Desc=Located above Crusader, Seraphim Station offers stunning vistas of the gas giant below and acts as a gateway to Crusader Industries’ vast planetary holdings and orbital shipyards. The station offers a wide variety of services including: Refueling, Restocking, Shopping, Habs, a Clinic, and Cargo Services.

Steal Evidence

StealEvidence_MissionFail_LostEvidence=The evidence was not retrieved.
StealEvidence_MissionSuccess=The evidence was delivered.
StealEvidence_obj_long_01=Retrieve evidence that is currently stored at ~mission(location|address).
StealEvidence_obj_marker_01=Retrieve Evidence
StealEvidence_obj_short_01=Retrieve Evidence


Terminal_crusader_01=You’re doing good while doing good work. Each year Crusader sets aside a percentage of its profits to donate to worthwhile causes, so your hard work is good for both the company and the empire as a whole.
Terminal_crusader_codescreen_01=A planet and company unlike any other!
Terminal_general_career_01=Interested in advancing your career? Speak to your supervisor about potential job openings and training opportunities.
Terminal_general_consignmentlocker_01=You’re responsible for any boxes you retrieve from the consignment locker. Personally transport all dispensed items to the designated location to ensure their safekeeping.
Terminal_general_safety_01=Hurrying can hurt. Accidents are more likely to occur when rushing a job. Sure and steady is always safer and more efficient.
Terminal_general_safety_02=Remember to use your tractor beam. Moving boxes is quicker and easier when you have the right tool. Work smarter, not harder!
Terminal_general_safety_03=Safety starts with you. Ensure you’re wearing the right clothing and that it fits properly before beginning any task.
Terminal_generic_codescreen_01=Authorized access code required.
Terminal_hurston_01=Unions spread division! Organizing or collaborating with subversive organizations like the United Workers of Hurston (UWH) is a fireable offense. Report UWH actions through our secure tip-line for a reward.
Terminal_hurston_codescreen_01=Defending the empire for over 500 years.
Terminal_mtps_01=Did you know? microTech’s first product was the Business Xpert software bundle. A modified version of a security and logistic programs company founder Magnus Tobin created to overhaul his family’s floundering textile business.
Terminal_shubin_01=Interested in helping Shubin test new armor and equipment? Comm our Product Development department and apply to be a workplace tester to help Shubin see how its latest products hold up under real world conditions.
Terminal_shubin_codescreen_01=Everything begins with mining!



Cargo Deck

cargodeck_01=Cargo Deck 01
cargodeck_02=Cargo Deck 02
cargodeck_03=Cargo Deck 03
cargodeck_04=Cargo Deck 04
cargodeck_05=Cargo Deck 05
cargodeck_06=Cargo Deck 06
cargodeck_07=Cargo Deck 07
cargodeck_08=Cargo Deck 08
cargodeck_09=Cargo Deck 09
cargodeck_10=Cargo Deck 10
cargodeck_11=Cargo Deck 11
cargodeck_12=Cargo Deck 12
cargodeck_13=Cargo Deck 13
cargodeck_14=Cargo Deck 14
cargodeck_15=Cargo Deck 15
cargodeck_16=Cargo Deck 16
cargodeck_17=Cargo Deck 17
cargodeck_18=Cargo Deck 18
cargodeck_19=Cargo Deck 19
cargodeck_20=Cargo Deck 20
cargodeck_21=Cargo Deck 21
cargodeck_22=Cargo Deck 22
cargodeck_23=Cargo Deck 23
cargodeck_24=Cargo Deck 24
cargodeck_25=Cargo Deck 25
cargodeck_26=Cargo Deck 26
cargodeck_27=Cargo Deck 27
cargodeck_28=Cargo Deck 28
cargodeck_29=Cargo Deck 29
cargodeck_30=Cargo Deck 30
cargodeck_31=Cargo Deck 31
cargodeck_32=Cargo Deck 32
cargodeck_33=Cargo Deck 33
cargodeck_34=Cargo Deck 34
cargodeck_35=Cargo Deck 35
cargodeck_36=Cargo Deck 36
cargodeck_37=Cargo Deck 37
cargodeck_38=Cargo Deck 38
cargodeck_39=Cargo Deck 39
cargodeck_40=Cargo Deck 40
cargodeck_41=Cargo Deck 41
cargodeck_42=Cargo Deck 42
cargodeck_43=Cargo Deck 43
cargodeck_44=Cargo Deck 44
cargodeck_45=Cargo Deck 45
cargodeck_46=Cargo Deck 46
cargodeck_47=Cargo Deck 47
cargodeck_48=Cargo Deck 48

Claimjumpers Missions

claimsweep_obj_display_003=Sentries Found: %ls
claimsweep_obj_long_004=Scan to find all of the hidden orbital sentries and destroy them.
claimsweep_obj_short_004=Find and Destroy All Sentries
shubin_claimsweep_desc_easy=POSTING: Security / Mercenary \nLOCATION: ~mission(LagrangeLocation)\nWORK EXPERIENCE: Combat Pilot (Military Experience a Plus)\nTERMS: \nWe just received word that a Shubin contractor was chased off one of our claims by outlaws who are operating there illegally. Further complicating matters, they have set up a few orbital sentries to protect themselves while they mine. \n\nOur hope is to contract with a mercenary who can search for and destroy the sentries at ~mission(location). If you do encounter an illegal miner at the site, be mindful that it is common practice for these types to contact reinforcements for assistance. It might be better to neutralize them as quickly as possible before they can do so. \n\n\n\n\nShubin Interstellar is an equal opportunity contractor. By accepting this contract you are assuming any and all risks associated with the work outlined herein and in no way can Shubin Interstellar be held accountable for any damages accrued during the duration of the contract.\n
shubin_claimsweep_desc_hard=POSTING: Security / Mercenary \nLOCATION: ~mission(LagrangeLocation)\nWORK EXPERIENCE: Combat Pilot (Military Experience a Plus)\nTERMS: \nA local Stanton independent mining team was working ~mission(Location) as Shubin Interstellar contractors when a hostile force attacked and took over the site. We believe that the perpetrators are still at the claim using the equipment left behind to harvest the valuable ore there for themselves.\n\nAmong the equipment lost were a handful of orbital sentries that had unfortunately not yet been fully deployed at the time of the attack. Long range scans of the claim have led us to conclude that the outlaws have activated the orbital sentries and are using them to protect their illegal operations.\n\nTo reclaim the site, we are seeking contractors to go to ~mission(Location), destroy the orbital sentries, and clear the site of hostile miners. Efficiency is strongly recommended as there is a high risk they will call for reinforcements once they discover they’re being evicted. \n\n\n\n\nShubin Interstellar is an equal opportunity contractor. By accepting this contract you are assuming any and all risks associated with the work outlined herein and in no way can Shubin Interstellar be held accountable for any damages accrued during the duration of the contract.\n
shubin_claimsweep_desc_intro=POSTING: Security / Mercenary \nLOCATION: ~mission(LagrangeLocation)\nWORK EXPERIENCE: Combat Pilot (Military Experience a Plus)\nTERMS: \nIt was recently discovered that a Shubin mining claim has been illegally poached by a rogue miner. While the miner themselves seems to no longer be stealing ore from the site, they did leave behind an orbital sentry which is preventing us from reclaiming it thanks to its offensive capabilities.\n\nWe are looking for a mercenary willing to travel to ~mission(location) hunt down the sentry and destroy it in preparation for Shubin repossession of the site.\n\n\n\n\nShubin Interstellar is an equal opportunity contractor. By accepting this contract you are assuming any and all risks associated with the work outlined herein and in no way can Shubin Interstellar be held accountable for any damages accrued during the duration of the contract.\n
shubin_claimsweep_desc_med=POSTING: Security / Mercenary \nLOCATION: ~mission(LagrangeLocation)\nWORK EXPERIENCE: Combat Pilot (Military Experience a Plus)\nTERMS: \nA recently acquired Shubin Interstellar mining claim awaiting processing was discovered to have been jumped by a rogue mining outfit who are actively stealing ore from the site. While local authorities have been notified, there is concern that valuable assets may be harvested before an official investigation can be launched.\n\nTherefore, as is our right as claim holders, we wish to secure a mercenary force to go to ~mission(Location) and destroy the several orbital sentries that are protecting this illegal operation. Caution is advised as there may still be a few illegal miners at the location along with any reinforcements they muster. \n\n\n\n\nShubin Interstellar is an equal opportunity contractor. By accepting this contract you are assuming any and all risks associated with the work outlined herein and in no way can Shubin Interstellar be held accountable for any damages accrued during the duration of the contract.\n
shubin_claimsweep_desc_rand=POSTING: Security / Mercenary \nLOCATION: ~mission(LagrangeLocation)\nWORK EXPERIENCE: Combat Pilot (Military Experience a Plus)\nTERMS: \nWhile conducting a survey of Shubin claims in the sector, we were disheartened to learn that a small team of outlaws have set up shop at ~mission(Location) and have been illegal harvesting resources. Worse, they have established a defensive perimeter with several orbital sentries dotted around the site making it difficult for us to evict them. \n\nIn order that we may repossess the claim site, we are seeking mercenary contractors to find and destroy the handful of orbital sentries. Adding additional difficulty to the task is that we are unclear as to the exact fighting strength of these outlaw miners. If they are given the chance to summon reinforcements expect anything from a small contingency to a full squad of trained fighters. \n\n\n\n\nShubin Interstellar is an equal opportunity contractor. By accepting this contract you are assuming any and all risks associated with the work outlined herein and in no way can Shubin Interstellar be held accountable for any damages accrued during the duration of the contract.\n
shubin_claimsweep_title_easy=Remove Claimjumpers
shubin_claimsweep_title_hard=Oust Claimjumpers
shubin_claimsweep_title_intro=Clear Claimjumpers
shubin_claimsweep_title_med=Expel Claimjumpers
shubin_claimsweep_title_rand=Evict Claimjumpers

Destory Items

destroystash_desc_Pyro,P=Destroy stash
destroystash_title_Pyro,P=Destroy drugs


dfm_ac_ui_RulesLapTime=Lap Time:
dfm_ac_ui_RulesLivesLeft,P=Lives Left:


ea_popup_DoNotShowAgain=Do not show again.
ea_popup_body_ModeDisclaimer=This is an ‘Experimental Mode’ where new features, mechanics, and modified existing game modes are tested. The purpose of this mode is to provide regular rotating content to Arena Commander and collect feedback to improve and adjust gameplay ahead of its release to the Persistent Universe.
ea_popup_body_ModeDisclaimer_MasterModes=This game mode is a special limited test used to collect feedback on several new features being developed for Star Citizen’s flight model. It is not representative of the current Persistent Universe or intended final version of the game. You can view full details on the Spectrum link below.\n \nNew Features:\nMaster Modes – a new flight system which introduces two modes for combat and navigation: SCM & NAV.\nGunnery v2 – a collection of gunnery and targeting changes such as weapon tuning, gimbal mode effects, auto-targeting functionality, new UI, and the removal of gimbal size limitations.\nTargeting v2 – new holographic UI and bindings including the addition of auto-targeting.\n \nFor this test you will be piloting a specially outfitted Gladius with 2 x S3 Gimbaled Laser Repeaters and a S3 Ballistic Gatling. This Gladius’ loadout cannot be altered and has been tuned specifically for Master Modes with increased agility, boost and shield regen adjustments as well as the shield profile being changed to Front/Back. \n \nDefault Bindings: ~action(spaceship_movement|v_master_mode_cycle) to change Master Modes, ~action(spaceship_targeting|v_auto_targeting_enable_short) to enable Auto-Targeting\n
ea_popup_body_Reconnect=Attempt to Reconnect to Lobby?\n%s – %s
ea_popup_confirm_ModeDisclaimer=I Understand
ea_popup_decline_ModeDisclaimer=Provide Feedback
ea_popup_title_ModeDisclaimer=Game Mode Disclaimer
ea_ui_StatePlayersNotReady=%d Players not ready
ea_ui_frontend_DevOnlyMap=Developer Only Map, which may not be ready for testing. Will be ignored by ‘Any Map’ selection.
ea_ui_frontend_readyup=Ready Up
ea_ui_modeFixedFPSLoadout=Fixed FPS Loadout
ea_ui_modeFixedVehicles=Fixed Vehicles
ea_ui_modeNoSquads=No Squads
ea_ui_modePlayersMax=Players Max:
ea_ui_modeSquadMax=Squad Max:
ea_ui_modedesc_TonkRoyale_FFA=Bring your tank barrel to bear in this free for all tank royale where every kill brings you closer to victory.
ea_ui_reward_EndlessVanduulSwarm_Title=’2953 Vanduul Aggressor’ Unlocked!
ea_ui_reward_GunGame_Msg=You beat the competition in Gun Rush! ‘2953 Master of Arms’ Spectrum Badge has been unlocked!
ea_ui_reward_GunGame_Title=’2953 Master of Arms’ Unlocked!
ea_ui_reward_Ironman_Title=’AC – Ironman’ Unlocked!
ea_ui_reward_ModeTester_Title=’AC – Experimental Tester’ Unlocked!
ea_ui_reward_OfflineWarning=Rewards are disabled in Offline Mode.
ea_ui_reward_TankCommander_Title=’2953 Tank Commander’ Unlocked!
ea_ui_scoring_SecondPlace,P=2nd Place
ea_ui_scoring_ThirdPlace,P=3rd Place

Flight HUD

flightHUD_Label_PowerDistribution=Power Distribution


hud_Disconnecting,P=No Connection…
hud_Failed=System Failed. Disconnecting…
hud_Label_CriticalError=Critical Error
hud_Label_MajorError=Major Error
hud_Label_MinorError=Minor Error
hud_Label_ShowRepairStation=Show Repair Station
hud_scanning_boxout_fluff_1=PROXY:B-TYPE MODE: YES
hud_scanning_boxout_fluff_2=AR SCAN


item_DescEclipse_Paint_Pirateweek_Black_Clear=The Meridian livery gives the Eclipse a simple yet stylish metallic black finish.
item_DescStarLifter_Paint_Pirateweek_Black_Clear=The Meridian livery gives the Hercules Starlifter a simple yet stylish metallic black finish.
item_DescStar_Fighter_Paint_Pirateweek_Black_Clear=The Meridian livery gives the Ares Star Fighter a simple yet stylish metallic black finish.
item_DescStar_Runner_Paint_Pirateweek_Black_Clear=The Meridian livery gives the Mercury Star Runner a simple yet stylish metallic black finish.

item_NameEclipse_Paint_Pirateweek_Black_Clear=Eclipse Meridian Livery
item_NameStarLifter_Paint_Pirateweek_Black_Clear=Hercules Starlifter Meridian Livery
item_NameStar_Fighter_Paint_Pirateweek_Black_Clear=Ares Star Fighter Meridian Livery
item_NameStar_Runner_Paint_Pirateweek_Black_Clear=Mercury Star Runner Meridian Livery


item_DescFlair_Model_HullC_1_a=Celebrate the workhorse of the hauling world with this finely detailed Hull C model. It’s been expertly crafted by Takuetsu with help from MISC to make sure every last detail matches and honors the original. The “Extended” edition features the ship with its iconic spindles exposed and ready to receive cargo.
item_DescFlair_Model_HullC_1_a_box=A collector’s edition box for Takuetsu’s Hull C Model “Extended”, featuring an image of the iconic ship on the front along with details about the model.
item_DescFlair_Model_HullC_1_b=Celebrate the workhorse of the hauling world with this finely detailed Hull C model. It’s been expertly crafted by Takuetsu with help from MISC to make sure every last detail matches and honors the original.
item_DescFlair_Model_HullC_toy_a_1H=Hold an iconic hauling ship in the palm of your hand with this Hull C miniature. Takuetsu carefully recreated the Hull C with exacting detail to honor what is believed to be the most common ship in the galaxy.
item_DescFlair_Poster_HullC_HT_Static=Honor an industrial workhorse with this unique and visually stunning poster of the MISC Hull C. Featuring the ship’s silhouette set against a colorful swirling spacescape, the poster highlights the Hull C’s iconic design by having its spindle extended.

item_NameFlair_Model_HullC_1_a=Hull C Model “Extended”
item_NameFlair_Model_HullC_1_a_box=Hull C Model “Extended” Box
item_NameFlair_Model_HullC_1_b=Hull C Model “Collapsed”
item_NameFlair_Model_HullC_toy_a_1H=Hull C Miniature
item_NameFlair_Poster_HullC_HT_Static=Hull C Poster


items_commodities_Iron_ore_desc,P=Element Fe, strong, malleable, highly susceptible to rust and found in large volume across most star systems.
items_commodities_iron_desc,P=Element Fe, strong, malleable, highly susceptible to rust and found in large volume across most star systems.
items_commodities_iron_ore,P=Iron (Ore)
items_commodities_raw_ice,P=Raw Ice
items_commodities_raw_ice_desc,P=Raw Ice can be refined into Hydrogen and Oxygen
items_commodities_raw_silicon,P=Raw Silicon
items_commodities_raw_silicon_desc,P=A strong and brittle element with good thermal conductivity. Crystalizes in a diamond form.
items_commodities_riccite_ore,P=Riccite Ore
items_commodities_riccite_ore_des,P=Riccite Ore can be refined into Riccite
items_commodities_stileron_ore,P=Stileron Ore
items_commodities_stileron_ore_des,P=Stileron ore can be refined into Stileron
items_commodities_tin_ore,P=Tin Ore
items_commodities_tin_ore_desc,P=Tin ore can be refined to various materials


kiosk_Shop_Supplies=Shop Supplies

Mission Giver: Pacheco

mg_pacheco_DestroyEvidence_desc_001=It turns out that security over at ~mission(location|address) got their hands on a box of evidence that shouldn’t exist. I’m gonna pay you to destroy it for me.\n\nGetting to the evidence won’t be a walk in the park. You’ll have to make it past the station’s heavy security, and then take out the Chief of Security in order to get their access code to the Evidence Storage Unit. And even that’s not straightforward since the Chief only deals with high-level emergencies so I’m thinking you’ll have to shoot up the place pretty good before they feel it’s worth showing up.\n\nOnce the Evidence Inventory System is started up, the box I want should be the first one out. Destroy that and I’ll get you paid.\n\nWhat you do after that is up to you. There’s probably plenty of other valuable crap locked up in the Evidence Storage if you’re willing to hang around long enough to grab it, but that’s on you.\n\n-Twitch\n
mg_pacheco_DestroyEvidence_title_001=Not A Shred of Evidence
mg_pacheco_StealEvidence_desc_001=Long story short, one of my people got pinched with some evidence that could make things very uncomfortable for me and some of my associates. That’s why I want you to go to ~mission(location|address) and steal it for me.\n\nIt won’t be easy. Not only is the station crawling with security, but the access code to activate the Evidence Storage Unit is ept by the Chief of Security. In order to get to them, you’ll need to create enough havoc to force the Chief to come deal with you in person. I usually don’t like loud and messy, but this job calls for it.\n\nOn the bright side, the evidence I want should be the first box out once the inventory system is activated. Anything else you want to take from storage and sell is fine with me as long as you remember that I’m your priority. \n\nOnce you have my evidence, drop it off at ~mission(destination|address) and we can call it a day.\n\n-Twitch\n
mg_pacheco_StealEvidence_desc_002=I’ll spare you the details, but I need a bit of leverage in a tricky negotiation and know exactly where to get it. That’s why I’m sending you to go to ~mission(location|address) and steal a box of evidence for me.\n \nNow, I won’t lie to you. The job’s a toughy. The station is thick with security and the only access code to the Evidence Storage Unit is kept by the Chief of Security. To make things worse, that snotty bastard doesn’t like to get their hands dirty unless it’s a full-blown emergency which means that you’ll have to escalate things before the Chief will even bother coming round.\n\nOnce you do activate the Evidence Inventory System, the box I want should be the first one out. Now, there might be more boxes coming out after it, you can consider those your bonus payment. \n\nJust be sure that you take care of dropping off my evidence at ~mission(destination|address) first and foremost.\n\n-Twitch\n
mg_pacheco_StealEvidence_title_001=Burden of Proof

Mission Location

mission_location_stanton_615=Seraphim Station
mission_location_stanton_616=Seraphim Station above Crusader
mission_location_stanton_728=Zephyr on Hurston
mission_location_stanton_729=Maker’s Point
mission_location_stanton_730=Maker’s Point on Hurston
mission_location_stanton_732=Ludlow on Hurston
mission_location_stanton_733=Picker’s Field
mission_location_stanton_734=Picker’s Field on Hurston
mission_location_stanton_735=Finn’s Folly
mission_location_stanton_736=Finn’s Folly on Hurston
mission_location_stanton_737=Weeping Cove
mission_location_stanton_738=Weeping Cove on Hurston
mission_location_stanton_739=Cutter’s Rig
mission_location_stanton_740=Cutter’s Rig on Hurston
mission_location_stanton_742=Rappel on Hurston
mission_location_stanton_744=Frostbite on microTech
mission_location_stanton_745=Razor’s Edge
mission_location_stanton_746=Razor’s Edge on microTech
mission_location_stanton_747=Bloodshot Ridge
mission_location_stanton_748=Bloodshot Ridge on microTech
mission_location_stanton_749=Harper’s Point
mission_location_stanton_750=Harper’s Point on microTech
mission_location_stanton_751=Astor’s Clearing
mission_location_stanton_752=Astor’s Clearing on microTech
mission_location_stanton_753=Moreland Hills
mission_location_stanton_754=Moreland Hills on microTech
mission_location_stanton_756=Dunboro on microTech

Main Menu

pause_OptionsCurrencyTransferNotifcations,P=Social – Currency Transfer Notifications
pause_OptionsCurrencyTransferNotifcations_Anyone=From Anyone
pause_OptionsCurrencyTransferNotifcations_FriendsOnly=Friends Only
pause_OptionsFriendRequests=Social – Friend Requests
pause_OptionsFriendRequestsNotifications=Social – Friend Request Notifications
pause_OptionsHDRMaxBrightness,P=HDR Maximum Brightness
pause_OptionsHDRReferenceWhite,P=HDR Reference White
pause_OptionsPartyInvitesNotifications=Social – Party Invite Notifications
pause_OptionsPartyInvitesNotifications_Anyone=From Anyone
pause_OptionsPartyInvitesNotifications_FriendsOnly=Friends Only
pause_OptionsScreenSpaceShadows=Screen Space Shadows

Salvage HUD

salvage_HUD_CargoBoxCreation=Fabricating Cargo Box

Shop UI

shop_ui_CommodityKiosk_InvalidShipSelected=Selected Inventory Not Accessible \nat this Location
shop_ui_CommodityKiosk_PickupFromWarehouse=Pickup From Cargo Deck Required
shop_ui_CommodityKiosk_ShipRequiresWarehouseServices=Attention: Vehicle must be brought to a Cargo Deck to complete this transaction.
shop_ui_CommodityKiosk_ShipRequiresWarehouseServices2=Attention: Contact Cargo Services and bring this ship to a Cargo Deck to complete this transaction.
shop_ui_CommodityKiosk_TransferToWarehouse=Transfer To Cargo Deck Required
shop_ui_CommodityKiosk_WarehouseTransactions=Cargo Transactions
shop_ui_transactionResult_52_VehicleMustNotBeOccupied=Vehicle Must Not Be Occupied
shop_ui_transactionResult_53_InvalidContainerDestination=Invalid Container Destination
shop_ui_transactionResult_54_DeliverItemsToWarehouse=Contact Cargo Services to Transfer Items
shop_ui_transactionResult_55_PickupItemsFromWarehouse=Contact Cargo Services to Pickup Items
shop_ui_transactionResult_56_ExceededBuyLimit=Buy Limit Exceeded


terminal_mtps_codescreen_01=Infusing technology with Humanity.


ui_RemoteTurretZoomIn=Zoom In (Remote Turret)
ui_RemoteTurretZoomInDesc=Zoom In (Remote Turret)
ui_RemoteTurretZoomOut=Zoom Out (Remote Turret)
ui_RemoteTurretZoomOutDesc=Zoom Out (Remote Turret)
ui_RemoteTurretZoomOutToggle=Zoom Toggle (Remote Turret)
ui_RemoteTurretZoomOutToggleDesc=Zoom Toggle (Remote Turret)
ui_controlhint_kiosk_focus=Screen Focus
ui_dest_maintenanceshaft_02=Maintenance Shaft 02
ui_dest_maintenanceshaft_03=Maintenance Shaft 03
ui_dest_maintenanceshaft_04=Maintenance Shaft 04
ui_dest_maintenanceshaft_05=Maintenance Shaft 05
ui_dest_maintenanceshaft_06=Maintenance Shaft 06
ui_interactor_cargodeck_01=Cargo Deck 01
ui_interactor_cargodeck_02=Cargo Deck 02
ui_interactor_cargodeck_03=Cargo Deck 03
ui_interactor_cargodeck_04=Cargo Deck 04
ui_interactor_cargodeck_05=Cargo Deck 05
ui_interactor_cargodeck_06=Cargo Deck 06
ui_interactor_cargodeck_07=Cargo Deck 07
ui_interactor_cargodeck_08=Cargo Deck 08
ui_interactor_cargodeck_09=Cargo Deck 09
ui_interactor_cargodeck_10=Cargo Deck 10
ui_interactor_cargodeck_11=Cargo Deck 11
ui_interactor_cargodeck_12=Cargo Deck 12
ui_interactor_cargodeck_13=Cargo Deck 13
ui_interactor_cargodeck_14=Cargo Deck 14
ui_interactor_cargodeck_15=Cargo Deck 15
ui_interactor_cargodeck_16=Cargo Deck 16
ui_interactor_cargodeck_17=Cargo Deck 17
ui_interactor_cargodeck_18=Cargo Deck 18
ui_interactor_cargodeck_19=Cargo Deck 19
ui_interactor_cargodeck_20=Cargo Deck 20
ui_interactor_cargodeck_21=Cargo Deck 21
ui_interactor_cargodeck_22=Cargo Deck 22
ui_interactor_cargodeck_23=Cargo Deck 23
ui_interactor_cargodeck_24=Cargo Deck 24
ui_interactor_cargodeck_25=Cargo Deck 25
ui_interactor_cargodeck_26=Cargo Deck 26
ui_interactor_cargodeck_27=Cargo Deck 27
ui_interactor_cargodeck_28=Cargo Deck 28
ui_interactor_cargodeck_29=Cargo Deck 29
ui_interactor_cargodeck_30=Cargo Deck 30
ui_interactor_cargodeck_31=Cargo Deck 31
ui_interactor_cargodeck_32=Cargo Deck 32
ui_interactor_cargodeck_33=Cargo Deck 33
ui_interactor_cargodeck_34=Cargo Deck 34
ui_interactor_cargodeck_35=Cargo Deck 35
ui_interactor_cargodeck_36=Cargo Deck 36
ui_interactor_cargodeck_37=Cargo Deck 37
ui_interactor_cargodeck_38=Cargo Deck 38
ui_interactor_cargodeck_39=Cargo Deck 39
ui_interactor_cargodeck_40=Cargo Deck 40
ui_interactor_cargodeck_41=Cargo Deck 41
ui_interactor_cargodeck_42=Cargo Deck 42
ui_interactor_cargodeck_43=Cargo Deck 43
ui_interactor_cargodeck_44=Cargo Deck 44
ui_interactor_cargodeck_45=Cargo Deck 45
ui_interactor_cargodeck_46=Cargo Deck 46
ui_interactor_cargodeck_47=Cargo Deck 47
ui_interactor_cargodeck_48=Cargo Deck 48
ui_label_elevatoroffline,P=Elevator Offline
ui_menu_lobby_error_16=Can’t join session because it is not available.
ui_weapons_repair_error_too_damaged,P=Item Beyond Repair


vehicle_NameMISC_Hull_C=MISC Hull C

Patch News

Patch Watch


New ship & vehicle

Patch List


WAVE 1 & 2







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