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Star Citizen | Alpha 3.19 8456566 Data Mining

In this post we indicate all the information retrieved from the Star Citizen files of Patch 3.19.0. 8456566

FW 2022

FW22_NT_Datapad_Admin_MSG_08=Yeah, especially since I got the system locked tight with a password generated from the first digit of all your codes.


Hints_ASOP_Title=Vehicle Retrieval
Hints_ATC_Title=Air Traffic Control (ATC)
Hints_ActorStatusBleeding_Title=Player Status – Bleeding
Hints_ActorStatusBuff_Title=Player Status – Buffs and Debuffs
Hints_ActorStatusCorpseMarkerShown_Title=Corpse Retrieval
Hints_ActorStatusEating_Title=Player Status – Eating & Drinking
Hints_ActorStatusHospital_Title=Hospitals & Clinics
Hints_ActorStatusHunger_Title=Player Status – Hunger & Thirst
Hints_ActorStatusInjuryMinor_Title=Player Status – Minor Injury
Hints_ActorStatusInjuryModerate_Title=Player Status – Moderate Injury
Hints_ActorStatusInjurySevere_Title=Player Status – Severe Injury
Hints_ActorStatusIntoxicated_Title=Blood Drug Level (BDL)
Hints_ActorStatusMedBed_Title=Medical Bed
Hints_ActorStatusPartialParalysis_Title=Player Status – Partial Paralysis
Hints_ActorStatusRegenerationLocation_Title=Regeneration – Location
Hints_ActorStatusRespawnCriminal_Title=Regeneration – CrimeStat
Hints_ActorStatusRespawnPrison_Title=Regeneration – Prison
Hints_ActorStatusTemperature_Title=Player Status – Temperature
Hints_BodyDrag_Title=Body Dragging
Hints_CryAstro_Title=Cry Astro
Hints_EVA_Title=Zero-G (EVA)
Hints_Emergency_Treatment_Title=Emergency Treatment
Hints_Exit_Bed_Title=Exit Bed
Hints_FPSHarvesting_Collection_Title=FPS Harvesting – Collection
Hints_FPSMining_Collection_Title=FPS Mining – Collection
Hints_FPSMining_Deposits_Title=FPS Mining – Deposits
Hints_FPSMining_Fracturing_Title=FPS Mining – Fracturing
Hints_FPSMining_Scanning_Title=FPS Mining – Scanning
Hints_FPSMining_Title=FPS Mining
Hints_FPSMining_Tool_Title=FPS Mining Tool
Hints_ForceReaction_KnockDown_Title=Force Reaction – Knockdowns
Hints_Green_Zone_Title=Exiting Armistice Zone
Hints_Grenades_Indicator_Title=Grenades – Indicator
Hints_Grenades_Priming_Title=Grenades – Priming
Hints_Interaction_Mode_Title=Interaction Mode
Hints_Inventory_Clothing_Title=Clothing & Armor
Hints_Inventory_ContainerSizeLimits_Title=Storage Containers
Hints_Inventory_HomeItemAdded_Title=New Item In Inventory
Hints_Inventory_InvalidClothingArmorEquip_Title=Clothing & Undersuits
Hints_Inventory_ItemPurchased_Title=Local Storage
Hints_Inventory_Tracking_Title=Inventory – Tracking
Hints_Inventory_VehicleStorage_Title=Vehicle Storage
Hints_Item_Collection_Title=Item Collecting
Hints_LogInBedSpawnFailGeneric_Title=Bed Unavailable
Hints_LoggingOut_Title=Logging Out
Hints_Logout_Title=Logging Out
Hints_MFD_Title=Multi-Function Displays (MFDs)
Hints_MedBeam_MT_Title=Multi-Tool Healing
Hints_MedBeam_MedicalDeviceDosage_Title=Medical Device – Dosage
Hints_MedBeam_MedicalDeviceModes_Title=Medical Device – Modes
Hints_MedBeam_Title=[PH] Medical Beam
Hints_Medical_Device_Title=Medical Device
Hints_MedpenStabBlockedInGreenZone_Title=Armistice Zone – Medication
Hints_Melee_Combat_Title=Melee Combat
Hints_Mining_Cargo_Title=Mining – Cargo
Hints_Mining_Difficulty_Title=Mining – Difficulty
Hints_Mining_Extraction_Title=Mining – Extraction
Hints_Mining_Fracture_Title=Mining – Fracture
Hints_Mining_Intro_Title=Mining – Intro
Hints_Mining_Mode_Welcome_Title=Welcome to the Mining Mode
Hints_Mining_Modules_Title=Mining Modules
Hints_Mining_Scanning_Title=Mining – Scanning
Hints_Monitored_Title=Monitored Space
Hints_PIT_FlightModeSelect_Title=Flight Mode Select Menu
Hints_PIT_Menu_Inactive_Title=Personal Inner Thoughts (PIT) – Inactive
Hints_PIT_Menu_Navigation_Title=Personal Inner Thoughts (PIT) – Navigation
Hints_PIT_QuickWeaponSelect_Title=Quick Weapon Select Menu
Hints_Personal_Inner_Thought_Title=Personal Inner Thought (PIT)
Hints_Personal_Inventory_Title=Personal Inventory
Hints_Private_Match_Title=Private Matches
Hints_Quantum_Drive_CoolDown_Title=Quantum Drive – Cool-Down
Hints_Quantum_Travel_Cancel_Title=Quantum Travel – Cancel
Hints_Quantum_Travel_Title=Quantum Travel
Hints_RepairBeam_HullOverview_Title=[PH] Repair – Hull Restoration
Hints_RepairBeam_Title=[PH] Multi-Tool – Repair
Hints_RestrictedAreaNavigation_Title=Restricted Area – Navigation
Hints_SalvageBeam_HullOverview_Title=Salvage – Hull Scraping
Hints_SalvageBeam_Salvaging_Title=Multi-Tool – Salvage
Hints_SalvageBeam_VehicleTargetAquired_Title=Salvage – FPS Hull Scraping
Hints_SalvageRepairBeam_Shields_Title=FPS Salvage & Repair – Shields
Hints_SalvageRepairBeam_SwitchFireMode_Title=FPS Salvage & Repair – Fire Modes
Hints_Scan_Mode_Title=Scan Mode
Hints_Security_Title=Comm Arrays
Hints_Ship_Ammo_Title=Ship Ammo
Hints_Ship_Combat_Title=Ship Combat
Hints_Ship_Customization_Title=Ship Customization
Hints_Ship_Movement_Title=Ship Movement
Hints_Ship_Startup_Title=Ship Startup
Hints_Sim_Cab_Title=Sim Cab
Hints_StowContractItem_Title=Personal Inventory – Stow Items
Hints_TeamElimination_Title=Team Elimination
Hints_TractorBeam_Title=Multi-Tool – Tractor Beam
Hints_Trade_Kiosks_Title=Trading and Shipping Console
Hints_Vehicle_Movement_Title=Vehicle Movement
Hints_Vehicle_Startup_Title=Vehicle Startup
Hints_VolatileCargo_Collection_Title=Volatile Cargo – Collection
Hints_VolatileCargo_Jettisoned_Title=Volatile Cargo – Jettisoned
Hints_VolatileCargo_Title=Volatile Cargo
Hints_VolatileCargo_Warning_Title=Volatile Cargo – Warning
Hints_WeaponZeroing_Automatic_Title=Weapon Zeroing – Automatic
Hints_WeaponZeroing_Manual_Title=Weapon Zeroing – Manual

Siege of Orison

PU_ADVREP01_F_DEH_Announce_Mission_Siege_PreMission_IG_001_AttentionThisIs=Attention, this is Rowena Dulli with the CDF. We’ve been getting chatter through some of our contacts about an imminent threat. I’m currently waiting for clearance to activate the CDF if the need arises, but will keep you posted.
PU_ADVREP01_F_DEH_Announce_Mission_Siege_PreMission_IG_002_AttentionStantonSystem=Attention, Stanton system. This is Rowena Dulli with the CDF. I’ve been getting unsubstantiated reports of a potential emergency on Crusader. If verified, it may require CDF assistance.
PU_ADVREP01_F_DEH_Announce_Mission_Siege_PreMission_IG_003_AttentionAnElevated=Attention, an elevated threat level is being issued for Crusader. We are unable to share details at this time, but if you are a CDF Volunteer or are interested in volunteering, please make your way to Orison.
PU_ADVREP01_F_DEH_Approach_MissionArea_HardIsland_Siege_DefeatAA_MiniBossDead_IG_001_HeresTheSituation=Here’s the situation. The lieutenant on this platform’s been taken out, but the anti-air is still online. You aren’t going to find a shuttle to get to the Admin Center, so you’ll need to get the anti-air offline and commandeer a vehicle to get there.
PU_ADVREP01_F_DEH_Approach_MissionArea_HardIsland_Siege_DefeatAA_MiniBossDead_IG_002_WantedToGive=Wanted to give you a quick update. CDF volunteers have taken out this platform’s lieutenant but the anti-air’s still active. Since there isn’t a direct shuttle between this platform and the Admin Center, you’ll need to take out this AA in order to safely commandeer a ship.
PU_ADVREP01_F_DEH_Approach_MissionArea_HardIsland_Siege_DefeatAA_MiniBossDead_IG_003_JustAHeads=Just a head’s up. The lieutenant on Hartmoore’s been taken out, but its anti-air system is still active. You’ll need to take that out before you can commandeer a vehicle to get to Admin Center. You won’t find any shuttles that’ll take you there.
PU_ADVREP01_F_DEH_Approach_MissionArea_Siege_AreaObjCleared_IG_001_TheLieutenantAnd=The lieutenant and anti-air on this platform have both been taken care of. You should be good to move onto the next one.
PU_ADVREP01_F_DEH_Approach_MissionArea_Siege_AreaObjCleared_IG_002_ThisPlatformsLieutenant=This platform’s lieutenant has been neutralized and the anti-air secured, so you can move on.
PU_ADVREP01_F_DEH_Approach_MissionArea_Siege_AreaObjCleared_IG_003_WithTheAntiAir=With the anti-air secure and the Lieutenant dealt with, there’s not much left to do on the platform. Go ahead and move onto one of the active areas.
PU_ADVREP01_F_DEH_Approach_MissionArea_Siege_DefeatAA_MiniBossDead_IG_001_JustAHeads=Just a head’s up, the Nine Tails lieutenant on this island’s been dealt with, but the anti-air is still online. You’ll need to disable that if you want to commandeer a ship to the next island. Otherwise, you’ll need to take the shuttle.
PU_ADVREP01_F_DEH_Approach_MissionArea_Siege_DefeatAA_MiniBossDead_IG_002_ThisPlatformsLieutenant=This platform’s lieutenant has been taken care of, but you won’t be able to safely commandeer any ships unless you disable the anti-air. The shuttles are still active to take you to the other platforms though.
PU_ADVREP01_F_DEH_Approach_MissionArea_Siege_DefeatAA_MiniBossDead_IG_003_JustWantedTo=Just wanted to send the latest intel. The lieutenant on this platform’s been neutralized but the anti-air net’s still online. If you want to commandeer a ship from here you’ll need to disable it. Otherwise, there’s an active shuttle to the next platform.
PU_ADVREP01_F_DEH_Approach_MissionArea_VeryHardIsland_Siege_DefeatAA_MiniBossDead_IG_001_QuickStatusUpdate=Quick status update. The Admin Center’s lieutenant has been taken out. There’s still anti-air coverage but latest intel suggests the IFFI for this platform is located on the barge, not this island. So you’ll need to go there to shut it down. You can still destroy the turrets up close if you want.
PU_ADVREP01_F_DEH_Approach_MissionArea_VeryHardIsland_Siege_DefeatAA_MiniBossDead_IG_002_HeresTheLowdown=Here’s the lowdown. The lieutenant of this platform’s already been neutralized but the anti-air is still operational. We think the IFFI controlling this airspace is located on the barge, so you can either find it there or take out the turrets yourself.
PU_ADVREP01_F_DEH_Approach_MissionArea_VeryHardIsland_Siege_DefeatAA_MiniBossDead_IG_003_JustSomeIntel=Just some intel as you approach Admin Center. The lieutenant’s been taken out but CDF volunteers haven’t found an IFFI here. We think that the anti-air is being controlled from the barge, so I’d start searching there unless you want to blow them up yourself.
PU_ADVREP01_F_DEH_Approach_MissionObj_WithSuppliesAboard_aPlayer_tAlly_FromAlly_FirstOccur_IG_001_LooksLikeYoure=Looks like you’re almost at Jericho. To get any supplies you have unloaded faster, use one of the kiosks and the Quartermaster will offload the cargo for you.
PU_ADVREP01_F_DEH_Approach_MissionObj_WithSuppliesAboard_aPlayer_tAlly_FromAlly_FirstOccur_IG_002_TheQuartermasterOf=The Quartermaster of Jericho station requested you use the kiosks so they can get those supplies unloaded faster.
PU_ADVREP01_F_DEH_Approach_MissionObj_WithSuppliesAboard_aPlayer_tAlly_FromAlly_FirstOccur_IG_003_ISeeYoure=I see you’re approaching Jericho, so I wanted to inform you that the Quartermaster requested you use the kiosks to unload your cargo.
PU_ADVREP01_F_DEH_Cancelled_Mission_PlayerOutside_Siege_IG_001_HeyIKnow=Hey, I know you’re en route, but we have the situation contained and should be wrapping up the operation soon. I don’t want to waste your time, so I’m going to dismiss you early. The CDF appreciates you volunteering.
PU_ADVREP01_F_DEH_Cancelled_Mission_PlayerOutside_Siege_IG_002_ThisIsDulli=This is Dulli. I know you’re heading to the AO but the operation is going to be wrapping up soon. Thanks for volunteering anyway. You are dismissed.
PU_ADVREP01_F_DEH_Cancelled_Mission_PlayerOutside_Siege_IG_003_HeyHateTo=Hey, hate to change things up on you after you volunteered, but our people have been making such great progress against the Nine Tails, that logistically it doesn’t make much sense for you to join the operation. You are dismissed. Be safe out there and thanks again.
PU_ADVREP01_F_DEH_Cancelled_Mission_Siege_IG_001_AttentionCdfVolunteers=Attention, CDF Volunteers. Crusader Security has decided to take back control of this operation effective immediately. I need all CDF to vacate the platforms and clear the area.
PU_ADVREP01_F_DEH_Cancelled_Mission_Siege_IG_002_AllCdfVolunteers=All CDF Volunteers, this is an important update. Effective immediately, Crusader Security will be assuming control of this operation. Please clear the combat area and depart at once.
PU_ADVREP01_F_DEH_Cancelled_Mission_Siege_IG_003_AttentionCrusaderIs=Attention. Crusader is reclaiming jurisidiction over this operation. They need all CDF volunteers to vacate the area immediately.
PU_ADVREP01_F_DEH_Delayed_Vehicle_Idris_Showdown_aAlly_tEnemy_FromAlly_TargetIncoming_IG_001_ImStillTracking=I’m still tracking those enemy reinforcements. Just stand firm and be ready when they arrive.
PU_ADVREP01_F_DEH_Delayed_Vehicle_Idris_Showdown_aAlly_tEnemy_FromAlly_TargetIncoming_IG_002_DamnILost=Damn. I lost contact with those reinforcements. This smells like a trick. I want everyone ready for a surprise attack.
PU_ADVREP01_F_DEH_Delayed_Vehicle_Idris_Showdown_aAlly_tEnemy_FromAlly_TargetIncoming_IG_003_ThoseXenothreatReinforcements=Those XenoThreat reinforcements are taking their sweet time getting here. I want everyone to hold their positions until they arrive.
PU_ADVREP01_F_DEH_Destroyed_Vehicle_PlayerShip_aPlayer_tAlly_FromAlly_IG_001_WordOfWarning=Word of warning, we seem to have a third party in the area attacking CDF ships. Keep an eye out.
PU_ADVREP01_F_DEH_Destroyed_Vehicle_PlayerShip_aPlayer_tAlly_FromAlly_IG_002_HeadsUpWere=Heads up. We’re getting reports that unaffiliated ships are attacking CDF volunteers. Be careful.
PU_ADVREP01_F_DEH_Destroyed_Vehicle_PlayerShip_aPlayer_tAlly_FromAlly_IG_003_AsIfWe=As if we didn’t have enough to worry about, it seems we got interlopers attacking our ships. They dont’ seem to be XenoThreat, but they’re very much a threat. Be on guard.
PU_ADVREP01_F_DEH_Encourage_MissionObj_ProtectFlagship_UntilQT_aAlly_tPlayer_FromAlly_IG_001_TheJavelinIs=The Javelin is wondering where their protection detail is. Get going.
PU_ADVREP01_F_DEH_Encourage_MissionObj_ProtectFlagship_UntilQT_aAlly_tPlayer_FromAlly_IG_002_TheJavelinIs=The Javelin is the priority right now. Go and protect them until they’ve jumped.
PU_ADVREP01_F_DEH_Encourage_MissionObj_ProtectFlagship_UntilQT_aAlly_tPlayer_FromAlly_IG_003_INeedYou=I need you to stay with the Javelin. Watch their back until they QT.
PU_ADVREP01_F_DEH_Intro_MissionObj_Siege_FindTerminalCode_IG_001_NotTooMuch=Not too much of a surprise that they locked their system. Maybe see if you can find a code somewhere.
PU_ADVREP01_F_DEH_Intro_MissionObj_Siege_FindTerminalCode_IG_002_ShitLooksLike=Shit, looks like you need a code to access the terminal. You’re gonna have to find it somewhere.
PU_ADVREP01_F_DEH_Intro_MissionObj_Siege_FindTerminalCode_IG_003_LockedYouMight=Locked… You might be able to find the access code somewhere.
PU_ADVREP01_F_DEH_Pickup_Supplies_aAlly_tPlayer_FromAlly_FirstOccur_IG_001_NowThatYou=Now that you got your hands on some supplies, I need you to bring those back to Jericho as soon as you can.
PU_ADVREP01_F_DEH_Pickup_Supplies_aAlly_tPlayer_FromAlly_FirstOccur_IG_002_OnceYoureDone=Once you’re done hunting for supplies, go ahead and bring everything back to Jericho. They’re waiting for you.
PU_ADVREP01_F_DEH_Pickup_Supplies_aAlly_tPlayer_FromAlly_FirstOccur_IG_003_AsSoonAs=As soon as you’re done searching for supplies, I want you to rush whatever you found back to Jericho and get it unloaded.
PU_ADVREP01_F_DEH_Request_MissionObj_ProtectFlagship_UntilQT_aAlly_tPlayer_FromAlly_IG_001_TheJavelinIs=The Javelin is preparing to QT, I want you to guard them and provide protection until they’re away.
PU_ADVREP01_F_DEH_Request_MissionObj_ProtectFlagship_UntilQT_aAlly_tPlayer_FromAlly_IG_002_AlrightTheJavelin=Alright, the Javelin is almost ready to QT. Need you to protect them until they’ve quantumed away from the station. Don’t want to risk anything happening to them now.
PU_ADVREP01_F_DEH_Request_MissionObj_ProtectFlagship_UntilQT_aAlly_tPlayer_FromAlly_IG_003_GotWordFrom=Got word from the captain that the Javelin is in final preperations to quantum travel. I want you with them as a protection detail until they’ve QT’d away.
PU_ADVREP01_F_DEH_Succeed_MissionObj_PlayerResponsible_Siege_DefeatNFZ_IG_001_ExcellentIKnew=Excellent. I knew I could count on you to get the flight restrictions sorted.
PU_ADVREP01_F_DEH_Succeed_MissionObj_PlayerResponsible_Siege_DefeatNFZ_IG_002_FantasticJobResetting=Fantastic job resetting the flight restrictions.
PU_ADVREP01_F_DEH_Succeed_MissionObj_PlayerResponsible_Siege_DefeatNFZ_IG_003_GoodWorkResetting=Good work resetting the flight restrictions.
PU_ADVREP01_F_DEH_Succeed_MissionObj_ProtectFlagship_ContNextPoint_aAlly_tPlayer_FromAlly_IG_001_JavelinIsAway=Javelin is away. Join up at its location and lets put an end to this.
PU_ADVREP01_F_DEH_Succeed_MissionObj_ProtectFlagship_ContNextPoint_aAlly_tPlayer_FromAlly_IG_002_JavelinIsAlready=Javelin is already en route. Go on and get after them.
PU_ADVREP01_F_DEH_Succeed_MissionObj_ProtectFlagship_ContNextPoint_aAlly_tPlayer_FromAlly_IG_003_YouJustMissed=You just missed the Javelin. Head back to the front now.
PU_ADVREP01_F_DEH_Thanks_Mission_Participated_Siege_MissionWon_IG_001_HeyJustWanted=Hey, just wanted to thank you for stepping up and helping resolve this situation. The CDF is only effective because of volunteers like you.
PU_ADVREP01_F_DEH_Thanks_Mission_Participated_Siege_MissionWon_IG_002_ThisIsDulli=This is Dulli, just wanted to drop a line and thank you for your help back there. We wouldn’t have been able to retake those platforms without you.
PU_ADVREP01_F_DEH_Thanks_Mission_Participated_Siege_MissionWon_IG_003_IJustWanted=I just wanted you to know that you made a real difference today. Thanks. Now go try and relax, you’ve earned it.
PU_ADVREP01_F_DEH_Update_MissionObj_LocationsMarked_Siege_FindMainPOI_IG_001_LookingAtThe=Looking at the latest info coming in, we’ve narrowed down some potential locations of this platform’s IFFI device. Sending them now.
PU_ADVREP01_F_DEH_Update_MissionObj_LocationsMarked_Siege_FindMainPOI_IG_002_WeMightHave=We might have a couple leads on this platform’s IFFI. Marking them now.
PU_ADVREP01_F_DEH_Update_MissionObj_LocationsMarked_Siege_FindMainPOI_IG_003_JustGotSome=Just got some intel that might help you find the IFFI on this platform. Sending you the data now.
PU_ADVREP01_F_DEH_Warn_PVP_EnemyMarked_Siege_IG_001_AHostileOperative=A hostile operative just took out one of our volunteers. They don’t seem to be Nine Tails. I’ll try to mark them, but be careful.
PU_ADVREP01_F_DEH_Warn_PVP_EnemyMarked_Siege_IG_002_ShitANine=Shit, a Nine Tails sympathizer just killed a CDF member. I’ve tagged them for you so you can keep an eye out.
PU_ADVREP01_F_DEH_Warn_PVP_EnemyMarked_Siege_IG_003_GotANew=Got a new hostile in the area. I don’t think they’re Nine Tails. Sending you their location now.
PU_ADVREP01_F_DEH_Warn_PVP_EnemyMarked_Siege_RepeatOccur_IG_001_GoddammitAnotherNine=Goddammit, another Nine Tails sympathizer’s in the area. Marked ’em for you.
PU_ADVREP01_F_DEH_Warn_PVP_EnemyMarked_Siege_RepeatOccur_IG_002_HereImFlagging=Here. I’m flagging another independent hostile for you. Steer clear or take them down.
PU_ADVREP01_F_DEH_Warn_PVP_EnemyMarked_Siege_RepeatOccur_IG_003_DontKnowWhere=Don’t know where all these bastards keep coming from, but we got another independant attacking our people. Marking them now.
PU_ADVREP01_F_DEH_Warn_PVP_EnemyMarked_Siege_TargetMultiple_IG_001_BeAdvisedYou=Be advised, you have multiple Nine Tails sympathizers operating on that platform.
PU_ADVREP01_F_DEH_Warn_PVP_EnemyMarked_Siege_TargetMultiple_IG_002_AttentionCdfSeveral=Attention, CDF. Several Nine Tail sympathizers have been identified on your platform. Be careful.
PU_ADVREP01_F_DEH_Warn_PVP_EnemyMarked_Siege_TargetMultiple_IG_003_SeemsWeHave=Seems we have a new threat to deal with; multiple unaffiliated hostiles are attacking CDF volunteers on this platform.
PU_ADVREP01_F_DEH_Warn_PVP_EnemyPresent_Siege_IG_001_JustAHeads=Just a head’s up, I’ve been getting reports that there are non-Nine Tails hostiles attacking CDF volunteers.
PU_ADVREP01_F_DEH_Warn_PVP_EnemyPresent_Siege_IG_002_WordOfWarning=Word of warning. We got reports of independent operators attacking CDF volunteers. Keep an eye out for unexpected hostiles.
PU_ADVREP01_F_DEH_Warn_PVP_EnemyPresent_Siege_IG_003_AsIfThis=As if this situation wasn’t bad enough, seems some unaffiliated hostiles are attacking our people. Just know that the Nine Tails aren’t the only threat down there.


Tut01_Hint01_ExitBed_Title=Welcome to Star Citizen!
Tut01_Hint01b_Regen_Title=Dying in the ‘Verse
Tut01_Hint02_Movement_Title=Controls – Basic Movement
Tut01_Hint02a_Mobiglas_Title=mobiGlas – Journal
Tut01_Hint02b_ContractManager_Title=mobiGlas – Contract Manager
Tut01_Hint03_HungerThirst_Title=Hunger & Thirst
Tut01_Hint04_InteractionMode_Title=Interaction Mode
Tut01_Hint05_InteractionModeColours=Items with a blue highlight can be interacted with
Tut01_Hint05_InteractionModeColours_Title=Interaction Mode
Tut01_Hint06_EatAndDrink_Title=Interaction Mode
Tut02_Hint00_Medal_Title=Interaction Mode – Storing Items
Tut02_Hint01_OpenDoor_Title=Interaction Mode – Quick Press
Tut02_Hint02_Sprint_Title=Controls – Basic Movement
Tut02_Hint03_Elevator_Title=Interaction Mode – Elevators
Tut02_Hint03a_GroundFloor_Title=Interaction Mode – Elevators
Tut02_Hint03b_SeeMap_Title=Navigational Signs
Tut02_Hint04_RunSpeed_Title=Controls – Basic Movement
Tut02_Hint04a_Kiosks_Title=Controls – Shopping
Tut02_Hint05_CrouchJump_Title=Controls – Basic Movement
Tut03_Part01_Hint00a_Chat_Title=Basic Controls – Chat
Tut03_Part01_Hint00b_Signage_Title=Navigational Signs
Tut03_Part01_Hint00d_Advocacy_Title=The Advocacy
Tut03_Part01_Hint01_BoardTrain_Title=Cityflight Shuttles
Tut03_Part01_Hint02_ExitTrain_Title=Cityflight Shuttles
Tut03_Part02_Hint01_ToASOP_Title=Fleet Manager Terminals
Tut03_Part02_Hint02_SpawnShip_Title=Fleet Manager
Tut03_Part02_Hint03_ToHangar_Title=Ship Hangar
Tut03_Part02_Hint04_BoardShip_Title=Vehicle – Entry
Tut03_Part02_Hint05_PilotSeat_Title=Vehicle – Pilot’s Seat
Tut03_Part02_Hint06_PowerOn_Title=Basic Controls – Ship Flight
Tut03_Part02_Hint07_RequestTakeOff_Title=Air Traffic Control
Tut03_Part02_Hint08_TakeOff_Title=Ship Flight – Basic Movement
Tut03_Part02_Hint10_RaiseLandingGear_Title=Ship Flight – Landing Gear
Tut03_Part02_Hint11_FlightSpeed_Title=Ship Flight – Velocity
Tut03_Part02_Hint12_MaintainSpeed_Title=Ship Flight – Cruise Control
Tut03_Part02_Hint13_Boost_Title=Ship Flight – Afterburners
Tut03_Part02_Hint14_F4_Title=Camera POV – Third Person
Tut03_Part02_Hint14_MouseLook_Title=Basic Controls – Free Look
Tut03_Part03_Hint01_EnterQT_Title=Ship Flight – Quantum Travel
Tut03_Part03_Hint02_ExitQT_Title=Ship Flight – Quantum Travel
Tut03_Part03_Hint03_RequestLanding_Title=Air Traffic Control
Tut03_Part03_Hint04_ApproachBaijini_Title=Ship Flight – Landing
Tut03_Part03_Hint05_LowerLandingGear_Title=Ship Flight – Landing
Tut03_Part03_Hint06_Landing_Title=Ship Flight – Landing
Tut03_Part03_Hint07_ExitSeat_Title=Ship Flight – Landing
Tut03_Part03_Hint08_TakeElevator_Title=Baijini Point
Tut03_Part03_Hint09_UseASOP_Title=Fleet Manager Terminals

Item Description

item_Descbanu_melee_01_blue01=Manufacturer: Banu\nItem Type: Knife\nClass: Melee\n\nSize: 16 cm\n\nHoned to a razor-fine edge, the Pambada knife has a wide range of applications. The serrated edge is great for cutting through soft and flexible materials like ropes or fabrics while the gut hook can be used to overcome tougher resistance. The sharpened angular point of the blade ensures the Pambada can still pierce, rounding out the weapon’s versatile toolset. It is made with the same rust-resistant, ultra-sharp metal alloy found in other Banu knives and features an intricately detailed handle of distinctively Banu origin.
item_Descbanu_melee_01_green01=Manufacturer: Banu\nItem Type: Knife\nClass: Melee\n\nSize: 16 cm\n\nThe Zogo knife is prized among many soulis for its versatility and cutting edge. The strong tip and wide belly of the blade make the Zogo knife particularly durable, a crucial feature in survival situations in which this blade excels. The special metal alloy used in the knife’s design is also rust-resistant and remains ultra-sharp even after extensive use while the intricately detailed handle gives it a distinctly Banu style and provides texture to ensure a tight grip.
item_Descbanu_melee_01_red01=Manufacturer: Banu\nItem Type: Knife\nClass: Melee\n\nSize: 16 cm\n\nA brutally effective product of Banu engineering, the Myuda knife is a vicious weapon designed for leaving wounds that won’t heal easily. The special metal alloy used in the construction of the blade is rust-resistant and remains ultra-sharp even after extensive use. The intricately detailed handle gives it a distinctly Banu style and provides texture to ensure a tight grip.
item_Namebanu_melee_01_blue01=Pambada Knife
item_Namebanu_melee_01_green01=Zogo Knife
item_Namebanu_melee_01_red01=Myuda Knife


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