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Star Citizen | Alpha 3.22 Patch Watch | Quality of Life

Hello everyone,

In our Patch Watch series, we highlight upcoming features, improvements, and fixes not presented on the Public Roadmap.
This time, as we approach the release of Star Citizen Alpha 3.22, we’re diving into upcoming quality-of-life improvements.
As always, thanks for your feedback that made many of these possible!

We’ll publish a second Patch Watch next week, focusing on system design, vehicles, and more.

  • Tractor/Towing UI Updates
    • We have made several UI positional changes to improve readability when using the feature. These include: deflection flipped in the SRV cockpit, range bar ease factor, target name above status, force bar fixes (including centering force), throttle/gimbal widgets hidden in turrets, towing UI scale-up, improved marked feedback for turret orientation, improved perspective on the radar plane, and range-bar readability improvements. Happy beaming!
  • Fixed NPCs falling through stairs and floors in the underground facilities
  • Put in further fixes to help resolve wheeled ground vehicles continuously vibrating when stationary in atmo
  • Frontend Style Updates
    • Updated menu title text, colors, and logos. Updated button styles and button state changes (idle/over/down/disabled), added messaging and UI info for Friends/Party/Notification lists. Updated secondary title type size (ex: primary residence and current location titles).
  • Fixed an issue causing entities such as cargo boxes to slide on all ship lifts during animation
  • Procedural Weapon Recoil and FPS Combat Balance
    • Introduction of procedural weapon aim recoil to FPS combat. With this update, we have overhauled the recoil of the majority of the weapons to use the new and improved procedural recoil tool shown at CitizenCon. This will improve the diversity of the weapon sandbox, allowing each weapon to fulfill a more specific and niche role whilst allowing for more intense visual recoil. Overall, you will find greater variety in how weapons play and feel, including weapons having consistent recoil patterns and the removal of ADS spread.
  • Full Weapon Reworks
    • The Arclight pistol has had a full rework and is now a burst pistol with an alt single-fire mode. The LH86 pistol is now fully automatic.
  • Fire Rate Changes
    • Demenco, S71, and P4AR have all been reworked to increase their fire rates. Lumin V’s burst delay has been decreased.
  • Force Reaction Updates
    • Forces have been tweaked across a range of weapons to make knockdowns only occur in situations where it’s felt they should occur. This should appear as an overall reduction in staggers and knockdowns.
  • Other changes to weapons include
    • Balancing to sniper rifles to avoid players in heavy armor being one-shot when hit by a sniper rifle while still allowing this to happen to players wearing medium armor.
  • Adjustments to player health, damage modifiers, and medical to increase time to kill (TTK)
    • This is, overall the first major pass toward a new TTK goal. The FPS team is eager to hear feedback about how you feel about the current values.
  • ► FPS Damage modifiers
    • Adjustments to allow for more consistent firefights and times. Removed increased stamina costs on limb HP pools being low. Removed movement speed penalty on limb HP pools being low. Medical Pens will now fully heal players.

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