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Star Citizen | Jump Point Issue 12-02 April 2024

Welcome to April’s Jump Point!

You might’ve noticed we pushed this issue a week to better align with Alpha 3.23, as we’re detailing some of the patch’s new features and releases and didn’t want to spoil anything. Like everyone else at CIG, we’re at the mercy of the build and appreciate your understanding as we push closer to Alpha 4.0. Having roamed around the studio to see what’s coming in the next year and beyond, there’s A LOT to look forward to this year, and it’ll definitely be worth the wait. Anyway, back to this month’s issue: Firstly, to coincide with the latest release, we spoke to Gabriel Hector about his work on the all-new Character Customizer, including some interesting insights into how the new system works and how it relates to Squadron 42. Then, we’re digging through the Ship team’s hard drives to share the development of the new Mirai Pulse hoverbike. Arguably one of the coolest vehicles we’ve released for a while, it could’ve taken a dramatically different route at concept. Check out the early designs to see what could’ve been! The Narrative team is back with more exclusive lore, this time sharing the turbulent origins of the Interstellar Transport Guild, including missing haulers and deep political corruption. Finally, Weekly Star snags an exclusive interview with Andolyn Melvin, the infamous Shot to the Heart Killer. Thanks a lot for your continued support of Star Citizen.

We’ll see you again in June!


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