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This Week in Star Citizen 31/2022

Happy Monday, everyone!

Star Citizen: Alpha 3.17.2 is now LIVE! Explore derelict Reclaimers, take on a new variety of service beacons, and tackle our new dynamic event, the Siege of Orison, all included in our latest update. Thanks to all of you who helped test on the PTU, submitted Issue Council Reports, and provided feedback. We couldn’t have done it without you! We also wanted to take a moment to both recognize and reward the most stalwart of citizens who went the extra mile during 3.17.2’s testing phases. Head over to our Test Universe Champions Comm-Link for details, and join us in congratulating the recipients! (I’m one of this Champions)

Our next set of dynamic events has kicked off, and you’ve already done spectacularly pushing back against the Siege of Orison. There’s more money to be made, however, as Jumptown has reopened once again! For the full event schedule for the rest of this week and next, head over to the Spectrum announcement, and check out the Siege of Orison landing page for details on our newest dynamic event. 

Plus, while you’re sticking it to the Nine Tails, take some actions shots and submit them for a chance to win some awesome prizes! Check out the Siege of Orison Screenshot Contest overview for details. 

We also wanted to update you on the rewards you all have earned during Foundation Festival. Distribution of both the paints and the hats will begin tomorrow, with the process running throughout the rest of the week. You’ll see your rewards in your hangars shortly! For more information on Foundation Festival and the rewards for using the Guide System during the event, head over to our Foundation Festival landing page.

Now, let’s see what’s going on this week:

On Tuesday, the Narrative Team has the latest from Observist Lifestyle in this week’s Lore Post. Observist Lifestyle meets the founder of an organization that wants to turn Pyro into paradise.

Wednesday has the latest Roadmap Update, paired with all of the details in a Roadmap Roundup post. Plus, July’s Monthly Reports will release, with the PU’s coming as a comm-link and Squadron 42’s via newsletter.

Thursday’s episode of Inside Star Citizen is all about racing in the ‘verse, taking a look at recent additions for Stanton’s speedsters as well as a look into the near future of racing in Star Citizen.

This Friday, Star Citizen Live has the VFX team on the show creating new visual effects while taking feedback from the viewers in a Gamedev episode, broadcasting at 8am Pacific / 3pm UTC. You’ll also catch our weekly RSI Newsletter delivered to your inbox, and Subscribers can look forward to an update to the Subscriber Vault.

Have a fantastic week!

Jake Bradley
Community Manager


MONDAY, August 1, 2022

  • This Week in Star Citizen

TUESDAY, August 2, 2022

  • Lore Post – Citizens for Pyro

WEDNESDAY, August 3, 2022

  • Roadmap Update
  • Roadmap Roundup
  • July 2022 PU Monthly Report
  • July 2022 SQ42 Monthly Report Newsletter

THURSDAY, August 4, 2022

  • Inside Star Citizen

FRIDAY, August 5, 2022


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