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Star Citizen | Crusader Industries Spirit

Quality, liberty, and the pursuit of a more equitable Empire; just a few of the tenets that make Crusader Industries a true force of good in an often-unstable universe.

Now, Crusader casts its net of unity even further with the Spirit series, a commitment to provide civilians with the versatility to tackle multiple roles and multi-faceted jobs.

The A1 Spirit is equipped with a bespoke ordnance system loaded with a payload of ten bombs.

The C1 Spirit is tuned for hauling, with the ability to transport large volumes of freight or small vehicles.

The E1 Spirit redefines executive travel with VIP accommodations and panoramic viewing portholes.

However, its flexible design allows for a degree of improvisation that makes the Spirit the perfect everyday ship without sacrificing any of the functionality of a dedicated career vessel.

Through commerce and cooperation, we can make this great expanse feel a little smaller. Crusader invites you to embody the heart and soul of the galaxy itself and join us in forging a brighter future.


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