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Star Citizen | RSI Galaxy

Brand new large ship from RSI: the Galaxy.

Manufacturer: RSI
Focus: Modular
Featuring a fully modular design and an onboard hangar capable of deploying small ships, the cutting-edge Galaxy has versatility built into its DNA with a highly configurable main cabin that can be outfitted with comprehensive facilities to support cargo, medical, or refining operations.

  • RSI’s Larger version of the constellation made modern.
  • Modularity allows for a choice of role with a focus on industry over combat.
  • Multi-crew weaponry and shields ensure safety in hazardous situations.
  • Modules include weaponry/refueling/medical/transport/and will expand in the future. It holds a crew of 6, has a SCU count of 32, and is equipped with a Size 3 shield.
  • 3 Size 5 turrets and 2 Size four missiles. Includes a Xtra small hangar for bikes.
  • The ship can be described as an industrial Perseus with heavy Constellation influences. Around Carrack size.
  • Ship modules take up enough space in which 512 SCU is how much cargo expands to with the cargo module.
  • No snub.
  • In development. Not purely concept.
  • Planned around Stanton/Pyro gameplay.

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