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Star Citizen | CitizenCon 2952 Digital Goodies Pack

Greetings Citizens!

It’s time once again to celebrate all things Star Citizen, most importantly YOU, the community who makes everything in this universe possible. As a thank you for helping us build the best damn community in gaming, we’re gifting the CitizenCon 2952 Digital Goodies Pack for FREE to all backers (as of October 8, 2022). We’ll start distributing the items listed below to your web hangars on October 8th, but distribution will be in waves – so if you don’t see the items show up right away, hang tight, they will show up soon.

Note: The weapon and armor set will be available in-game in Star Citizen Alpha 3.18!

Digital Goodies Pack

  • Francis the Party Animal Plushie
  • Frontier Jumpsuit
  • Frontier Behring Grenade Launcher

For more information on everything Digital CitizenCon, visit the official CitizenCon website:


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