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Star Citizen | Roadmap Roundup – March 10, 2024

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

Every two weeks, we accompany the Roadmap update with a brief explanatory note to give you insight into the decision-making that led to any changes. This is part of an effort to make our communications more transparent, more specific, and more insightful for all of you who help to make Star Citizen and Squadron 42 possible.

With that said, let’s go ahead and dive into this week’s Roadmap Roundup!

-CIG Community Team

Notable Changes for March 20, 2024

Release View

Unique Item Recovery

After careful review, our team has concluded that this feature would benefit from additional development time. Therefore, we’re updating its card on Release View accordingly. We expect this feature to return to the Roadmap very soon, and in the meantime, Item Banks remain on track for Alpha 3.23 and will remain in place.

The following features have passed their final review. Therefore we are changing their status to Committed on Release View for the Alpha 3.23.0 update:

New Character Customizer

Implementing an overhaul of the player character creator for Star Citizen, including a new user interface and additional customization options.

Reputation – Hostility

Updating the reputation system so that players can affect their long-term standing with in-game organizations via means outside of missions, such as reduction of reputation for killing a member of that faction. AI belonging to certain factions will react differently based on their reputation with you. Being an ally provides the player benefits, such as more generous friendly-fire thresholds and providing medical aid. Being an enemy will mean harsher friendly-fire thresholds and may result in an attack on sight. Lawful organizations will not attack on sight as long as they’re in a monitored zone, whereas unlawful factions will attack on sight no matter what. This is the foundation which allows players to become allies with in-world criminal factions and enables places like Grim Hex to enforce their own law.

Dynamic Crosshair

Combat helmets now support the dynamic crosshair which allows for quicker target acquisition in close-quarter situations.

The following card has been added to Release View:

Anvil Hornet F7C MkII

Building, balancing, and implementing Anvil’s premier fighter, the Hornet F7C MkII, into the game.

That’s all for this week!


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