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Star Citizen | Anvil Aerospace C8R Pisces Rescue

Manufacturer: Anvil Aerospace
Focus: Medical
With the addition of an onboard Tier 3 Medical Bed, the C8R Pisces can treat minor injuries and keep a patient stable while transporting them to the safety of a larger ship, station, or nearby medical facility, making it an invaluable asset for short-range search and rescue.

ROLE: Medical
CAREER: Support
BODY: 1 500 hp
NOSE: 250 hp
TOTAL: 3 250 hp
DIMENSIONS: 12 x 16 x 8 m
MASS: 48 143 kg
SPEED: 164 m/s
MAX PITCH/YAW/ROLL: 42 / 44 / 145 deg/s

Anvil C8R Pisces Q&A

Now that the Anvil C8R Pisces has been added to the ‘verse, we posed a few questions to the vehicle team about the new entry-level ship for medical and rescue gameplay. Here are the answers, straight from the designers themselves.

What are the C8R’s advantages and disadvantages compared to the Cutlass Red?

The C8R is a much smaller ship with smaller components, meaning the general operational cost will be lower as the components are cheaper to maintain. It can also fit inside most ships with a designated hangar, making it a fantastic addition to some of the larger ships in the game. However, due to the smaller components, the C8R is more vulnerable to attack than the Cutlass Red.

Is the Pisces C8 a modular ship or is the C8R a variant?

The C8, C8R, and C8X are specific variants of the Pisces.

What ships can the C8R fit inside?

The C8R is an XXS (Size 1) ship, so will fit inside any ship with a hangar that size or larger. Naturally, it fits in the Carrack, as the base ship was designed around it.

Are there weapon and armor racks on board?

There are no weapon or armor racks on board, only personal storage for the crew and patient.

One of the C8R’s intended purposes is medical extraction in hostile situations and combat. How well-armored is it?

The ship is armored to the same level as the other Pisces variants. Instead of heavier armor, it relies on its speed and size to avoid the bulk of incoming fire.

How does the C8R compare to the C8 and C8X in terms of maneuverability and speed?

The C8R is slightly faster in a straight line, with some extra power being provided to the thrusters over the other variants. This is to aid in getting to patients quicker as well as getting out of hostile situations faster.

Does the C8R retain the jump seats from the base Pisces?

To make space for the medical stations, one of the jump seats was removed, though one remains to allow a crew member to care for any patients in transit.

How does the signature of the Pisces C8R compare to other variants when being scanned?

As the core components are the same and the medical bed doesn’t currently consume power and create emissions, the C8R is the same as the other variants.

Other than the med bed, what other medical equipment does the C8R have on board?

The C8R’s medical capabilities are confined solely to the medical bed.

Will the med bed affect power usage?

Currently, the med bed does not use the ship’s power systems. However, it will require ship power and other resources to operate in the future.

Can players use the C8R’s med bed as a respawn point?

The C8R has a tier 3 medical bed, so it cannot be used as a spawn point. Only higher-tier med beds have this feature.

Does the C8R have any special features to better withstand or evade incoming defensive fire from ground positions as compared to the base Pisces?

The C8R has the same defensive capabilities as the base Pisces.

As it can be difficult to respond to a medical beacon on the dark side of a moon or planet, could you tell us more about the headlights, and do they differ from the standard Pisces?

The C8R has the same headlights as the other Pisces variants.

Does the Pisces C8R have ground-facing landing lights that can be controlled by the pilot?

It does not. The setup for lighting outside of the flashing lights is the same across the Pisces family.

Are there any flashy, blinking lights or sirens as you would expect on an ambulance?

Like other emergency-service ships, the C8R comes with a pair of flashy blinking lights to make your presence known.


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