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Star Citizen | Alpha 3.18 Patch Watch | Continuing Lawlessness

Following our first Alpha 3.18 Patch Watch last week, we’re following up with more fixes and improvements you’ll experience in the ‘verse soon. Many adjustments flow into the build each quarter, often based on your feedback and Issue Council reports. This week, we reached out to the Mission Feature Team to give you a sneak peek of how they incorporated your feedback.

Quality of Life Adjustments:

  • When at platinum bays, players will only see ships they can spawn at the platinum bay – no more scrolling and guessing.
  • When reconnecting a comm-array, players can now cancel the reconnection if they choose to allow illegal players to retake the location and ensure that lawlessness continues.
  • Changed some fundamentals of how spawn closets work. For example, NPCs will no longer be deleted when they stream out and will instead be tied to the streaming manager. This should help fix missing NPCs in missions.
  • Fixed an issue with locations sharing names when they should be unique (we had two unlawful UGFs called NT-999-XVI, which was causing confusion when accepting missions).
  • Fixed an issue where really long crime names would stretch into the date and overlap when using the Criminal Database.
  • Fixed an issue where the Comm Array Repair mission wouldn’t be regenerated due to settings based on the mission record.
  • Fixed an issue where some of the derelict items wouldn’t spawn, preventing derelict missions. We have changed them to use new tech as the server was taking some time to send certain events, which made them look like they didn’t work.
  • Changed the arrival distance to Security Post Kareah when quantum traveling, so you should now arrive closer than before.
  • Fixed up the surface relay mission as there were issues where the terminal wouldn’t pop out of the relay.
  • Added voice line packs to security so they feel more alive.
  • Fixed various issues with Siege of Orison. This included fixing an issue where dialogue would play when players entered a ship being used in an event and changing the way shipping containers spawn so that they are not always at the location.
  • Changed how some of the objectives work in the Prisoner Transport missions so they are more structured and make sense.
  • Updated missions to allow non-lethal takedowns to count towards mission progression. This will work for a lot of missions but not all (Underground Facility, Orison Island missions, etc.).
  • Fixed issues with the Oxygen Kiosk mission where it wouldn’t pick the correct oxygen kiosk.
  • Made the blackspot ignore the comm array overview so players can commit crimes in this zone and get away with it.
  • Added prison-based loot to the AI inhabiting prison caves.
  • Added a platinum bay to Barton Flats so players can go there after escaping the prison.

Air Traffic Control

  • Air traffic control will now clean up debris on a landing pad/port when that pad is assigned for use.


  • Fixed an issue where criminals can press charges against lawful players who snared them.
  • Fixed an issue where the gunner of a vehicle can give the pilot a CrimeStat for attacking an AI vehicle.
  • Medpens won’t give CrimeStats when used on others.
  • Fixed an issue where if a player rams a stationary unmanned ship and is killed, they can press charges against the owner of the empty ship.
  • Fixed an issue where an aggressor can crash into an innocent person’s ship and then press charges for vehicle damage.
  • Fixed an issue where players with crimes who have infiltrated the prison can wipe their crimes by getting in the release lift. (Thanks, Citizen Kate).
  • Modified the Call to Arms mission to respect CrimeStats.
  • Changed it so CrimeStat 1 and 2 won’t cause the player to be arrested or denied landing.

That’s all for this Patch Watch. Stay tuned for another one coming soon.

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