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Star Citizen | CitizenCon 2953 Part One

In this post we indicate all the information retrieved from the Star Citizen CitizenCon Part One Chris Roberts on stage. SHAPING THE ‘VERSE – THE FUTURE OF STARENGINE FIX IT & FLY IT TALKING SHIP 2953 NAVIGATING THE UNIVERSE

Star Citizen Alpha 3.20.0a LIVE.8717119-8719336 Client/Server Hotfix

A hotfix for Alpha Patch 3.20.0b has been released and is now available on the LIVE environment! Patch should now show: VERSION 3.20.0-LIVE.8717119 with hotfixed servers showing 8717119-8717336. It is strongly recommended that players delete their USER and Shader folders for the Public client after… Read More »Star Citizen Alpha 3.20.0a LIVE.8717119-8719336 Client/Server Hotfix

Star Citizen RSI Launcher 1.6.5 Release Notes

Today we’re releasing the RSI Launcher 1.6.5. This is a hot fix version in order to correct an issue related to analytics data.    FIXED: If you find any bugs on that RSI launcher 1.6.5. There is a category in Issue Council called “RSI Launcher 1.6.5”.

Star Citizen RSI Launcher 1.6.2 Release Notes

Today we’re giving you access to the updated version of the RSI Launcher 1.6.2 that contains the following changes:   NEW:   FIXED:   If you experiment any unexpected behavior please create an issue through issue council using the category 1.6.2: [LINUX USERS]While we don’t officially support Linux… Read More »Star Citizen RSI Launcher 1.6.2 Release Notes

Star Citizen Alpha 3.18 Leaks

In this post we summarize all the leaks, photos, videos and patch notes of Star Citizen Patch 3.18. Last Update: 01/12/2022 Ore 21:00 UTC Index: Locations Daymar Crash Site New Rivers in Stanton Sand Cave Archetype Greycat PTV Race Track Race Track Gameplay Cargo System Refactor Arena Commander: Classic Race Mode Overhaul Sandbox Prison… Read More »Star Citizen Alpha 3.18 Leaks