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Star Citizen Alpha 3.18 – Upcoming Patches

Greetings everyone,

We want to provide a quick update on what to expect in the upcoming releases. Our initial goal was to avoid the need to wipe the database for the upcoming point patches. However, due to the current state of Alpha 3.18’s database and the numerous hotfixes we’ve implemented since 3.18 went live (more than 50!), we have concluded that a couple of full wipes (aUEC, items, and reputation) will be necessary to further improve and stabilize the service.

For those interested in what’s going on under the hood, alongside a myriad of changes that shook up our database, we uncovered an issue with the Identity Service related to Player IDs, which was revealed through the error 40014 that some of you may be encountering. While we’ve resolved this issue and many others like it, we’ll still require a wipe to get all of our cogs and wheels back into the right place.

For both Alpha 3.18.1 and 3.18.2, we will perform these wipes alongside a hearty list of improvements and optimizations, which will hopefully make your gaming experience much smoother.

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3.18.1 OPEN PTU

3.18.1 LIVE

3.18.2 OPEN PTU


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