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This Week in Star Citizen 39/2023

Happy Monday, everyone!

We’re less than three weeks away from our biggest CitizenCon event yet, and the excitement is palpable! After four years, we can’t wait to see you at the return of our in-person celebration of all things Star Citizen and, most importantly, YOU, the community! There are still some tickets available, so be sure to pick them up here before they run out. For everyone who can’t make it out to L.A., you can still be part of the celebrations and enjoy the show live on Don’t forget that you can also snag some swag in this year’s Digital Goodies Pack! To help you best prepare for the show, we’ve put together a nifty Pocket Guide. More information on this upcoming epic two-day event, including the event schedule, event map, and more, is just around the corner, so keep an eye out.

Last Friday, we rolled out Alpha 3.21 to the PTU, alongside some messaging to give more details on what to expect for this upcoming patch cycle. The PTU is currently accessible by all waves, so you can hop in and try it for yourself now. 

On the Alpha 3.20 front, we’re aware that some of you may still be encountering issues with connectivity and/or gameplay. While we have rolled out some fixes that have squashed many of these bugs, the team is hard at work on additional fixes to get things running smoothly as quickly as possible. If you’re encountering issues, check out the Known Issues List, as it highlights not only the top-known problems but also any known workarounds or related updates. It’s also likely that the issues you’re experiencing are already reported on the Issue Council, so be sure to contribute to these existing reports or submit a bug report of your own.

In other news, the community has spoken, and we have listened. Master Modes: Free Flight will be enabled indefinitely and excluded from the Arena Commander Experimental Mode Schedule rotation. As it has special significance to Star Citizen’s future, we want it to be accessible to you at all times. As always, we look forward to your valued feedback, so don’t forget to share your input.

Now, let’s see what’s going on this week:

This Tuesday, we’ll publish the Subscriber Monthly Newsletter and Subscriber Comm-Link. 

Wednesday will be a day of developmental updates with our bi-weekly Roadmap Update and the complementary Roadmap Roundup, as well as the September Monthly Reports for both Star Citizen and Squadron 42. Don’t forget to subscribe to the Squadron 42 newsletter here.

On ThursdayInside Star Citizen will be back with a Sprint Report and more, concluding the season before it takes its scheduled hiatus. Speaking of sprint, what would you run away from? That’s right, a whole month of terror awaits as our Day of the Vara celebrations begin!

Wrapping up the week on Friday, you’ll find our weekly RSI Newsletter directly delivered to your inbox. There won’t be an episode of Star Citizen Live this week but the stream will return next Friday.

P.S. This Saturday, our friends at XGR will be celebrating their two-year anniversary, and they’re inviting you to join in the racing festivities at the Lorville Outskirts track. Bring your Origin 300 series ships for a winding good time; the starting pistol goes off at 18:00 UTC/11 am Pacific!

Saturday also marks the launch of the ‘Verse at War event, where 100 Spanish- and French-speaking community members will engage in a massive space battle and put some ships through their paces starting at 19:00 UTC/12 pm Pacific.

Fly low, and fly fast!

Freyja Vanadis

Associate Community Manager



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Arena Commander Experimental Mode Schedule

This week’s rotation features the Nova-only free-for-all mode, Tank Royale. Storm Arena Commander with your tonk from October 1 to October 7 and claim battlefield supremacy!

October 1 – October 7 ► Tank Royale

October 7 – October 15 ► Single Weapon Elimination & Mirror Match

October 15 – October 21 ► Team Tank Battle

October 19 – November 2 ► Gun Rush

October 29 – November 2 ► Master ModesVanduul Swarm

November 2 – November 5 ► Master ModesEndless Vanduul Swarm and Duel


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