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This Week in Star Citizen 03/2023

Happy Monday, everyone!

Red Festival is fully underway! Celebrate the coming of the Year of the Rooster in 2953 with contests, new paints, and ways to earn tons of aUEC in the ‘verse. Plus, the Nine Tails are back in Crusader space, and the CDF needs your help repelling the Siege of Orison in the return of this dynamic event. For all the details, head over to the Lunar New Year landing page.

This past weekend, the filthiest race in the ‘verse kicked off their fourth annual event, the Daymar Rally: the largest in-game community-organized racing event. This year was the biggest one yet, with over 1,000 people taking part, including racers, security teams, refuelers, and support staff. We’ll know the results of the race soon, but we wanted to shout out everyone at ATMO esports for putting on the event every year, the amazing commentators, all of the participants, and the thousands of you that tuned in to watch the broadcast. 

On the Alpha 3.18 front, our team is laser-focused on getting the PTU open to a wider audience ahead of a live release as quickly as possible. We’ll have more updates very soon!

Now, let’s see what’s going on this week:

Tuesday’s Lore Post is titled Portfolio: Rise of the Red Festival. Originally appearing in Jump Point 10.1, this portfolio is a look at how the discovery of the Davien system helped launch a holiday focused on Earth’s lunisolar cycle into the stars.

On Wednesday, we’ll be reposting last week’s Squadron 42 Monthly Report newsletter as a Comm-Link.

Inside Star Citizen returns this Thursday with the Turbulent Environment folks from our Montreal Studio as we discuss new derelict locations coming to Alpha 3.19, plus a check-in with current progress on the upcoming Lorville landing zone redux, first seen at last year’s CitizenCon 2952.

This Friday brings with it the return of Star Citizen Live with special guests, Live Game Director Todd Papy and Development Director Guillaume Voghel to talk All About Alpha 3.18. That show will begin live on Twitch at 9am Pacific, 5pm UTC. We’ll also open a question thread on Spectrum for this week’s episode, so make sure to get your queries in!

Have a fantastic week, everyone!

Jake Bradley
Community Manager



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