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This Week in Star Citizen 06/2024

Happy Monday, everyone!

In case you missed it last week, our weekly shows have returned with an epic splash! In an effort to shake things up, we offered an early preview of what’s in store for this season on Inside Star Citizen in the recent live episode of Star Citizen Live. We divulged our upcoming feature list for Alpha 3.23, with Jared managing to beat me to the punch for the upcoming roadmap update. Missed the show? Check out the VOD to catch up on what’s coming!

we’re thrilled to announce that both Red Festival and Coramor will kick off this week – yes, concurrently! Whether you’re ringing in the new year or celebrating new love, we have numerous ways for you to immerse yourself in the festivities. Additionally, a Free Fly and Referral Bonus are launching too, making this an opportune moment to dive into the ‘verse with a friend.

Last but certainly not least, we had an incredible time visiting the Spanish community in Barcelona last weekend. The energy and passion was absolutely off the charts. We’d like to congratulate the organizers for putting together such an epic event, and thank them for welcoming us! Oh, and when we say it was a high energy event… we mean it!

Now, let’s see what’s going on this week:

This Tuesday, Subscribers will get their monthly update via Comm-Link and Newsletter.

On Wednesday, the Roadmap Updates return! We’ll have our first update of the year with our usual accompanying Roundup. Also on Wednesday, we’ll publish January’s Monthly Reports, with the Squadron 42 report arriving via newsletter.

Thursday, Inside Star Citizen takes a detour on our Road to Alpha 3.23 and explores the ever expanding role of Branding in our persistent universe, and how it’s being used to shape and conform not just the way our developers work, but corporate and faction life in the Stanton and Pyro systems respectively.

Thursday also kicks off not one, but TWO events for Star Citizen. Celebrate the new year with love as both Red Festival and Coramor begin! These events also kick off our next Free Fly and Referral Bonuses, so its the perfect time to get your friends, your family, your pets, and your mailman into the game!

On Friday, Star Citizen Live returns to the classic Meet the Devs format to discuss the personal history of two of our most tenured executives: Chief Publishing Officer John Erskine and Vice President of Corporate Technology Mike Jones LIVE and in studio, where they’ll share stories about themselves and from CIG’s earliest days. Jared says it’s about as far from last week’s show as you can imagine, so take that as you will. We’ll also deliver our Weekly Newsletter to your inboxes.

May your heart be your guiding key,

Jake Bradley

Community Manager

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