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This Week in Star Citizen 20/2023

Happy Monday, everyone!

We hope you’re all enjoying this year’s Invictus Launch Week! We’ve seen a tremendous amount of creative content flood the newly-created Invictus Event in the Community Hub, which has been enthusiastically circulating throughout our offices! As a reminder, we’re running a new screenshot contest every 2 days, so there’s plenty of chances to win!

We’d like to note that we’re aware of several issues some of you are encountering, such as ASOP unresponsiveness, difficulties connecting, and an issue that results in infinite inventory loading. We have a potential solution that we’re looking to hotfix very soon to help with the inventory bug, and the team is focused on the remaining issues, including those preventing login. We greatly appreciate your patience and support; your Issue-Council reports have been extremely valuable! We’ll update you with more information as soon as we have it.

This past weekend, members of the team joined the community for their annual BE@Con event in Belgium, and what an incredible event it was! Thanks again for having us! And of course, have an event coming up? Be sure to let the community team know, and we might just come and visit!

Now, let’s see what’s going on this week:

Tuesday the Narrative Team gives us their latest Portfolio, this time on Invictus Launch Week, first appearing in Jump Point issue 10.05. Explore the history of Invictus from its practical origins during the First Tevarin War through its exploitation by the Messer to the current incarnation of the event. 

Thursday’s Inside Star Citizen continues our coverage of Invictus Launch Week with the latest from Roberts Space Industries and Tumbril Land Systems. Phoenix pilots, rejoice! The Ursa’s fancier sibling is on its way.

FridayStar Citizen Live returns with an All Ships Roundtable with your favorite Vehicle Team. Get your questions into the Spectrum Thread before the broadcast airs on Friday at 9 AM Pacific / 4 PM UTC. You’ll also receive our weekly RSI Newsletter directly delivered to your inbox.

Lastly but not leastly, Saturday has the next race in the community-run Stanton Seven series, this time taking on the BTR PTV Racetrack at the Vision Center. Head over to the ATMO esports website for details.

So say we all!

Jake Bradley
Community Manager


MONDAY, MAY 22, 2023

TUESDAY, MAY 23, 2023

  • Portfolio: Invictus Launch Week – A History
  • Invictus Launch Week (

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FRIDAY, MAY 26, 2023

SATURDAY, MAY 27, 2023


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