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Star Citizen RSI Launcher 1.6.2 Release Notes

Today we’re giving you access to the updated version of the RSI Launcher 1.6.2 that contains the following changes:


  • Updated the Electron framework and associated dependencies.


  • Fixed an issue with Star Citizen Alpha client crash reporting an incorrect OS Version.
  • Fixed an error causing the RSI Launcher to always display the US version of the End User License Agreement.
  • The Issue-Council should now load properly in the RSI Launcher.
  • Various Crash Fixes.

  If you experiment any unexpected behavior please create an issue through issue council using the category 1.6.2:

While we don’t officially support Linux users at this time, we are aware many of you exist: please use this workaround
1. Download RSI-Setup-1.6.2.exe
In Lutris:
2. Run RSI-Setup-1.6.2.exe inside Wine prefix → select the set up.exe
3. Install launcher
4. Configure:
– Game option: Executable →Browse and find the Launcher.exe file( usually: “RSI Launcher.exe” not the setup file)
– Game option: Arguments = –no-sandbox
– System options: enable Advanced => Enable CLI mode

IF it is your first Install of the game create manually the 2 folders “Star Citizen” and “LIVE”(Or “PTU”) to have the following path: Roberts Space Industries\StarCitizen\LIVE (or Roberts Space Industries\StarCitizen\PTU)


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