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This Week in Star Citizen 42/2023

Happy Monday, everyone!

There are no words to convey how incredibly grateful we are to have spent the weekend with you all at CitizenCon. We’ve spent the morning pouring over pictures, videos, recaps, and reviews, and it’s hard not to get emotional. After 4 years away, we couldn’t be more happy to have finally connected with you all in-person again. For those inquiring, we’re working to get the full 4k versions of our presentations uploaded to YouTube as fast as possible.

As Chris shared, we’ve reached an inflection point, and we’re over the moon(s) excited for all the features and content soon to come to the persistent universe. What are you looking forward to most? Let us know on Spectrum!

Also this weekend, we announced the Preview Channel, a new testing environment where we will deploy and test new underlying technology in an isolated environment to protect the reliability and playability of the live service. Make sure to read our full blog post for more details. And of course, get ready for your expedition to Pyro, starting October 31!

Looking back at last week, we updated our New Player Guide and Welcome Back, Pilot pages! If you’re returning to the ‘verse, or arriving for the first time, be sure to check these out to help smooth your first steps into the ‘verse. Note that starting October 19 until October 30, you can also refer a friend to Star Citizen and both of you will receive HoverQuad with Copperhead paint for free!

Now, let’s see what’s going on this week:

Earlier today, we published a Roadmap Roundup with a special focus on Squadron 42. As announced at CitizenCon, Squadron 42 is now feature-complete and has moved into its polishing phase. More specifically, Squadron 42 teams have now divided into strike teams comprised of developers across multiple disciplines, including design, engineering, art, audio, etc. – with the focus of polishing the game ready for an eventual live release. You will now see this reflected on our public-facing Progress Tracker.

This Tuesday, the Narrative team will publish a Whitley’s Guide about the multi-role luxury vessel, the 600i. Are there any fans of Origin Jumpworks here?

Finally, on Friday, our weekly RSI Newsletter will be released in the wilds. Plus, Jump Point magazine is back for Subscribers, this time with a behind-the-scenes look at CitizenCon and some of the new features coming to the PU next year.

a.thl’ē’kol, see you soon,

Lénaïc “Nicou” Riédinger

Community Manager

The Weekly Community Content Schedule


  • This Week in Star Citizen
  • Roadmap Update


  • Lore Post – Whitley’s Guide, Origin 600i


  • Weekly Newsletter
  • Jump Point October Issue


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