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This Week in Star Citizen 18/2023

Happy Monday, everyone!

Last week, Jumptown 2.1 debuted, introducing the newest improvements to our community-inspired dynamic event. Tens of thousands of you flocked to the lucrative drug labs, and the initial data is showing, well… a lot of carnage! Don’t miss out on the fun and jump in today, as the doors close on Jumptown 2.1 tomorrow, May 9 at 1 PM Pacific / 8 PM UTC.

In the meantime, Alpha 3.19 is active on the PTU servers, and we recently opened access to all backers! We invite you to join us in putting the latest Star Citizen patch through its paces, as the UEE Navy is already approaching the Stanton system for Invictus Launch Week 2953.

The biggest event of the year will take place May 19-30, with all of Stanton celebrating Invictus Launch Week. Get ready for epic opportunities to experience the UEE Naval fleet up close and personal. We’ll also launch an exclusive free fly throughout, welcoming new pilots to the ‘verse throughout the event. And for you veteran pilots, this is a great chance to take to the skies in military-themed ships you may haven’t piloted before. 

For the next stop on the Bar Citizen World Tour, we look forward to joining you for a fun event in Sacramento! So if you’re also in town this Sunday, May 14, and ready for good drinks and great times, be sure to stop by!

And last but not least, System 7, by Atmo Esports, kicks off race #4 of this spectacular annual event this Saturday. Cloud Chasers will hit the streets on the Residential Platform of Orison, creating a high-speed course that could bump racers to their demise.

The multitude of weekly player-driven events reflects our players’ unwavering creativity, making this community unique and outstanding. We invite you to share your public events with all of us on Spectrum and the Community Hub.

Now, let’s see what’s going on this week:

On Tuesday, the narrative team is back with the latest issue of Whitley’s Guide, providing you with all the background information on the trusted MISC Prospector.

Wednesday, we’ll repost last week’s Squadron 42 monthly report newsletter as a Comm-Link.

Thursday, we’re back with another episode of Inside Star Citizen following the latest Star Citizen developments, this time with a special spotlight on the unique and diverse settlements coming to the ‘verse soon, and more!

On Friday, there will be another episode of Star Citizen Live, which will air at 8am Pacific / 3am UTC. Keep your eyes open for more details to come. Furthermore, you’ll find our weekly RSI Newsletter directly delivered to your inbox.

Have a stellar week both in and out of the ‘verse!

Christian Schmitt aka Wayne-CIG
Community Manager


MONDAY, MAY 8, 2023

  • This Week In Star Citizen

TUESDAY, MAY 9, 2023

  • Lore Post: Whitley’s Guide: MISC Prospector


  • April 2023 SQ42 Report Comm-Link

THURSDAY,  MAY 11, 2023

FRIDAY,  MAY 12, 2023

SATURDAY,  MAY 13, 2023

  • System 7 Racing League Race #4 Cloud Chasers (System 7)

SUNDAY,  MAY 14, 2023

  • Bar Citizen World Tour Event Sacramento, CA


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