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Star Citizen – 3.18.1 Partial Wipe

Hi all,

Adding a few important notes. While a partial wipe is always possible with 3.18.1, if we were to encounter some catastrophic issue, we do not currently expect to wipe. However, in the event that it does appear necessary, I want to assure you that your hard-earned aUEC and reputation would remain intact. The only items that would be affected are the ones obtained through in-game purchases or looting. 

Fortunately, I have some good news to share as well. Even though ships purchased in-game would be wiped, our system would still retain the necessary information to allow us to remember them and restore them to you in a future update. 

I’d like to reiterate that the execution of a partial wipe is currently not expected. If that ever changes, we will promptly update you to keep you informed.


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