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This Week in Star Citizen 26/2023

Happy Monday, everyone!

The team is back from visiting three incredible community-organized Bar Citizen events in Asia. First, Shanghai put on a massive event, with nearly 1,700 attendees. The event also debuted Community Booths, a massive model fleet, including the famous Retribution, screenshot gallery, Carrack VR experience, and so much more. In fact, it was the largest Star Citizen gathering to date, with more attendees than any CitizenCon event (so far)!

In Hong Kong, the community welcomed attendees in a venue set to immerse guests into Orison, Crusader. Pink clouds, the classic Orison background music, waving Crusader flags, and more. The best part? The incredibly kind community, who made all of us feel very welcome. And lastly, the team stopped by Incheon, Korea, where a large group of pilots convened for good food, great company, and plenty of space talk.

As we continue to visit all of you around the globe, one thing has become abundantly clear to us. No matter the culture, no matter the language, no matter the differences, you can find a Bar Citizen where people want to know when the BMM is coming (sorry John!).

In all seriousness though, these events seriously mean the world to us, and provide an incredible opportunity to meet all of you in-person. Your passion and support charges us up, making it easy to come into work every day and work on delivering the best damn universe sim ever. Thank you!

Speaking of big crowds, CitizenCon tickets became available only last week and we’ve already nearly doubled the attendance of the last event in tickets sold so far… and it’s still July. There’s no doubt that we’ll have a record number of you in Los Angeles this October! As a reminder, there’s still general tickets available – so make sure to grab yours if your considering attending!

Now, let’s see what’s going on this week:

Wednesday has our Monthly Reports for June coming your way, with Star Citizen’s as a Comm-Link and Squadron 42’s via newsletter. Subscribers will also be receiving the July Subscriber Comm-Link and Newsletter.

Foundation Festival begins this Thursday! Our annual focus on helping new players get their space legs begins with a wealth of new content, a tutorial contest (already underway!), and much more. 

This Friday, Star Citizen Live returns with our previously-scheduled game production episode with Jake Ross, starting at 8 AM Pacific / 3 PM UTC on our Twitch channel. You’ll also find our weekly RSI Newsletter directly delivered to your inbox.

Saturday the Community Team is making their way to Paris, France for our next stop on the Bar Citizen World Tour! Check out the Bar Citizen Comm-Link for details.

May your heart be your guiding key,

Jake Bradley
Community Manager


MONDAY, JULY 3, 2023

  • This Week in Star Citizen


  • June Star Citizen Monthly Report
  • June Squadron 42 Monthly Report (via newsletter)
  • July Subscriber Comm-Link


  • Foundation Festival 2023 Begins

FRIDAY, JULY 7, 2023


  • Bar Citizen World Tour – Paris, France


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