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This Week in Star Citizen 02/2024

Xē’suelen, hi everyone – Happy 2954!

Thank you for making 2953 an amazing year, both in and out of the ‘verse. We hope you had a great end to the year! We’re excited for what’s to come in 2954 and can’t wait to share our plans for this year and beyond. In the meantime, enjoy Star Citizen: 2023 A Year in Review on YouTube!

We also want to congratulate everyone who participated in the recent Luminalia Greeting Card Contest! We have received hundreds of submissions, and it wasn’t easy to pick winners, as your creativity and editing skills were top-notch! Check out the festive winning submissions on Spectrum.

If you thought 2023 was a tremendous year, strap in for 2024, as we have some extraordinary milestones to achieve together! Our teams are back in the studios with renewed vigor from the break, and we are already working hard on Alpha 3.23; Which we will talk about more in the coming weeks.

The action-packed Daymar Rally returns on January 20. Whether you’re wheels on the ground for this 510 km race or just enjoying Twitch Chat, don’t miss the fun! The Crux Cup is also returning: It is a series of four persistent universe ship races throughout the month of March; Sign up now and enter the race!

And lastly, we’re happy to share that the Bar Citizen World Tour will continue in 2024! Just like before, we want to hear from you about where we should visit. Feel free to fire off a direct message to our Community Team on Spectrum, and we’ll make sure to add it to our list of locations to consider. Read more about Bar Citizen World Tour 2024 here.

Now, let’s see what’s going on this week:

This Tuesday, we’ll publish the Subscriber Monthly Newsletter and Subscriber Comm-Link. We’ll also have a new Whitley’s Guide with one of my favorite ships: the MISC Reliant!

On Wednesday, our first Monthly Reports will cover November and December 2023, keeping you in the loop with the developments of Star Citizen and Squadron 42.

Thursday, we will publish the new Schedule for the Arena Commander game modes. Note that we will need a few weeks before rebooting our new season of Inside Star Citizen, and Star Citizen Live; But we can’t wait to have you back and show you the Behind the Scenes of game development!

On Friday, you will receive our weekly RSI Newsletter.

a.thl’ē’kol, see you soon,

Lénaïc “Nicou” Riédinger

Community Manager

The Weekly Community Content Schedule


  • This Week in Star Citizen


  • Lore Post – Whitley’s Guide, MISC Reliant
  • January Subscriber Newsletter
  • January Subscriber Comm-link


  • November/December 2023 Star Citizen Monthly Report
  • November/December 2023 Squadron 42 Monthly Report


  • Arena Commander schedule – Comm Link


  • Weekly Newsletter


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