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Star Citizen | Foundation Festival 2023 – Reap the Rewards

As is tradition, we’re celebrating Foundation Festival all July long with a Free Fly, referral bonus, and rewards for those using the Guide System.

Guides are Star Citizen’s ambassadors and, for many players, the first friendly face they’ll see in the ‘verse. Star Citizen is a deeply immersive world, but it can also be an incredibly complex endeavor for new players. As a guide, you can hold the torch and be the guiding light for first-timers navigating the ins and outs of the ‘verse. As a Recruit, you can pair up with a veteran to make those first steps in the ‘verse easier. And during this year’s Foundation Festival, there’s plenty of opportunity for BOTH Guides and Recruits to fly away with some epic freebies.

Head over to the Guide Hub to get started!

What’s in it for me?

Everyone (both Guides and Recruits) who use the Guide System will automatically receive exclusive rewards from July 6 until the end of the Foundation Festival on July 31. Rewards are provided weekly, and as you complete more guide sessions, or help with multiple categories, you’ll rack up the bounties. Don’t miss out on these exclusive Foundation Festival rewards!


  • One successful guide session (at least 30 minutes and a verified Endorsement*) – Black Foundation Festival in-game beanie
  • Two successful guide sessions -Turquoise Foundation Festival in-game beanie
  • Three successful guide sessions – Foundation Festival in-game cap


  • One successful guide session (at least 30 minutes and a verified Endorsement*) – Gemini LH86 pistol
  • Two successful guide sessions – P4-AR Rifle
  • Three successful guide sessions – Multi-tool set (pyro PYT w/Orebit Mining Attachment, w/Cambio-Lite SRT Attachment, Cambio-Lite SRT Attachment can, TruHold Tractor Beam Attachment)

*Recruits (the ones requesting a Guide) will receive a message prompt after a successful session (minimum of 30 minutes), asking them to verify the Guide and the tutorial category completed. This prompt will occur via Private Message on Spectrum.

Heads-up: if you already own one of the rewards, you won’t be able to receive them another time. Also, please remember that we can monitor and verify all Guide interactions and disqualify players attempting to game the system.

In addition to these rewards, we’ll award exclusive Foundation Festival-themed paints for completing a single guide session in a particular category (for both the Guide AND the Recruit). Only one paint will be rewarded for each tutorial category, but up to twelve paints can be rewarded if all twelve tutorial categories are completed. Rewards are based on the tutorial category that is endorsed by the recruit at the end of the session. See below for which ships/paints go with each category:

  • Basics: Drake Cutlass Black
  • Vehicle Combat: Aegis Gladius
  • FPS Combat: Anvil Valkyrie
  • Mining: MISC Prospector
  • Missions: MISC Freelancer
  • Trading: Drake Caterpillar
  • Touring: Origin 600i Touring
  • Miscellaneous: Crusader Mercury Star Runner
  • Refueling: MISC Starfarer
  • Medical: Drake Cutlass Red
  • Salvage: Drake Vulture
  • Racing: MISC Razor

But there’s even more!

For every weekend during Foundation Festival (July 7- 10, July 14-17, July 21-24, and July 28-31), we’ll additionally reward one unique Armor and Weapon set to both the Guide AND the Recruit completing at least three successful sessions each weekendA total of four unique sets are available as a reward.

  • Weekend 1 (4pm UTC July 7 to 4pm July 10): “Lodestone” Armor & Sniper Rifle Kit
  • Weekend 2 (4pm UTC July 14 to 4pm July 17): “Archangel” Armor & Sniper Rifle Kit
  • Weekend 3 (4pm UTC July 21 to 4pm July 24): “Canuto” Armor & Sniper Rifle Kit
  • Weekend 4 (4pm UTC July 28 to 4pm July 31): “Rime” Armor & Sniper Rifle Kit

And if you complete at least one successful session each weekend for all four weekends, you will receive the “Wildwood” Armor & Sniper Rifle kit, so make sure to collect all five Armor and Sniper Rifle Kits!

Happy Foundation Festival, everyone, and see you in the ‘verse!


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