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This Week in Star Citizen 05/2024

Xē’suelen, hi everyone o7

Nicou reporting in after a week off, as I have completed my move to the CIG studios in Manchester (They look wonderful; We can’t wait to show you the office!), and with me I bring… Content!

Last week was eventful for those who closely follow the development of Star Citizen:

  • Alpha Live 3.22.0a was released to the LIVE servers, and it came with several bug fixes for Siege of Orison, updates to the San’tok.yai, increased damage output and health of defense turrets around the PU, and more.
  • Siege of Orison is back until February 5; Get ready to dive into an action-heavy adventure that has turned the once-idyllic city of Orison into a nightmare!
  • Tech Preview channel: Replication Layer + Server Crash Recovery was tested this week-end. As planned, the server crashed (We’re professionals, don’t try this at home), and after a few short minutes, the recovery process worked and allowed players to continue their adventures as if nothing had happened. Thanks to everyone who helped us stress-test the channel, we have gathered lots of Data that will be put to good use that will bring improvements for the next set of playtests.

We’ve also shared more stories about the system Pyro and its discoverer: Pyrotechnic Amalgamated. Yes, more Lore!

We have updated the Arena Commander Schedule. Have you visited the new AC page already?

The Verse At War 2° Edition community event is back on February 3-4; This time in a big way with the presentation of Germany, United Kingdom, France, and Spain as Nations in the playoff to see which pilots are currently the top in Star Citizen. If you are not participating, you can enjoy the show on Twitch thanks to Arkvenger, and other participant-streamers.

Finally, members of our Community and Development teams will be in Spain this upcoming weekend for Bar Citizen Barcelona. Word on the street is they are bringing lots of sweet loot that you will NOT want to miss! Join us at the Space Cowboy on Saturday, February 3!

Now, let’s see what’s going on this week:

This Tuesday, Lore enthusiasts will nibble on the new Galactapedia Update; At least I know I will!

Thursday, your beloved Inside Star Citizen returns with its first episode dedicated to the feature content of our upcoming Alpha 3.23, with a gorgeous and exciting look at new EVA mechanics and the updated Personal Interaction System, both of which aim to dramatically change the way you interact with and traverse the ‘verse.

On Friday, the weekly Star Citizen Live is back with an All About Alpha 3.23 special (at the BEGINNING of the quarter? Really? Jared has gone mad!) where we’ll be discussing the broad scope of work for Star Citizen’s next patch. It’s a week of shows you won’t want to miss. And the weekly RSI Newsletter will be delivered right to your inboxes.

a.thl’ē’kol, see you soon,

Lénaïc “Nicou” Riédinger

Community Manager

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