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Star Citizen Alpha 3.15.0 PTU.7782190 Patch Notes

Alpha Patch 3.15.0 has been released to Evocati, and is now available to test! Patch should now show: VERSION 3.15.0-PTU.7782190.

It is strongly recommended that players delete their USER folder for the Public client after patching, particularly if you start encountering any odd character graphical issues or crash on loading. The USER folder can be found (in default installations) at C:\Program Files\Roberts Space Industries\StarCitizen\PTU.

Database Reset: YES
Long Term Persistence: DISABLED (Full wipe for all accounts)
Pledge Copy: Disabled
Starting aUEC: 15,000,000

The current build is under NDA
Please log out then back in on the issue council site to see the Evocati environment there. Please make sure to only select the Evocati 3.15 environment when creating IC reports while the builds are Evocati only

Please monitor etf-testing-chat in spectrum for updates and testing instructions.

USER.cfg settings: r_displaySessionInfo = 1

Note: This patch does not contain all of the intended features, which will be added iteratively to the notes as they become available. Additionally, some features may be implemented in a partial state and as such are not ready for testing. When those features reach a playable state they will be detailed on the notes and added to the “Testing Focus”. Please issue council all issues related to those in testing focus and in general gameplay.

Testing Focus

  • Personal Inventory
  • Healing and Actor Status
  • Hospitals
  • Starlifter Hercules A2
  • Bombs
  • Orison V2

Known Issues

  • Ground vehicles are not accessible at outposts
  • Note: With this latest update, your initial spawn chooses the location of all your ships and items. Selecting a location such as Area18 or Orison as your initial spawn may make all your ground vehicles unaccessable as they do not have a ground vehicle spawn. In this build we have pledge copy turned off and have no ground vehicles for loaners but once enabled this will be something to consider when choosing your initial spawn. This is something that is being worked on for a later build.
  • Location inventory capped at 100 items causing larger amounts of items not to show
  • Currently item paging hasn’t been integrated into the system. Each page can hold 100 items currently but only the main page of items can be shown. Unfortunately this will cause new items beyond 100 to not be shown in a location and appear like they are missing when they are not.
  • Players stuck in an infinite loading loop after force respawn and logging off during the respawn screen
  • When swapping undersuits on player character, there is a delay before it updates
  • Crash when cycling 3rd person camera while pointing multitool at self
  • Objective markers and QT nav points are greyed out on the player’s HUD
  • Unable to claim insurance on vehicles
  • Resetting character can sometimes cause player to lose all items from personal inventory
  • Player is unable to invite another player into their party or add them as a friend using inner thought
  • When Collecting Minerals/Metals with the Extraction Mode Laser the Ships Cargo Randomly Empties
  • Assets such as Elevators or Environment content will occasionally be missing in the PU
  • There is a small area with no gravity in the airlock to the Grim Hex Medical facility
  • Players are able to temporarily heal an injured player past their max HP threshold
  • Medicinal Pens can not be used on Actors that are in a downed state
  • Players will disappear if they enter a overdosed state when onboard a vehicle
  • You can not stack purchased stackable items in your inventory until exiting and re-entering the player inventory
  • Weapon projectiles trajectory will not behave correctly when shooting from one zone inside a ship to another outside
  • Multiple Heavy Armor Arms Clip/Partially Obscure some of the mobiGlas Icons
  • All backpacks meshes are missing when viewed in the kiosk
  • After placing a dead player into the back of a ship with a tractor beam, the body will disappear when walking towards it
  • Destroying mission-spawned reinforcement type ships does not always trigger the ongoing ‘Call to Arms’ mission rewards
  • The AI useable screens inside the UGF will cause the player to get stuck in use by a player if they walk up to one
  • Missiles can hit the players ship when they are fired whilst the ship is moving forward
  • Arena Commander modes besides Free Fly may be missing ships
  • AC Announcer audio callout for “Match over. You have won/lost the match” can be heard multiple times at the end of a round
  • AC Players can spawn facing the wrong way at the start of the match or after dying
  • Demon Fang Combat Knife asset is missing from the game
  • Klescher: Attempting to deposit gems or buy commissary items with merits yields a “transaction error”

New Features



  • Addition of unique location hospitals to landing zones and clinics into space stations where players will be able to respawn, heal injuries, and buy medical supplies from these locations. This adds the additional emergency elevator inside landing zone hangars that will transport players directly to the hospital. This first iteration will have hospitals in Orison, New Babbage, Grim HEX, and clinics in space stations. Players who originally spawn in this first iteration at Area18 and Lorville will have their default hospital set to their corresponding orbital stations. Lorville and Area18 will be getting their hospitals in a future release.


  • Unmanned Missile Defense Turrets
  • Addition of AI controlled defense turrets at space stations and underground facilities in the PU.


Personal Inventory T0 (asset manager v1)

With the implementation of Personal Inventory, players will now physically store weapons, gadgets, consumables, healing items, and more on their person and in vehicles via backpacks, pockets, and containers. This utilizes the new iCache for persistence wherever players travel. This new system removes the older inventory app from the mobiGlas and adds a new local inventory system by pressing ‘I’ on the keyboard (default keybind). Current landing zones share inventories with their low orbit stations above the planets. Tabs allow navigation between Location, Vehicle, External, and Personal inventory. Players can navigate between each tab to move items from one inventory to another (with both sides of the screen displaying an inventory container and the list of available tables). NOTE: Two of the same tabs cannot be open at the same time. When a player places the cursor over any item in their inventory they will be presented with the information given in shops, next to the tooltips on ammo is remaining bullets of the magazine. Armour & clothing (backpacks, torso and legs) typically have their own inventory container and can be opened by using the inventory system [I]. Placing any of these into a location inventory or into a container will create a nested inventory which can be opened via the RMB over the item. This nested inventory will make it so players are able to store more items onto the player and make space. When right clicking (mouse2) any item in inventory a contextual menu will appear, presenting available interactions, including functions like “split” for stacked items. All armor and clothing can now be carried, dropped, placed and left in the world (currently represented in the environment by carryable boxes); while in this state they can be interacted with using the interaction system, and can be equipped by doing so.

Home / Initial location: Before starting the game and initially spawning, a player must now specify their Home location (where they will initially spawn) via the front end. Friend options to join party (spawn at their location) are disabled until this location has been set. Any items entitled via store purchases, subscriber rewards etc. will be added to the Home location’s location inventory. Each starting location, Rest stop and Port Olisar have a corresponding Location Inventory. If items are left in the location inventory when the player leaves said location, then the items will remain at the location and cannot be accessed from the inventory UI until the player returns.

Character Inventory: The inventory is no longer restricted to commodities, and can contain any type of FPS armour, clothing, weapon, consumable, and 1h carryable (provided said item fits). The player character is now displayed at the center of the Inventory UI, with a controllable camera (holding mouse2 allows orbit movement via mouse movement, mouse wheel controls zoom), and the ability to drag held and equipped items off of the character into an inventory UI container, and vice versa from an inventory container onto a valid itemport on the character. Items can be dragged and dropped from an inventory container, or from the character, directly onto the floor. Weapon attachments can be dragged directly onto weaponry that is held or equipped to the character. If a player is downed or killed other players are able to loot via the interaction menu and take all items from the player. When a player dies, their body will become lootable by players for all the items they had on them at the location of their death for 2 hours before despawning. If they just want an individual item then they will be able to remove the weapon, armor, container, undersuit, or magazine.

Vehicle Inventory: Each ship and ground vehicle with a traversable interior has its own Vehicle Inventory, which is only accessible whilst inside said vehicle. Any player can access their own instanced vehicle inventory when inside. When a ship has inventory in it and players self-destruct or have the ship destroyed, a large cargo box will appear that will allow any player to loot the items via the interaction menu.

Healing T0 and Actor Status T1

Complete overhaul of the Healing and the Actor Health systems. These two systems are intrinsically linked for players to determine the effects of damage on an actor and allow themselves and other players to action on those effects. These effects range from minor visual and audio feeback, to state changes where player control is removed, and to the death and (in a player’s case) respawning of a character.

Incapacitated State: When a player is damaged enough they will enter an, “Incapacitated” state where they enter ragdoll, are unable to move or interact, and their vision fades in and out. A time until death is displayed to the player, which once expired leads to their death and respawn at a medical facility. The duration can be shortened by receiving additional damage, and by other actor statuses (bleeding, dehydration, extreme temperature etc.). Instant death can be caused by receiving a large amount of damage in one instance. When a player is incapacitated a button prompt is displayed to trigger a service beacon, which if taken up by another player, creates a mission for said player to revive the incapacitated player. A second player can use a synced revival with a medical pen (mouse2 when close to the downed player) which will bring the downed player back to 50% health. The sync’d revival can be performed on a player that is face down, or on their back. The medical gun and multi-tool healing attachment can fire a beam as a means of delivering a healing drug, which can also revive an Incapacitated player.

Death & Regeneration: After a player dies, they will now regenerate in a medical bed instead of a hab bed. By default, the player will regenerate at their home location (set via the front end the first time they enter the game). A player may set a different regeneration location by visiting its hospital or clinic (any Tier 2 or Tier 1 facility can be used, in a static location, or a ship) and navigating the UI on a medical bed, medical bed’s end screen, or dedicated regeneration terminal. A player may reset their regeneration location to their home location via the same screens. If a player’s set regeneration location is not available at the time of death (e.g. if a ship is out of range, logged out, or destroyed), the player will respawn at their home location instead, and their set regeneration location will remain as their home until a new location is set. If a player’s set regeneration location is temporarily unavailable due to all beds being full, they will be given the option to regenerate at their home location instead, in order to avoid waiting in the queue.

Injuries: When an actor’s body part (head, torso, left arm, right arm, left leg, right leg) is damaged, a corresponding amount of wear damage is applied to that same body part. Healing increases HP, but does not affect wear damage; when enough wear is accrued a body part will gain an injury. Further wear to the same body part can lead to increased injury severities. Injuries add symptoms that affect gameplay, and introduce audio and visual effects. Injury severity is classified as “Minor”, “Moderate”, and “Severe”, with corresponding medical facility Tiers 3, 2 and 1; Tier 3 can remove a Minor injury, Tier 2 can remove Minor and Moderate severity injuries, Tier 1 can remove any injury. Hurt Locomotion is triggered when any body part’s injury reaches “Severe”, or when a leg injury reaches “Moderate” severity. The player is forced into prone stance whilst they have a Severe leg injury. The player is forced into the ArmsLock state when they have a Severe arm injury.

BloodDrugLevel: Blood drug level (BDL) increases when a player is given any medicinal drugs (via medgun, multi-tool, medpens or medical beds), or drinks alcohol. As a player’s BDL increases they will eventually enter drunk locomotion and drunk; when BDL reaches 100% the player will enter the Overdosed state. BDL decays over time.The Overdosed state results in the player entering ragdoll, being unable to move or interact, and their vision fading in and out; whilst this is similar to Incapacitated, once the BDL decays to below 100%, the player will exit Overdosed state and be able to move again. The player takes damage whilst in the Overdosed state, taking increasingly more damage as BDL increases from 100% to 200% – this can lead to the player becoming Incapacitated, which in turn can lead to death, if the BDL does not reach less than 100% before health reaches 0.

Medicinal Drugs: injury’s symptoms can be temporarily masked by medicinal drugs, health can be regenerated, and the stunned effects of the overdosed state temporarily removed, at the cost of accruing BDL per dosage Drugs can be delivered via an injection pen, healing beam (medgun or multi-tool healing attachment) or a medical bed. Drugs remain in a character’s system for a specified duration, with increased doses resulting in increased durations; the delivery method’s efficacy also affects duration, with higher durations for medical beds > medical gun > medicinal pens. These drugs include: Hemozal (MedPen): Heals HP/stops bleeding/revives from Incapacitated. Roxaphen (OpioPen): Masks Hurt Locomotion, ProneLock, ArmsLock, Pain Grunt SFX. Demexatrine (AdrenaPen): Masks Reduced stun recovery, reduced impact resistance (force reactions sensitivity), reduced movement speed, increased weapon sway, decreased ADS enter times. Sterogen (CoricoPen): Masks blood vision, muffled audio effects, reduced stamina regen, reduced max stamina, wheezing audio effects, reduced melee force. Resurgera (DetoxPen): Revives an overdosed character (provided they are not also in the incapacitated state) but does not exit the Overdosed state, thus damage is still applied to the Overdosed character. While Resurgera is present in a character, all other drug’s decay rates are doubled, resulting in their duration being reduced. BDL decay rate is doubled, resulting in the Overdosed state being exited more quickly. Four new med pens: Four new medpens (Roxaphen OpioPen, Demexatrine AdrenaPen, Sterogen CoricoPen, Resurgera DetoxPen) have been added to shops in multiple locations.

Medical Gun & Multi-Tool Healing attachment: Healing beam: Players are able to administer drugs via a healing beam, when within 5m of their target character. Diagnosis: Both Medical Gun & Multi-Tool display health and actor status information about the character they’re pointed at. The back display of both shows how much medicinal ammo is available, and either the current target character’s health, or the reason they can’t be fired upon (greater than 5m away, target character’s BDL is too high, etc.). Two AR UI cards display either side of a character the medical gun or multi-tool are pointed at, the left card displays information on specific body part being pointed at (injuries, recommended drugs) the right card displays global health information, including health, actor states such as bleeding, time until death, any administered drugs and their time remaining. As a body part is pointed at by medical gun or multi-tool, the AR UI highlights the body part, displaying a transparent color coded overlay, indicating which tier of injury (if any) the body part has. Self-healing mode: both multi-tool healing attachment and Medical Gun’s secondary fire mode allows self-diagnosis and self-healing. Healing: Multi-Tool & Medical Gun’s basic mode are limited to healing (delivering Hemozal). Specified Dosage:The Medical Gun’s advanced mode allows dosage of each drug to be specified, with the predicted duration of the drugs and the resulting BDL level.

Medical Beds: Each medical bed has a care facility tier rating (3, 2 or 1) which determines which injuries it can remove, and which it cannot. Medical Bed animate upon a character lying down, so that an interactable screen is visible, providing several tabs containing different functionality. Status: displays a color coded silhouette of the player’s body and skeleton; body parts can be clicked on to display a summary of any injury, recommended treatment or drugs. Treatment: displays a smaller version of the Status screen, and a list of the available treatments (including procedures to remove injuries, and a default recommended drug dosage). Medication: displays an interface that allows custom drug dosage to be specified (similar to the medical gun’s advanced mode). Regeneration: allows the player’s respawning location to be set to the current bed, or reset to the player’s home location. Each bed has an end of bed screen, or nearby free standing or wall mounted screen, which displays the Status screen (showing information of anyone in the bed), and the Regeneration screen. Respawning after death: players now respawn in a medical bed instead of a hab bed. Waking up after rescue: players that enter a downed state in a landing zone, or are admitted via Emergency elevators (see below) will wake up in hospital bed. Reasons for admission/respawn: When a wakes up in a hospital room or a ship they will be presented with information about how they got there, i.e. reason for admission, or cause of death (if respawning)

Hospital Gameplay: Players can enter a hospital lobby, reserve a room via a check-in screen (to make use of its medbed), change their respawn location, purchase all medical items from a pharmacy shop, and use the elevator to enter the floor their assigned room is on. NPC doctors and nurses are populated throughout hospital rooms, with a doctor welcoming the player into the room (if they’ve checked in and enter via the door), or welcoming them awake in the medical bed if the player has just regenerated, or has been rescued. Emergency elevators: Landing Zone hangars have been updated to include an emergency drop-off elevator. If a downed, injured, or overdosed player is dragged into the elevator, another player can send them to hospital via the interface outside of the elevator. Once in the elevator the player will close the doors and the rescued player will wake up in a hospital.


The addition of Bombing mechanics into Star Citizen which allows ships, such as the new Starlifter A2, to drop bombs. This system is accessed using the current Missile Operator Mode if your ship is equipped with bombs. While active, it will give players a selection marker by pressing RALT+T (Default keybind) that allows them to define an area where they want the bomb to drop. As these bombs drop with gravity and are not controlled after release, players will get a new UI alignment and drop HUD feature after selecting a target location on the ground that they can follow to get as close to the center of their targeted area as possible. All the other behaviour(s) of MOM will apply here, such as increasing number of bombs to drop at once, waiting for them to arm, using the same keybinds, etc. Initially, only the A2 will have bombs, and it will not have any missiles, so this idea of being able to cycle between missiles and bombs won’t apply.

Ships and Vehicles

  • CRUSADER Starlifter Hercules A2

Weapons and Items

  • Added FPS item: Curelife Medical Tool
  • Added FPS item: Greycat Multi-tool Healing Attachment

Feature Updates


Orison – Landing Zone – V2
The addition of more shops across to expand the various services available in Orison. This includes the Crusader Industries Showroom which displays the Hercules Starlifter, Ares Starfighter and Mercury StarRunner. Cousin Crows Custom Crafts ship parts shop. Providence Surplus for Industrial clothing and gear.
Port Olisar Relocation
Port Olisar has been moved closer to Crusader and in synchronous orbit above Orison.

Ships and Vehicles

  • AEGIS Gladius – Gold Standard

Weapons and Items

With the new changes to inventory management, we have separated backpacks from being part of full sets of armor and made them their own item that can be equipped or unequipped. Players can now purchase multiple sizes of backpack that will require different sizes of armor to use. This will make the largest backpacks equipable on heavy armor while medium and light armors will be able to equip certain smaller backpacks.

Major Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue causing some players to repeatedly encounter 30009 errors when attempting to join the PU
  • Fixed an issue causing aUEC and unequipped items to randomly disappear from player’s inventories
  • There should no longer be a color difference between player character heads and bodies
  • Fixed an issue causing players to sometimes take collision damage when entering ships
  • Asteroid FPS Deposits should now be able to be scanned
  • FPS AI should no longer continue to shoot through other enemy AI while attacking a player
  • New Deal Ship Shop stairs leading down near the Hammerhead should no longer be missing collision
  • Players should no longer be able to auto dock a parasite ship into the Constellation from above which would cause it to collide into it
  • Multiple player checkpoints should no longer display at the same time in Arena Commander Race modes


  • Fixed 5 Client crashes
  • Fixed 3 Server crashes
  • Backend service timeout fix
  • Server Performance Optimizations

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Patch Guide

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OPEN PTU 3.15.1

LIVE 3.15.1


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