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Star Citizen | Alpha 3.13 Patch Watch | Eye Colors & MedPens

Hello everyone,

Similar to previous Patch Watches, we didn’t want to miss the opportunity to highlight some of the features, improvements, and additions the teams are working on that don’t appear on the Roadmap. So, as we approach release day for Star Citizen Alpha 3.13, here are two additions that will help your friends survive the threats of Stanton and make you look at them with new eyes.

MedPen Updates

The Actor Feature Team updated the medical pen to be consistent with weapons, gadgets, and grenades.

Previously, MedPen use was a single input that involved grabbing the item from the suit attachment and using it. Now, they’re equipped and require an additional input (typically mouse1) to inject them.

MedPens are now treated as carryables, so can be picked up, placed, thrown, etc. This change allows MedPens and OxyPens to be selected via the quick select wheel and paves the way for changes to medical gameplay coming in Alpha 3.14. New character animations were created to support this new functionality too.

PU Character Customizer: Additional Eye Colors and Textures

The Character Art and Tech Team exchanged two existing eyes with new versions.

Furthermore, they added six new irises you can select from to create your perfect Star Citizen character.

These are just two of the many additions coming in Alpha 3.13 not listed on the Roadmap. Stay tuned for a mission-related update soon, and we’ll see you in the ‘verse!

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