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Star Citizen Patch 3.13.0

Star Citizen | The Railen

Gatac’s first foray into the human market, the Railen is an elegant interspecies vessel perfect for any Human or Xi’an pilot looking for a safe, reliable solution for commercial-grade medium cargo hauling. Utilizing patented grav-lev technology, and time-tested designs updated for 2951 and beyond, the… Read More »Star Citizen | The Railen

Star Citizen | Alpha 3.13 Patch Watch | New Cave Missions

After last week’s 3.13 Patch Watch on the MedPen update and additional character customization options, we’re following up with another feature announcement for the upcoming build. To make the most of the all-new cave entrances (including sinkholes and vehicle-accessible openings), Alpha 3.13 introduces three new FPS… Read More »Star Citizen | Alpha 3.13 Patch Watch | New Cave Missions

Star Citizen | Tumbril Nova – Whitebox

The new Tumbril Nova is a classic tank, reinvented for the modern era. This heavy tank offers a devastating combination of ground to ground and ground to air weapons. STATUS: IN PTU PATCH 3.13.0 For more photos check the Gallery

Star Citizen | New Cave Entrances Wip

Star Citizen shows us the new entrances to the 3.13 quarry. The ‘drive-in’ entrance will allow players to enter using a ground vehicle, while the ‘sinkhole’ entrance will require players to enter and exit using a ship. For more photos check the Gallery