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[TECH-PREVIEW] Replication Layer Test Round #2

Hello Star Citizen Testers!

Tonight and through Thursday evening, we will have a new 3.22 build up on the TECH-PREVIEW channel for a Replication Layer test with all backers. This release has further fixes and updates since the previous test over the weekend.
This round will use your PTU accounts.

Clive, Paul, Ivan, and Benoit have put together a new Replication Layer build for all backers to test and give any and all feedback and bugs related to this feature.

As always with the TECH-PREVIEW channels we run, these builds can get into pretty bad states, including high amounts of crashing, account issues requiring extensive recopies, and general loading issues. The build is not going to be different from LIVE in terms of features. Use this build at your own risk of sanity!  

Replication Layer
The purpose is to test the mix of regular and split instances for possible Replication Layer expansion on to further environments soon if all goes well.
Server Crash Recovery is currently disabled for this test so if an instance does crash it will behave as before without recovering. We are gathering network data from these crashes to see how character databases behave.

Taking part in this Tech-Preview test is absolutely helping deliver this tech and the next steps of Server Crash Recovery and Server Meshing sooner than would otherwise be possible.

“r_displayinfo 2 and 3” Will give info about if a shard has the Replication Layer enabled or not under “Replication Layer Enabled: True/False” and a unique shard name “split”.

Replication Layer Build Info
TECH-PREVIEW Channel using PTU accounts
Build: sc-alpha-3.22.0 9003376-9009654
This playtest will run tonight through Thursday Evening (will look into extending if needed)
The Network Team will be in Spectrum and watching servers throughout this test so any questions/feedback/issues please post in this thread!

Changes, Fixes, and Updates

  • Updated: r_displayInfo reading “Server Meshing Enabled” to “Replication Layer Enabled”
  • Fixed: PU – UI / Network – Party markers are not present for players
  • Fixed: NEEDS REVIEW – PU – Stanton – Actor – Server Meshing – Player Spawning – Multiple Locations – When multiple players attempt to log in to the same location at the same time, they may be assigned the same bed and be unable to leave
  • Fixed 3 Server Crashes

Known Issues

  • PU – Responses to player initiated interactions may be delayed by several minutes despite server performance appearing to be nominal
  • PU – Stanton – Loading Screen – Stuck at ~28k entities eventually leading to 30k18, possibly due to cross-shard stow not completing

Thank you all so much for joining us in these Previews of the Replication Layer!

Player Experience

Patch News

Patch Watch


New ship & vehicle

Patch List











3.22.1 EVOCATI

3.22.1 WAWE 1

3.22.1 OPEN PTU


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