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Star Citizen Alpha 3.20.0 PTU.8680168 Patch Notes

Star Citizen Patch 3.20.0

Alpha Patch 3.20.0 has been released to the PTU, and is now available to test! Patch should now show: VERSION 3.20.0-PTU.8680168.

It is strongly recommended that players delete their USER and Shader folders for the Public client after patching, particularly if you start encountering any odd character graphical issues or crash on loading. The USER folder can be found (in default installations) at C:\Program Files\Roberts Space Industries\StarCitizen\PTU. The Shader folders can be found here C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\Star Citizen.

Audience: Waves 1 and 2
Database Reset: Yes
Server Regions: US/EU (Please select one of these instead of BEST or loading will fail)
Long Term Persistence: Enabled
Pledge Copy: Enabled
Starting aUEC: 15,000,000

Known Issues

  • Multivehicle – PU – Ship / HUD – PING wave does not visually activate for players
  • PU – Stanton – Grim Hex – Locations – Ships called via ASOP don’t spawn but are assigned a hangar
  • PU – Stanton – Grim Hex – Locations – Medical – Medical Imprint fails to transfer to Grim HEX, causing players to respawn at their default location
  • PU – Stanton – GrimHex – Hospital – Locations / Transit – Actor / Elevator – Actor takes damage in the hospital elevator after respawning in the hospital
  • PU – Stanton – Audio Feature – ASOP / Fleet Manager – Audio – Incorrectly states all hangars are currently in-use
  • PU – Stanton – AI / Locations – Combat AI will teleport / pop in combat
  • PU – Vehicle – MISC Prospector – Door doesn’t work from the inside
  • Multiple Locations – Inventory – Equipped items are lost after dying in the landing zone
  • Multivehicle – PU – Vehicles / Actor Feature – Medical / Respawn – Cannot respawn on a ship that has streamed out
  • Room System / Actor / Locations – Room System does not protect player actor from extreme weather conditions in Lorville Interiors
  • ASOP – Ships – Vehicles – Clicked to “Store” ship at ASOP but it was “Destroyed”
  • Vehicles – Players and items can fall through the bottom deck of the Redeemer
  • Vehicles / Ship Components – Ships that do not have missiles as a standard weapon cannot restock their countermeasures.
  • Reclaimer – Vehicles – Stanton – Reclaimer bridge elevator interaction missing
  • Performance – Client Performance drops around Ghost Hollow
  • Mission Content – UGF – AI Counter will drop to 0 after streaming location in and out again
  • Vehicles / GFX – Client FPS will drop as long as players are inside of the cockpit of the Drake Cutlass series
  • The Carrack’s main elevator will get locked in place and begin to spin indefinitely after spamming the floors for a few minutes
  • GrimHEX – Dumpers Depot – Art / Locations – The Dumper’s Depot within GrimHEX has a VisArea that allows players to clip inside of location.
  • Vehicle Maintenance Services – Ship repair doesn’t happen but still charges you
  • Landing Pads – Multivehicle / Shopping – Refuel, repair, and rearm services unavailable when landed
  • Multiple Locations – ASOP Terminal / Ships – When storing a ship, the ASOP terminal will set the ship status to “Claim” instead of “Retrieve.”
  • Exploit / Ships / Vehicles / Game Code / Multiplayer – When two Players Salvage a Ships Hull simultaneously the Hull will recover and be infinitely Scrapeable
  • Inventory / Personal Inventory – Inventory can enter a state of becoming unresponsive, preventing the player from being able to eat or drink
  • AI / Art – VFX – Hostile AI bullets visually clip through walls

Feature Updates

Ships and Vehicles

  • Hull-C Polish and Bug-fix Pass

Greatly increased the Quantum fuel storage amount. Overall Balance Refresh of thrusters, maneuverability in atmo, and fuel usage. Made various Third Person Camera Tweaks.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed – Stanton – PU – Actor Feature – EVA – Player spins wildly when entering EVA
  • Fixed – Stanton – PU – Prison – Klescher Rehabilitation Facility – Cannot respawn due to infinite black screen which in turn causes an infinite death loop upon relog
  • Fixed – EXPLOIT – PES / Density Manager – Armistice Zones / Tractor Beam – Players are able to abuse current limits on tractor beam usage in hangars and entity cleanup rules to completely block access to hangar elevators (extended ATC cleanup boundaries)
  • Fixed – PU – Inventory / Actor – Items cannot be stored back in Local Inventory if stored from the Character’s hands
  • Fixed – MISC Hull C – Stanton – Vehicles / Art / Graphics – Airlock door / Control Panel leading to the back of the ship from the extending corridor has a Visarea issue
  • Fixed – MISC Hull C – Ship / Art / Collision – Players can clip through the ship when sliding down the second ladder near the back airlock
  • Fixed – MISC Hull C – PU – Vehicles / Cargo / ATC – Calling ATC with cargo onboard will assign a hangar if all docking ports are in use
  • Fixed – Crusader Hercules Starlifter A2 – Stanton – Ships – UI – HUD – Vehicle – The large crosshair targeting UI is missing in the Hercules A2 when attempting to bomb a target
  • Fixed – PU – UI – Vehicles – Quantum Travel Linking – Party members do not receive any notifications when party leader initiates Quantum Travel functions
  • Fixed – Front End – Main Menu – Party – Party UI element counter doesn’t increase when players join party


  • Fixed 9 Client Crashes
  • Fixed 2 Server Crashes
  • Fixed a Client Deadlock
  • Made Several Client and Server Performance Optimizations (Damage Map and AI nav mesh performance improvements)

Patch News

Patch Watch


New ship & vehicle

Patch List


WAVE 1 & 2







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