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Star Citizen Alpha 3.15.0j PTU.7812585 Patch Notes

Alpha Patch 3.15.0j has been released to Evocati, and is now available to test! Patch should now show: VERSION 3.15.0-PTU.7812585.

It is strongly recommended that players delete their USER folder for the Public client after patching, particularly if you start encountering any odd character graphical issues or crash on loading. The USER folder can be found (in default installations) at C:Program FilesRoberts Space IndustriesStarCitizenPTU.

Database Reset: No
Long Term Persistence: Enabled
Pledge Copy: Enabled
Starting aUEC: 15,000,000

The current build is under NDA
Please log out then back in on the issue council site to see the Evocati environment there. Please make sure to only select the Evocati 3.15 environment when creating IC reports while the builds are Evocati only

Please monitor etf-testing-chat in spectrum for updates and testing instructions.

USER.cfg settings: r_displaySessionInfo = 1

Note: This patch does not contain all of the intended features, which will be added iteratively to the notes as they become available. Additionally, some features may be implemented in a partial state and as such are not ready for testing. When those features reach a playable state they will be detailed on the notes and added to the “Testing Focus”. Please issue council all issues related to those in testing focus and in general gameplay.

Testing Focus

  • Personal Inventory
  • Healing and Actor Status
  • Hospitals
  • Starlifter Hercules A2
  • Bombs
  • Orison V2
  • Loot Generation T0
  • Arena Commander and Broken Moon Updates

Known Issues

  • After a server crash, attempting to reconnect may result an infinite loading screen and being unable to interact with the menu

Players will need to exit the game and reload after a server crash to fix this error. This is part of the bug where players used to see a Bad Token after a crash which blocked them from re-entering but with the latest changes, that error is no longer displayed.

  • Objective markers and QT nav points are greyed out on the player’s HUD
  • Quantum Travel to Port Olisar’s Point of Interest will drop you 331km away from the station, requiring a second QT
  • MISC Prospector (MISC_Prospector.xml) – The mining mode is pixelated
  • Ships left at outposts disappear if the player logs out then logs back in or shortly after disembarking
  • When Collecting Minerals/Metals with the Extraction Mode Laser the Ships Cargo Randomly Empties
  • There is a small area with no gravity in the airlock to the Grim Hex Medical facility
  • The S10 bombs have no shockwave effects on objects around the impact site
  • When requipping items from a loot box in zero-g, equipping the torso and arms will cause large amounts of inventory camera shaking
  • Players will disappear if they enter a overdosed state when onboard a vehicle
  • Weapon projectiles trajectory will not behave correctly when shooting from one zone inside a ship to another outside
  • Multiple Heavy Armor Arms Clip/Partially Obscure some of the mobiGlas Icons
  • Destroying mission-spawned reinforcement type ships does not always trigger the ongoing ‘Call to Arms’ mission rewards
  • Missiles can hit the players ship when they are fired whilst the ship is moving forward
  • AC Announcer audio callout for “Match over. You have won/lost the match” can be heard multiple times at the end of a round
  • AC Players can spawn facing the wrong way at the start of the match or after dying
  • Demon Fang Combat Knife asset is missing from the game

Feature Updates


Arena Commander and Broken Moon Revamp

This update we are converting the scoreboards in Arena Commander and Star Marine to work with Building Blocks. The new interface will give players real-time access to position, name, rank, score, objectives, kills, deaths, assists, and ping. We have also updated Arena Commander’s Broken Moon map by increasing overall size, adding new playable areas, more cover options, and new space assets.


  • Greatly increased the commodity refresh rates in the PU (Note: This was also hotfixed onto LIVE)
  • Medical beacon Polish Pass
  • Updated medical revive beacon cost to 10,000 aUEC.
  • Inventory polish pass
  • Updated Filter Style and location. Updated mouseover tooltips location to be adjacent to the inventory screen. Added new inventory icons.

Major Bug Fixes

  • Filters should now correctly be selected when applied
  • Fixed an aggressive player owned vehicle cleanup issue
  • Fixed a major cause of Elevators missing in various places in the universe
  • Players should no longer spawn without a mobiGlas at Grim Hex after dying with a crimestat outside of Grim Hex
  • Using the medical bed in a ship should no longer cause the animation to reset and the screen to retract after trying to interact with said screen
  • Players will no longer respawn at their default hab location without mobiGlas after setting persistence in a ship and destroying the ship
  • Fixed an issue causing AI in UGF Spawn Closets to not attempt to leave them when spawning in
  • Players should no longer be blown over by the wind when the wind is not powerful enough to do so
  • Fixed items not stowing on the backpack itemPorts when using the holster action
  • Parts of the manned turrets in ships should no longer become detached when the player rotates the turret preventing the turret from firing
  • Players should now be able to scan space stations, like Port Olisar
  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to send refined materials to Ships which were at other Locations


  • Fixed 6 Client Crashes
  • Fixed 2 Server Crashes

Patch News

Patch Watch

Patch Guides

Patch List






OPEN PTU 3.15.1

LIVE 3.15.1


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