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Star Citizen Alpha 3.20 EPTU.8612213 Arena Commander Master Modes Limited Playtest 2

Hello Avocados!

Tonight’s build will be focused on updates to Arena Commander with Master Modes.

Duncan and team have been working hard fixing issues and updating gameplay with feedback from you all! Let us know what you think!

  • Audience: ETF Only (Under NDA) PTU Channel
  • Build CL: 8612213
  • Server Region: All Regions
  • Only Master Modes game modes will be available in this build. PU closed.

This test build will focus on:

  • Master Modes: Duel
  • Master Modes: Free Flight
  • Master Modes: Vanduul Swarm

Known Issues

  • Dying Star disabled for this playtest
  • Master Modes – Releasing boost appears to lock decoupled movement
  • Master Modes – Decoupled boost appears to have a ramp in
  • Master Modes – AC Menus / UI – The Master Mode Disclaimer cannot be interacted with
  • Master Modes – AC Menus / UI – The Master Mode Disclaimer is obscured by the ship preview
  • AC Menus / UI – Toggling between Offline and Online causes the Game Mode Disclaimer to reappear
  • Exiting AC to Main Menu while in a party has a chance to CTD
  • Chance to get stuck respawning in Vanduul Swarm
  • Free Flight – Player is unable to force respawn while out of ship
  • Missile Operator Mode (Toggle) is double keybinded with another setting in default keybind, causing it unable to toggle

New since the previous playtest

  • Master Modes Gladius Balance Pass
  • Reduced fire rate and halved Ballistic ammo counts. Reduced gimbal speeds and angles. Updated Gladius Flight Model for Master Modes and Updated G-force tolerances with stronger Gs but shorter recovery times. Fixed Master Modes Gladius HUD being all white.
  • AC Frontend Implemented player/vehicle preview grab controls
  • Balance Pass on Vanduul Swarm Wave Difficulty
  • Fixed multiple Client and Server Crashes

Test Time #1 July 20th Arena Commander Master Modes Test: 7pm CDT | 0000 UTC Length: 1 hour test

Test Time #2 July 21st Arena Commander Master Modes Test: 12pm CDT | 1700 UTC Length: 1 hour test

Along with this test we have a couple of feedback threads to discuss Master Modes itself as well as the Game modes.

Feedback threads can be found here

As always, PVP in Arena Commander is dependent on game mode. Expect to be shot in Duels and Dogfights but do not purposefully attack others in Free Flight and Vanduul Swarm without all parties agreeing.

Thanks for playing!

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