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Star Citizen Jump Point Issue 9-3 March 2021

Here’s a shocking number for you: you presently hold in your (virtual) hands the 100th issue of Jump Point! It’s hard to believe but we’ve been putting out new issues each month since December 2012. My mind can’t help but go back to that very first issue. We’d just set up the first office in Austin with perhaps half a dozen employees and little more than secondhand card tables for our work machines. We spent the month getting things organizing with the intent to go
hard as soon as the holidays were over in January. Then, with about a week until the break to go, Chris Roberts reminded us that we’d promised all our new subscribers an “8-10 page newsletter” each month and they’d already paid for the first one! Well, we pulled out all the stops. I wrote about my experiences in the 24-hour livestream and collected the first ever art of the Origin 300i, while Dave Haddock wrote the first part of an original Star Citizen serial in no time flat… but what we didn’t have yet was an in-house artist! After an embarrassing attempt to do the layout
ourselves, Chris turned to the great David Ladyman, who put together the original issue and established a style we kept for the first four years. You can take a look back at that first issue in your subscription area today… it’s funny how what seemed cutting-edge at the time now feels like we were working with stone knives and bearskins. But I wouldn’t change those days for the world!

Patch Watch

Patch List 3.13

Patch List 3.12.1


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