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Star Citizen Jump Point Issue 9-5 May 2021

As you read this issue, you’re likely already enjoying Invictus Launch Week 2951… or, more likely, you’re catching up on the magazine a while after taking part in the very big show. It’s always so exciting to see what we’re able to put out to the community as these events get bigger or more complex, and there’s nothing more fun for me than seeing my social media feeds fill up with folks excited about this or that surprise discovery during an event. Which is to say, no hard feelings if you’re picking up the May Jump Point in June or so! Our big feature this week relates directly to the event you’re currently enjoying, but maybe not in the way you’d think. One of my hopes for Jump Point is that, once all is said and done, we’ll be able to revisit old issues to see how Star Citizen came into being, and that means giving a little more space to the aspects of development that aren’t necessarily as well known as the artists designing spaceships or the designers coming up with new mechanics. To that end, we decided to ask the team responsible for launching each patch about their experiences and exactly what they do. It’s a pretty interesting read and hopefully you’ll wind up with a greater appreciation for some of Star Citizen’s unsung heroes.


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