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Star Citizen Jump Point Issue 9-4 April 2021

Star Citizen Alpha 3.13 is now live in the PU! As usual, we’ll cover many elements of the new patch in the coming months, but we’re starting this issue with something that delivers on a very early promise: the ability to launch the Kruger Merlin snub fighter from the RSI Constellation. As we were planning out the original crowd funding tiers, one of the specific callouts Chris Roberts made was the ability to launch a small defensive fighter for our first multicrew ship, and we’ve seen the Merlin go from stunning Ryan Church concept art to a real fighter you can fly… and now it’s working the way Chris always knew it would! We cover that whole story this time around and I think it’s a good one! It’s extra special in my mind because launching the Merlin yourself is something totally new and something well beyond anything we could do in Wing Commander. It might seem small to some but to me it’s a huge deal that we’re delivering on this early promise and making Star Citizen play in a way it was meant to from the start.


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