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Star Citizen | Greycat Industrial ROC-DS | Images & FAQ

At Greycat Industrial, we understand that excavations come in all shapes and sizes. So, we designed the ROC-DS for when the work ahead is a little bigger than expected. Minimize headaches with a manual extraction arm that reaches even the most precarious deposits and maximize profits with more than quadruple the storage of minerals aboard the standard model. Whatever the task, the ROC-DS is the right tool for the job.


  • Can this ROC DS mine larger stones?
    • No, the laser size is the exact same of the ROC.
  • Can you pilot the laser from the pilot seat?
    • Currently, no. Or, we don’t know!
  • Is there an increase in cargo compared to the ROC?
    • Yes, ROC have a Cargo Capacity of 0.8SCU. ROC DS 2 SCU.
  • What ship can fit this ROC DS?
    • Freelancer MAX, MSR, Carrack, 890J, 600i, Conny
  • Is an April fools?
    • No! But, stay calm and buy ships!

For more photos check the Gallery.


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