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Star Citizen | Jump Point Issue 9-8 August 2021

Star Citizen Alpha 3.14 is here! I suppose that will be old news by the time you read this, but as I write we’re currently enjoying one of the most rewarding parts of the development process: watching Star Citizen’s supporters enjoy the fruits of our labor. I can take no credit personally, but Alpha 3.14 may be the most playable patch yet, and everything that’s new is so very exciting! If you haven’t explored Orison or tried out the RSI Constellation Taurus yet, then I would encourage you to do that before you read on here! As promised last month, we’re opening with a look at one of the most impressive parts of Alpha 3.14 (at least one of the most impressive ones you can see): the new landing zone of Orison, a massive collection of platforms above a gas giant that has to be explored to be believed. I’m always keen to understand how such incredible environments can come to be and we were lucky enough to have a designer and artist who crafted Orison sit down and answer some of our questions. I don’t envy the amount of world building they have to do but, man, their skills in the field are truly unmatched. Enjoy!


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