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Star Citizen | XenoThreat Playtest 3.16.1-PTU.7939065 Patch Notes

Hello Citizens!

We are releasing a new PTU today build with the hopes do more XenoThreat testing tonight! This new build should show up on the PTU channel as VERSION 3.16.1-PTU.7939065

Many more fixes have gone into the build to help with many issues related to XenoThreat and we wanted to take this time with the PTU open to run another night of it to gather info and feedback!

  • Added mission logic to force restart the event if something causes it to stall and not complete after a period of time
  • Fixed Multiple AI ships despawning or vanishing instead of Quantum Traveling away
  • Fixed an issue causing the Javelin to fail t o QT away from Jericho after completing Phase 2 via completing the 2nd instance of ‘Protect the Starfarer’ event
  • Fixed an issue that allowed whiskey glasses to degrade server performance
  • Fixed multiple client crashes related to XenoThreat

Instructions for the Test
The PTU will be open tonight with XenoThreat starting sometime shortly after release and run until later in the evening, US Central time.

Thanks for playing and thank you for all the help!

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3.16.1 OPEN PTU


XenoThreat Playtest


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