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Star Citizen Alpha 3.16.1 Patch Watch | Derelict Ship Puzzles

Hello everyone,

As we approach the release of Alpha 3.16.1, our teams are continuing to work on various improvements and bug fixes that you’ll get to experience very soon.

So, we want to take this opportunity to highlight some updates to the Derelict Ship missions, which include more points-of-interest scattered across various planets in Stanton. Once these new variants are live, you’ll be able to explore and navigate through wreckages while avoiding deadly laser trip mines to recover the valuable cargo inside. These Derelict Spaceships include newly added activities such as traversal challenges that may reward players handsomely.

This is the first implementation of laser trip mines – deadly explosives that detonate when someone comes into contact with the beam-of-light trigger. We advise you avoid or rid of them at all costs!

Updates to Derelict Spaceships in Alpha 3.16:

  • 12 different crash sites spread across 9 different moons.
  • All new sites are created using Drake Caterpillar wreckage.
  • Although we reuse some ship section modules, each overall crash site will be unique.
  • Each crash site will contain two types of loot: common loot that can be obtained by simple exploration and rare loot that’s only obtainable after solving exploration puzzles.
  • The tractor beam is sometimes mandatory to solve these puzzles, so arrive well prepared.
  • Some areas are guarded by laser trip mines, so proceed with caution.
  • There are a few missions that you can accept to get a marker to visit these locations: Missing Crew, Black Box, Cargo Retrieval, and Timed Delivery.
  • While you can expect to find these locations throughout missions, the mission objective is only a fraction of what the location has to offer. Explorers who like to examine areas thoroughly will find more rewards within the new crash sites.

Our new team in Montreal is just warming up with the debut of these wreck sites. You can expect even more epic points of interest in patches to come!

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