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This Week in Star Citizen 5/2022

Happy Monday, everyone!

The Red Festival 2952 has begun! The ‘verse’s take on Lunar New Year celebrations has kicked off, so keep an eye out for red envelopes scattered all over Stanton by the Banu. Turn these in to any trade kiosk for a bit of extra aUEC!

Last week, Alpha 3.16.1 released to the live servers. Alongside a myriad of bug fixes and optimizations, this update debuts new points of interest around the Stanton System, complete with hazards, puzzles, and that sweet, sweet loot. Check out our Patch Watch post for details.

Now, let’s see what’s going on this week:

This Tuesday the Narrative team brings us a new installment of Tracker, the official show of the Bounty Hunters Guild, where Garret speaks with an old bounty hunting friend about her career and the dangers of working in Pyro. Tuesday also has the February Subscriber Comm-Link on its way to you.

Wednesday we’ve got our latest Roadmap Update, paired with a Roadmap Roundup. January’s monthly reports will also go up on Wednesday, with Star Citizen’s as a comm-link and Squadron 42’s sent via newsletter.

On Thursday, prep your Starfarers as Inside Star Citizen will be taking a look at the upcoming Ship-to-Ship Refueling update, along with a look at Consolidated Outland’s first foray into the ground vehicle market.

This Friday, we’ve got Director of Graphics Engineering on to answer any and all graphics and graphics tech questions. Tune into the follow up on the Gen12 & The Multicore of Vulkan CitizenCon panel on Friday at 10am Pacific / 6pm UTC.

Have a wonderful week!

Jake Bradley
Associate Community Manager


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