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Star Citizen | Alpha 3.21 8766037 Data Mining

In questo post indichiamo tutte le informazioni recuperate dai file di Star Citizen delle Patch 3.21.0. dalla 8766037

Bright Sky

BrightSky_Desc=The CDF has partnered with Anvil Aerospace to find the most capable operatives in the system. \n\nIf you find one of these Platinum certifications, you can redeem the ticket at a ship kiosk at New Deal, Astro Armada or Crusader Showroom for a free F8C. \n\nThe catch is that your identity and location has been shared with participants throughout the system. For everyone else, if you can stop the ticketholder before they get to the kiosk, you can claim the ticket for your own.\n\nWhoever makes it will not only receive this next generation superiority fighter, but also prove that they have what it takes for the toughest CDF assignments.\n\nGood luck.
BrightSky_From=Civilian Defense Force
BrightSky_Hunter_Desc=In an effort to identify the most capable operatives, the CDF have partnered with Anvil Aerospace to give away a handful of F8C Superiority Fighters to anyone who can successfully turn in a platinum certification ticket. \n\nOne of these tickets has just been found by ~mission(PlayerThatFound). They will be attempting to turn it into an eligible ship kiosk at New Deal, Astro Armada, or the Crusader Showroom. Should you accept, you are charged with trying to stop them. If you obtain the ticket yourself and can get to the kiosk, the ship can be yours, but understand that you will be the hunted now.\n\nGood luck.
BrightSky_Hunter_From=Civilian Defense Force
BrightSky_Hunter_Objective_Long=Stop ~mission(PlayerThatFound) from turning in ticket at ship kiosk.
BrightSky_Hunter_Objective_Short=Stop ~mission(PlayerThatFound)
BrightSky_Hunter_Title=The Hunt Begins
BrightSky_Objective_EndReason=All Tickets Redeemed
BrightSky_Objective_Long=Return the platinum ticket to eligible ship kiosk.
BrightSky_Objective_Marker=Ship Kiosk
BrightSky_Objective_Short=Turn in ticket.
BrightSky_TicketsFoundNotification=New Ticket has been found by ~mission(PlayerThatFound)
BrightSky_Title=Running the Gauntlet
BrightSky_Unclaimed_Objective_Long=Retrieve the unclaimed ticket to turn into kiosk.
BrightSky_Unclaimed_Objective_Marker=Unclaimed Ticket
BrightSky_Unclaimed_Objective_Short=Retrieve Ticket

Data Heist

DataHeist_AccessCard,P=Access Card
DataHeist_ECT_Access,P=User: Locked (Insert Access Card)
DataHeist_ECT_AccessCardInvalid,P=Access Card credentials Invalid. Security notified.
DataHeist_ECT_Access_AccessCardInvalid,P=Access Card Invalid
DataHeist_ECT_Access_CardConfiscated,P=! Card Confiscated !
DataHeist_ECT_Access_Denied,P=Access Denied
DataHeist_ECT_Access_Granted,P=Access Granted
DataHeist_ECT_Access_InsertAccessCard,P=Insert Access Card
DataHeist_ECT_Access_ReadingCard,P=Reading Access Card
DataHeist_ECT_Access_SecurityBreach,P=! Security Breach Detected – Terminal Locked Down !
DataHeist_ECT_Access_SystemLockdown,P=System Lockdown
DataHeist_ECT_Access_TerminalLocked,P=Terminal Locked
DataHeist_ECT_AttentionRequired_TopBarInfo,P=Attention Required
DataHeist_ECT_Connection_Info,P=Incoming connection from
DataHeist_ECT_Connection_Lost,P=Connection Lost
DataHeist_ECT_Locked,P=Terminal Locked. Please contact IT services for help.
DataHeist_ECT_LoginDetail,P=User: Admin Access Granted
DataHeist_ECT_Notification_ExternalRequest,P=! External Request for Access !
DataHeist_ECT_Notification_RemoteConnectionCancelled,P=! Remote Connection Cancelled !
DataHeist_ECT_Notification_SecurityBreach,P=! Security Breach Detected – Check Local Terminals !
DataHeist_ECT_Notification_ServerDisconnected,P=! Server Disconnected !
DataHeist_ECT_Notification_ServerNotResponding,P=! Server Not Responding !
DataHeist_ECT_TerminalInfo,P= External Comms
DataHeist_ECT_TopOfScreenInfo_IntrusionDetected,P=Intrusion Detected
DataHeist_ECT_UploadCancelled,P=Upload Cancelled
DataHeist_ECT_UploadComplete,P=Upload Complete
DataHeist_ECT_UploadFailed_TopBarInfo,P=Upload Failed
DataHeist_ECT_UploadHalted_IntrusionNotify,P=Backdoor access detected on local computer. Check terminals for more details.
DataHeist_ECT_UploadHalted_MiddleInfo,P=Servers must cool before upload can proceed.
DataHeist_ECT_UploadHalted_TopBarInfo,P=Upload Halted
DataHeist_ECT_Uploading_MiddleInfo_End,P= dump in progress.
DataHeist_ECT_Uploading_MiddleInfo_Total,P=Total upload progress.
DataHeist_IntT_AdminLine,P=Reset code to
DataHeist_IntT_DataHeist_IntT_ClimateControlDisabled,P=Climate control disabled for Server:
DataHeist_IntT_GarbageLine,P=Connection terminated – Firewall Activated
DataHeist_IntT_GarbageLine_01,P=Query active uploads – Active upload from server cluster
DataHeist_IntT_GarbageLine_02,P=Unlock climate control for server cluster
DataHeist_IntT_GarbageLine_03,P=Abort upload – Error Admin access required
DataHeist_IntT_GarbageLine_04,P=Incoming external connection
DataHeist_IntT_GarbageLine_05,P=Warning – disabling climate control may lead to data corruption
DataHeist_IntT_GarbageLine_07,P=Are you sure you want to continue Y/N – (Y)
DataHeist_IntT_IntrusionActive_Disconnect_Notify,P=! FIREWALL ACTIVATED – CONNECTION TERMINATED !
DataHeist_IntT_IntrusionActive_Notify,P=! UNEXPECTED EXTERNAL CONNECTION !
DataHeist_IntT_IntrusionNotActive_Notify,P=No Notifications
DataHeist_IntT_WindowName,P=Task Manager
DataHeist_SvR_Cooling_Disabled,P=Cooling Disabled
DataHeist_SvR_Cooling_Enabled,P=Cooling Enabled
DataHeist_SvR_Cooling_Status,P=Cooling System:
DataHeist_SvR_Cooling_Status_Off_Ext,P=Disabled via External Terminal
DataHeist_SvR_DataTransfer,P=Data Transfer
DataHeist_SvR_Terminal_TopInfo,P=Server Cluster Systems

Jump Point

Stanton_Magnus_JPStation=Magnus Gateway
Stanton_Magnus_JPStation_desc=Situated at a strategic location near the jump point, the Magnus Gateway provides shops and services to those traveling to and from Magnus. Visitors to the station can find a wide variety of amenities and stores including: Refueling, Restocking, Cargo Transfers, Personal Weapons, Personal Armor, Food, a Clinic, Habs, and more.
Stanton_Pyro_JPStation=Pyro Gateway
Stanton_Pyro_JPStation_desc=Situated at a strategic location near the jump point, the Pyro Gateway provides shops and services to those traveling to and from Pyro. Visitors to the station can find a wide variety of amenities and stores including: Refueling, Restocking, Cargo Transfers, Personal Weapons, Personal Armor, Clothing, Food, a Clinic, Habs, and more.
Stanton_Terra_JPStation=Terra Gateway
Stanton_Terra_JPStation_desc=Situated at a strategic location near the jump point, the Terra Gateway provides shops and services to those traveling to and from Terra. Visitors to the station can find a wide variety of amenities and stores including: Refueling, Restocking, Cargo Transfers, Personal Weapons, Personal Armor, Clothing, Food, a Clinic, Habs, and more.

Arena Commander Difficulty

ea_ui_difficulty_Hard=Captain General
ea_ui_difficulty_Normal=Lieutenant (Default)
ea_ui_difficulty_VeryHard=Legatus Marinuum

Arena Commander

ea_ui_matchmaking_error_MatchCycleReqMap=Match Cycle Map Request Failed.
ea_ui_matchmaking_error_MatchCycleRequeue=Match Cycle Requeue Failed.
ea_ui_mode_Duel_FightOrFlight=Fight or Flight
ea_ui_modedesc_Duel_FightOrFlight=The best dogfighting pilots in the ‘verse team up with content creators in an action packed Fight x Flight tournament for CitizenCon 2023!\nTheir skills and teamwork will be put to the test in this 2 vs 2 dogfighting mode.

F8C Event

hud_darkwater_turnin_gold=You have received a F8C rental for 1 day and can purchase the ship.
hud_darkwater_turnin_plat=You have received an F8C with LTI. Relaunch your client.
item_DescTicket_Darkwater_Gold_01=The Civilian Defense Force is working in conjunction with Anvil Aerospace to test the next generation of volunteers.\n\nThis certification ticket can be redeemed at any rental kiosk to unlock an F8C rental for twenty-four (24) Standard Earth Hours and make the ship available for purchase via the web pledge store.\n\nCongratulations.
item_DescTicket_Darkwater_Plat_01=The Civilian Defense Force is working in conjunction with Anvil Aerospace to test the next generation of volunteers.\n\nThis platinum certification entitles you to a free F8C from Anvil Aerospace, if you can make it to an eligible ship sale kiosk to turn it in.\n\nCheck your mobi for details. \n\nGood luck and let the hunt begin.
item_NameTicket_Darkwater_Gold_01=CDF F8C Certification Pass (Gold)
item_NameTicket_Darkwater_Plat_01=CDF F8C Certification Pass (Platinum)

Item Port

itemPort_port_Bomb_System,P=[PH] port_Bomb_System
itemPort_port_Flair02=Flair Item 2


item_DescANVL_Lightning_F8C_Turret=This remote turret provides mounts for two Size 2 weapons, an expansive field of fire, and precise control to give F8C pilots a comprehensive weapon system to get out of any situation.
item_DescFlair_Coin_1_f=A coin crafted to honor the RSI Zeus, the first commercial spaceship to feature a quantum drive. The historical exploration craft graces one side of the coin while the other side is embossed with the Roberts Space Industries logo.
item_DescPlushy_zeus_1_a=This soft plushie is a huggable bit of history celebrating the original 2140 RSI Zeus, the first civilian spaceship equipped with a quantum drive.
item_Descnone_shotgun_ballistic_01=Manufacturer: Unknown\nItem Type: Shotgun\nClass: Ballistic\n\nMagazine Size: 8\nRate Of Fire: 120 rpm\nEffective Range: 0-10 m\n\nAttachments: N/A\n\nThe Deadrig is a high powered, double-barreled shotgun with a simple design pieced together from junkyard scraps. Prioritizing power above all else, the Deadrig lacks the refinement of mass-produced weapons and suffers from heavy recoil.
item_Descnone_shotgun_ballistic_01_mag=Item Type: Magazine\nCapacity: 8\n\nThis magazine for the Deadrig shotgun comes pre-loaded with eight 12-gauge shells.
item_NameANVL_Lightning_F8C_Turret=Anvil Lightning F8C Turret
item_NameFlair_Coin_1_f=Zeus Coin
item_NamePlushy_zeus_1_a=Zeus Plushie
item_Namenone_shotgun_ballistic_01=Deadrig Shotgun
item_Namenone_shotgun_ballistic_01_mag=Deadrig Shotgun Magazine (8 cap)


item_DescCutter_Paint_Black_Cyan=The Nightfall livery gives the Cutter a sleek black paint job with pops of cyan.
item_DescCutter_Paint_Olive_White_Orange=Green and white with orange highlights, the Caiman livery brings a distinct and dramatic look to the Cutter.
item_DescCutter_Paint_Orange_Grey_Stripe=Bring a unique style to the Cutter with the Rockslide livery, which adds orange stripes and brown highlights to compliment the ship’s grey body.
item_DescDragonfly_Paint_Citcon2953_Beige_Tan_Beige=This version of the livery has been modified from its original form. Released in 2893 to celebrate the 400th anniversary of Pyro’s discovery, the Roustabout livery gets it look and name from the ship whose scans led to the discovery of the first jump point into the system. It also features the logo of Pyrotechnic Amalgamated, the now-defunct mining company that named the system.
item_DescLightning_F8C_Paint_Black_Black_Green_Spec=Turn heads and the tides of battle with the Shock Wave livery for the F8C Lightning. Featuring a striking green color with black highlights, the livery provides a dramatic and distinct look to a ship that’s both a beauty and a beast.
item_DescLightning_F8C_Paint_Platinum=Cut a classic profile through any battlefield with the Stormfire livery for Anvil’s new F8C Lightning. Featuring a triple-coat of Kalding paint rated for a variety of atmospheres and conditions, this sleek platinum look will keep you looking good for years to come.
item_DescSpirit_A1_Paint_Green_Black_Orange=Featuring a matte moss green with dusty orange highlights and accent stripes, this livery ensures your Crusader Spirit is one to watch.
item_DescSpirit_Paint_Black_Blue_White=Where ever your mission takes you, this livery featuring dark grey with sky blue highlights and white trim will make sure that your Crusader Spirit looks the part.
item_DescSpirit_Paint_Grey_Grey_Blue=With a dual tone grey body and steel blue trim, this subtle livery will ensure you Crusader Spirit is worth a second look.
item_DescSpirit_Paint_Maroon_Beige_Blue=The deep red of this livery enhances the already bold lines of the Crusader Spirit, while the subtle taupe and navy highlights give it extra panache.
item_DescSpirit_Paint_White_Blue_Black=With clean white panels and an azure trim, this livery elevates the look of the Crusader Spirit to the next level.
item_NameCutter_Paint_Black_Cyan=Cutter Nightfall Livery
item_NameCutter_Paint_Olive_White_Orange=Cutter Caiman Livery
item_NameCutter_Paint_Orange_Grey_Stripe=Cutter Rockslide Livery
item_NameDragonfly_Paint_Citcon2953_Beige_Tan_Beige=Dragonfly Roustabout Livery (Modified)
item_NameLightning_F8C_Paint_Black_Black_Green_Spec=F8C Lightning Shock Wave Livery
item_NameLightning_F8C_Paint_Platinum=F8C Lightning Stormfire Livery
item_NameSpirit_A1_Paint_Green_Black_Orange=Spirit Intrepid Livery
item_NameSpirit_Paint_Black_Blue_White=Spirit Valor Livery
item_NameSpirit_Paint_Grey_Grey_Blue=Spirit Resolute Livery
item_NameSpirit_Paint_Maroon_Beige_Blue=Spirit Ruby Livery
item_NameSpirit_Paint_White_Blue_Black=Spirit Ardent Livery


vehicle_DescANVL_Lightning_F8A,P=Manufacturer: Anvil Aerospace \nFocus: Heavy Fighter\n\nDesigned as the next generation super space superiority fighter, particularly with fighting the Vanduul in mind, it is a more nimble, more heavily armed fighter craft than its F7 predecessor. Discarding the second turret for more fixed weaponry, the Lightning is designed to take out any target that is in front of it – and it’s easy to get a target in front of it.
vehicle_DescANVL_Lightning_F8C=Manufacturer: Anvil Aerospace \nFocus: Heavy Fighter\n\nFew vehicles employed by the proud men and women who serve in our Empire’s Navy inspire the awe of the legendary F8 Lightning. A force to be reckoned with, the F8 has secured Humanity’s freedom from numerous threats at home and abroad countless times. Now, that same next generation space superiority fighter is available to become a part of your personal fleet with the Anvil F8C civilian variant.
vehicle_DescANVL_Lightning_F8C_Exec=Manufacturer: Anvil Aerospace \nFocus: Heavy Fighter\n\nAlways ready to improve upon near-perfection, Anvil has coordinated with the Chairman’s Club to create this stunning work of flying art, the F8C Lighting Executive Edition. The hull has been beautifully accentuated with a unique premium livery, while in the cockpit you’ll find sumptuous gold and metallic detailing, a fitting crown for this king of heavy fighters.
vehicle_DescDRAK_Cutter_Scout=Manufacturer: Drake Interplanetary\nFocus: Recon\n\nPairing down the rough and tumble, compact frame of the Cutter to the bare essentials, Drake took an already impressive ship and transformed it into the ideal scouting vessel. Featuring improved radar and scanning capabilities paired with more power and cooling, the Cutter Scout is ready to fly ahead of the pack.


vehicle_NameANVL_Lightning_F8C=Anvil F8C Lightning
vehicle_NameANVL_Lightning_F8C_Exec=Anvil F8C Lightning Executive Edition
vehicle_NameANVL_Lightning_F8C_Exec_F8C_Exec=Anvil F8C Lightning Executive Edition
vehicle_NameANVL_Lightning_F8C_F8C=Anvil F8C Lightning
vehicle_Namecrus_spirit=Crusader A1 Spirit

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