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Star Citizen Alpha 3.21.0 EPTU.8812792 Patch Notes

Heya Evocati Testers!

Siamo entusiasti di mettere a vostra disposizione il sistema Pyro per un breve test di gioco stasera, per circa 4-6 ore! (A seconda dell’orario di rilascio della versione)
Questo test attuale si concentrerà esclusivamente su Pyro, includendo luoghi e missioni, ma escluderà Stanton e i portali di salto. Abbiamo in programma di disattivare questa versione più tardi questa sera con breve preavviso.

Playtest Schedule

EPTU Channel: 1-PYRO-EPTU.8812792
US Servers only
Evocati Only Under NDA

The 4-6 hour test will occur on US EPTU servers today (Friday). EPTU servers will come down at 10:30 PM CDT!!

Known Issues

  • PU – Stanton – Actor / UI / MFT – The “Press F to Respawn” text present during the “Waiting for Free ICU” window is unclear / not obvious enough
  • PU – Pyro – Core Mechanics/Respawn – Player respawns in HAB instead of hospital after dying in armistice zone.
  • PU – Pyro – Locations / Armistice Zones – PYR3 L3 Patch City Station – The Hab area does not have armistice zone
  • PU – Inventory / UI / Weapons – Weapon UI Icons in the Inventory are skewed/visually incorrect
  • Pyro – Checkmate – Audio / ASOP / Fleet Manager – ASOP Fleet Manager “click” audio loops after retrieving ship and persist throughout the game
  • PU – Locations – LaGrange Points – Ships can explode from collision with invisible asteroids
  • PU – Pyro – Rest Stop (R&R) – Actor / Respawn – The Actor will fall through the station upon respawning
  • PU – Pyro – Client – Performance – Stall – Monox (Pyro2) – Colonial Outposts – Jackson’s Swap – Locations / Actor – When a player is killed at this outpost their client will freeze/stall/go unresponsive for a long time before they sent to the Hospital
  • PU – Actor Feature / Personal Inventory – Carry and Inspect from personal inventory doesn’t work
  • PU – Pyro – Rundown Station (R&R) – AI / Locations – AI is walking around Maintenance floor without loadout
  • PU – Pyro – Colonial Outposts – AI / Locations – AI obstructing and congregating around ladder
  • PU – Pyro – Location / Art – Player fall through the ground by dropping or walking on boxes in an outpost vent/crawlspace
  • PU – Pyro – Volumetric Fog – Graphics / Lighting / Locations – The Fog within the Rock and Sand Caves will be observed rapidly popping in / out of visibility

New Features


  • Added Pyro System

Thanks for playing!

Player Experience Team


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