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Star Citizen Alpha 3.21.0 EPTU.8812792 Patch Notes

Heya Evocati Testers!

We are excited to get the Pyro system into your hands at home for a brief playtest tonight for around 4-6 hours! (Depending on build release time)
This current test will focus fully on Pyro itself including locations and missions but will exclude Stanton and jumpgates. We are currently planning on taking this build down sometime later this evening on short notice.

Playtest Schedule

EPTU Channel: 1-PYRO-EPTU.8812792
US Servers only
Evocati Only Under NDA

The 4-6 hour test will occur on US EPTU servers today (Friday). EPTU servers will come down at 10:30 PM CDT!!

Known Issues

  • PU – Stanton – Actor / UI / MFT – The “Press F to Respawn” text present during the “Waiting for Free ICU” window is unclear / not obvious enough
  • PU – Pyro – Core Mechanics/Respawn – Player respawns in HAB instead of hospital after dying in armistice zone.
  • PU – Pyro – Locations / Armistice Zones – PYR3 L3 Patch City Station – The Hab area does not have armistice zone
  • PU – Inventory / UI / Weapons – Weapon UI Icons in the Inventory are skewed/visually incorrect
  • Pyro – Checkmate – Audio / ASOP / Fleet Manager – ASOP Fleet Manager “click” audio loops after retrieving ship and persist throughout the game
  • PU – Locations – LaGrange Points – Ships can explode from collision with invisible asteroids
  • PU – Pyro – Rest Stop (R&R) – Actor / Respawn – The Actor will fall through the station upon respawning
  • PU – Pyro – Client – Performance – Stall – Monox (Pyro2) – Colonial Outposts – Jackson’s Swap – Locations / Actor – When a player is killed at this outpost their client will freeze/stall/go unresponsive for a long time before they sent to the Hospital
  • PU – Actor Feature / Personal Inventory – Carry and Inspect from personal inventory doesn’t work
  • PU – Pyro – Rundown Station (R&R) – AI / Locations – AI is walking around Maintenance floor without loadout
  • PU – Pyro – Colonial Outposts – AI / Locations – AI obstructing and congregating around ladder
  • PU – Pyro – Location / Art – Player fall through the ground by dropping or walking on boxes in an outpost vent/crawlspace
  • PU – Pyro – Volumetric Fog – Graphics / Lighting / Locations – The Fog within the Rock and Sand Caves will be observed rapidly popping in / out of visibility

New Features


  • Added Pyro System

Thanks for playing!

Player Experience Team


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