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Xenothreat Returns – CDF Rewards


XenoThreat are back in Stanton in full force as Phase 2 of the event has begun. You’ll notice after accepting Rowena Dulli’s mission, the Civilian Defense Force (CDF) will begin to be tracked in your Delphi reputation app on your mobiGlas.

As you assist in pushing XenoThreat back into Pyro space, you’ll begin to earn reputation with the CDF. Each level of reputation you earn has rewards tied to it, and earning the maximum amount of reputation will get you an exclusive helmet, flight suit, and chest armor, shown below!

To obtain the reward, you only need to be within the Veteran First Responder Standing, same as the perks for the various Bounty Hunter reputations. This is (and will be) the case for all reputation perks: if you are in a Standing, you have that Standing’s perks (or in the case of this (hopefully) one-time-only hack, you will receive that standing’s perks when the event ends).
You do not need to fill the bar.

These rewards will be attributed to your RSI account after the event.

Exclusive New CDF Spectrum Badge

Any and all who participate in repelling XenoThreat will be awarded an exclusive (and updated) CDF badge on Spectrum.

This badge is different from the one given in the previous XenoThreat Dynamic Event, and will be distributed in the week following the conclusion of the event.

Looking for more information about Dynamic Events and XenoThreat? Find all the details you’ll need to know here ! Then, jump into the fray and assist the CDF Forces against the threat coming straight out of Pyro to earn your badge.

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