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Star Citizen | Defend the system!

The Civilian Defense Force (CDF) is a volunteer militia program that provides additional support to the UEE military and law enforcement during times of crisis. 

An outlaw group known as XenoThreat has launched a campaign of violence in the Stanton system and the Navy has requested CDF support to help combat the scourge. Preaching a viciously anti-UEE and xenophobic rhetoric, XenoThreat forces have been responsible for dozens of attacks against civilian and corporate structures.

Looking to gear up and join the fight? The Navy and CDF are putting out a call to all pilots to fight back against the XenoThreat incursion. The following civilian versions of the military’s finest are perfect for battling through XenoThreat marauders and taking out their Idris flagships.



Check back here regularly for updates on the incoming threat and to stay connected as the situation unfolds. We’ll update the Battle Log throughout the event.

Phase 1


Outlaw forces identified as XenoThreat recently attacked a corporate convoy headed for the Terra system. They destroyed all the cargo and publicly executed the crew as “collaborators of corporate greed.” 

The UEE Navy has dispatched an armed response to deal with this threat. Navy intelligence reports have also picked up additional XenoThreat hostiles on the periphery of the system, with an indeterminate force on an intercept course for Stanton. 

The Civilian Defense Force (CDF) has been raised to provide support for Naval forces against this imminent threat. If you would like to volunteer, please monitor your mobiGlas Contract Manager for briefing when it becomes available.

Phase 2


The CDF requests all active members and prospective volunteers provide support in the ongoing operations against XenoThreat.

The Navy’s prime flagship, the Aegis Javelin destroyer UEES War Hammer, is being restocked at INS-Jericho. Unfortunately, XenoThreat has been intercepting and destroying supply convoys, so the Navy is requesting CDF assistance in retrieving the scattered cargo and delivering it to Jericho station. XenoThreat forces are still at large, so combat support is also needed.

The UEE Navy and local CDF are planning to engage XenoThreat forces as soon as the War Hammer is restocked and need any and all assistance to help quell this threat.

XenoThreat has deployed capital-class ships along with a complement of fighter escorts in an effort to destabilize the system. Anyone with a combat vessel and appropriate training is urged to take up the fight.

Consult the Contract Manager in your mobiGlas for details.

Mission Complete


Attention, the outlaw group known as XenoThreat has been successfully driven from Stanton. Their forces were seen retreating to the Pyro system after a decisive defeat at the hands of the UEEN and CDF.

We at the CDF would like to join the Navy in extending our heartfelt thanks for the enduring efforts of all our volunteers during this crisis.

Although residents are urged to exercise caution, the local governments of the Stanton system have eased some of the lockdown restrictions on travel.


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