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Star Citizen | DRAKE Mule

This is an april fools! The real Drake Interplanetary Mule is here!

The DRAKE Mule is capable of carrying up to three standardized 32 SCU cargo containers. Perfect for entry-level haulers and old pros alike, the MULE is an ideal solution for to load the ships.

Status: Fly-Ready
Role: Load Freight Drone
Career: Industrial
Ship size: 1
Hull HP: 1751
Dimensions: 3m x 4.5m x 1m
Mass: 169 686Kg
Speed: 1 m/s
Pitch: 51 deg/s
Yaw: 51 deg/s
Energy capacity: 2 284 275 L
Cargo grid: 2 cargo containers

To buy the DRAKE Mule you have to activate the code via the new Redeem Code page or click the link!


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