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Star Citizen | ARGO RAFT

The Argo RAFT features a hefty 96 SCU cargo hold, and is capable of carrying up to three standardized 32 SCU cargo containers. Perfect for entry-level haulers and old pros alike, the RAFT is an ideal solution for reliable local freight transport.

Status: Fly-Ready
Role: Light Freight
Career: Industrial
Ship size: 3
Hull HP: 41751
Dimensions: 23m x 39.5m x 12m
Mass: 1 169 686Kg
Speed: 135 m/s
Afterburner speed: 840m/s
Pitch: 21 deg/s
Yaw: 21 deg/s
Roll: 55 deg/s
Hydrogen capacity: 2 284 275 L
QT fuel capacity: 27 585 L
Cargo grid: 96 SCU

2xS3 M5A



2xS2 CoolCore

1xS2 Bolon

1xS1 Surveyor-Lite
1xS1 Ecounter

8xS1 Main thrusters
12xS1 Maneuver thrusters
2xS1 Retro thrusters


What does RAFT stand for?

RAFT is an acronym for ‘Reinforced Advanced Freight Transport.’

Why would someone choose the RAFT over something like a Freelancer MAX? What are the unique capabilities of this ship compared to its competitors?

The RAFT is designed to compete more against the base Freelancer than the MAX. However, it holds its own in that it’s designed from the ground up to support the quick loading and unloading of standardized 32-SCU cargo crates. Whilst you can of course fit these into the MAX, it takes much longer due to its relatively narrow opening.

Is it possible to lift and detach pre-loaded containers with the holding device at the ship’s rear, thus gaining a time advantage when loading and unloading cargo?

Whilst not implemented at release, this is the aim when cargo requires physical loading and unloading.

Are the cargo containers on the Argo RAFT the same type we see in the cargo decks of space stations?

Yes, they’re the standardized 32-SCU containers found at cargo decks.

Will it be able to accommodate the containers carried by the MISC HULL series?

The Hull-C and above use the same 32-SCU containers as the RAFT as their minimum-equippable sized container.

Do I have access to the contents of the cargo containers from within the RAFT?

There is no physical access to the cargo containers from within the RAFT. Once they’re loaded, unless you physically exit the ship, you cannot access them.

What is the second player’s role on this two-person ship?

The second player can use the remote turret for defense or undertake engineering/repair roles where necessary while the pilot concentrates on flying.

Is this ship supposed to be a long-range cargo hauler or a short-range cargo vessel? Is the ship equipped with adequate crew compartments?

The ship has adequate facilities onboard for the crew, with beds, a bathroom, breakout area, and food-making facilities allowing the crew to tackle a wide range of hauling routes.

How does the armor compare to other cargo ships in its class?

The RAFT itself is more armored than other comparable cargo ships, such as the Freelancer and Cutlass, which have greater offensive firepower as an offset.

Does the Argo RAFT have a tractor beam capable of moving cargo containers as seen on cargo decks, and where does it sit?

Yes, the tractor sits on the rear of the ship to aid with loading and unloading.


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